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Nancy, an oil tycoon's daughter is kidnapped by a cultish environmental group who's ready to wage (Climate debate in general)2215626-11-2019
Technology will solve problem with carbon capture (Climate debate in general)8159126-11-2019
Climate crisis requires wartime-style mobilisation, says Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (Climate debate in general)1149626-11-2019
High temp (Climate debate in general)28250823-11-2019
Relatable Warming Impact Articles & Studies (Climate debate in general)20218922-11-2019
Greenhouse Gases Do NOT Violate The Stefan-Boltzmann Law (Climate debate in general)7431775622-11-2019
Climate change destructionism (Climate debate in general)12242220-11-2019
You're Ired!!! (Climate debate in general)0149018-11-2019
Climate change and global warming (Climate debate in general)43199818-11-2019
Towards more predictive and interdisciplinary climate change ecosystem experiments (Consequences)1260918-11-2019
It's Coming - Be Prepared (Climate debate in general)7176417-11-2019
Causes of climate changes (Climate debate in general)8165116-11-2019
driving with headlights on (Private Climate Policy)20257915-11-2019
So what if the Chinese fossil fuel industry pays me to spread lies about greenhouse gas? (Climate debate in general)75250715-11-2019
Does anyone knew that plastic bags were made to save the planet ? (Climate debate in general)2162615-11-2019
Poulation controll revisited - CO2 compensation through population control (Climate debate in general)8183514-11-2019
It's not overpopulation problem rather population mismanagement problem (Climate debate in general)24182114-11-2019
Migrations induced by extreme climatic events (Climate debate in general)78235108-11-2019
Light Rail vs Cars (Climate debate in general)7179408-11-2019
Is it not true that brains shrink due to increase in CO2 displacing O2? (Climate debate in general)2147708-11-2019
IR (Climate debate in general)0141608-11-2019
Experts reveal that clouds have moderated warming triggered by climate change (Climate debate in general)10174406-11-2019
Climate masturbation and the incesand search for the nipples of ants (Climate debate in general)0193406-11-2019
Libertarians will Love what Trump did Today (Climate debate in general)68241206-11-2019
Next year will the first year since lord knows when CO2 is more than 400 ppm all year at Moana Loa (Climate debate in general)3142805-11-2019
It is unfortunate (Climate debate in general)32164105-11-2019
In general... (Climate debate in general)173354005-11-2019
GHG (Climate debate in general)21147105-11-2019
Article on Climate Change (Climate debate in general)8142004-11-2019
Trump Skips another Climate Change Meeting With World Leaders... (Climate debate in general)97271801-11-2019
Welcome to model-land! (Climate debate in general)0123031-10-2019
Church of Global Warming Community (Climate debate in general)6136830-10-2019
California, Global Climate Leader? (Climate debate in general)1134730-10-2019
Lion Air 737 Max 8 Crash (Climate debate in general)75174130-10-2019
printing (Climate debate in general)46230230-10-2019
Anyone tried calculating & tracking their CO2 footprint over time? (Climate debate in general)8132029-10-2019
ObamaTrain (Climate debate in general)0121528-10-2019
Former WH Chief of Staff warned Trump (Climate debate in general)4135528-10-2019
California Historic Power Outage! (Climate debate in general)19147926-10-2019
GUYS I NEED SUPPORT IN ASUTRALIA (Climate debate in general)9133224-10-2019
Closed Door Hearings? (Climate debate in general)2153824-10-2019
Crazy... (Climate debate in general)41163624-10-2019
Tipping points (Climate debate in general)4117523-10-2019
Corruption, which party is the greater problem? (Climate debate in general)211360222-10-2019
"GREENLANDS melting ice may affect everyone" (Climate debate in general)9152622-10-2019
Gates (Climate debate in general)23182222-10-2019
Can You Say Global Warming or Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)8126122-10-2019
Gravity because it's a heavy subject (Climate debate in general)0102822-10-2019
Stefan-Boltzmann Law At A Non-Vacuum Interface (Explanations)20239520-10-2019
Online Oracle of Impending Doom! (Climate debate in general)1131720-10-2019
are there still people that believe humans are casuing global warming? (Climate debate in general)2113819-10-2019
Hunter Biden Denies Wrong Doing (Climate debate in general)499017-10-2019
9 Signs That Prove Climate Change Is Real and Affecting Everyone (Climate debate in general)9108317-10-2019
Revelations? (Climate debate in general)1136814-10-2019
New California Laws (Climate debate in general)193713-10-2019
Iceberg (Climate debate in general)3102912-10-2019
Used Wind Turbine Blades? (Climate debate in general)392512-10-2019
Evidence of rapid climate change! (Climate debate in general)093712-10-2019
I'm Going to let Putin Close Out this Chapter on Greta Thunberg (Climate debate in general)996612-10-2019
Alaska Supreme Court (Climate debate in general)11114311-10-2019
Trump is Required to Help Zelenskyy (Climate debate in general)19135311-10-2019
Natural Climate Variation (Climate debate in general)0123910-10-2019
I don't believe CO2 makes air hotter because I don't see any experimental proof (Climate debate in general)599209-10-2019
What makes you think CO2 increases temperature? (Climate debate in general)5100308-10-2019
flaring (Climate debate in general)21110408-10-2019
Election Law (Climate debate in general)32109808-10-2019
Live: The US-Japan Trade Agreement (Climate debate in general)5121608-10-2019
Climate protesters block Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver amid worldwide demonstrations (Climate debate in general)085807-10-2019
Mass Transit (Climate debate in general)588606-10-2019
The avocado toast of climate legislation (Climate debate in general)2112204-10-2019
Bernie Sanders (Climate debate in general)080203-10-2019
I dare Greta Thunberg to come to China or India (Climate debate in general)20117503-10-2019
The Power That Mitch has (Climate debate in general)273101-10-2019
Marxism, Climate and Utter Dishonesty (Climate debate in general)64126701-10-2019
Economic criticality for solar energy (Climate debate in general)398430-09-2019
It's Getting Cooler In Some Places (Climate debate in general)2692530-09-2019
Our Fragile Planet (Climate debate in general)276387929-09-2019
Two articles claiming more or less the opposite?(1% or 97% agree) (Climate debate in general)1392829-09-2019
Electric Vehicles? (Climate debate in general)556628-09-2019
How accurate are the proxies? (Climate debate in general)5397427-09-2019
Max Planck and Pierre Prevost on Net Thermal Radiation and Net Heat (Explanations)32263127-09-2019
Anecdotal evidence (Climate debate in general)2060226-09-2019
The only straw the Church of AGW can grasp is Venus (Climate debate in general)88144526-09-2019
Climate change protesters (Climate debate in general)2081225-09-2019
Earth surface temperature measurements (Climate debate in general)93160725-09-2019
New and 1st thoughts and questions (Climate debate in general)78115325-09-2019
Half (Climate debate in general)174163325-09-2019
Revealing the 160 year systematic error behind greenhouse theory with Raman Spectroscopy (Explanations)24254722-09-2019
Young Protesters skip school... (Climate debate in general)653321-09-2019
Year Long, Arctic Climate Change Study... How 'Green'? (Climate debate in general)132921-09-2019
21 Reasons To Be Skeptical of Man-Made Climate Change (Climate debate in general)739620-09-2019
Amazon, The End Is Near... (Climate debate in general)937520-09-2019
Jellyfish Blooms! Another Climate Change Catastrophe... (Climate debate in general)430920-09-2019
Fake Meat? (Climate debate in general)024320-09-2019
The only straw the Church of AGW can grasp is Venus and Mercury (Climate debate in general)426918-09-2019
There is no evidence water vapor makes things hotter (Climate debate in general)027418-09-2019
money is the cause of CO2 increase (Climate debate in general)935718-09-2019
Plant Growth and Ice Cores (Climate debate in general)631517-09-2019
There is no valid physics that can show CO2 increases temperature (Climate debate in general)2950317-09-2019
Ocean ph. (Climate debate in general)4967117-09-2019
If CO2 have higher temperature than O2 and N2 in the air? (Climate debate in general)322317-09-2019
Bill Nye greenhouse gas experiment fail. (Climate debate in general)1642816-09-2019
The UN Convinced Me (Climate debate in general)1229616-09-2019
Hold on. O2 and N2 do NOT absorb IR? (Climate debate in general)9209315-09-2019
Clock charge cellphones (Climate debate in general)116215-09-2019
AOC's Idiotic View On Climate Change (Climate debate in general)420515-09-2019
Why don't people take individual action to help stop climate change? (Climate debate in general)6371414-09-2019
Hurricane mechanism (Climate debate in general)5450414-09-2019
CO2 emission from fossil fuels. (Climate debate in general)6381313-09-2019
Is CO2 much of a Greenhouse gas at all? (Climate debate in general)108113913-09-2019
NET THERMAL RADIATION : You in a room as a reference. (Explanations)201541013-09-2019
Posting an image. (Climate debate in general)320312-09-2019
Climate Change Poll? (Climate debate in general)118512-09-2019
Anecdote or coincidence or what? (Climate debate in general)4353012-09-2019
Hybrid cars vs electric cars (Climate debate in general)6557012-09-2019
Is Quantum Vacuum energy a reality? (Climate debate in general)8481110-09-2019
GLACIAL CLIMATE REBOUNDING (Climate debate in general)6259610-09-2019
Hurricane Dorian, sign of Global Warming? (Climate debate in general)4741409-09-2019
Bahamas (Climate debate in general)1017908-09-2019
Earth's position in the Milky Way (Climate debate in general)215408-09-2019
Top Presidential Candidates, plans for combating 'climate change' (Climate debate in general)417805-09-2019
Gt Barrier Reef Sick or OK? (Climate debate in general)920904-09-2019
The most honest climate scientist among the most dishonest climate scientists (Climate debate in general)221603-09-2019
What to think about this problem? (Climate debate in general)66472430-08-2019
Man-Made CO2? (Climate debate in general)2637630-08-2019
Is reason for climate change correct? (Climate debate in general)4860030-08-2019
Definitions required to address discussions in this forum. (Climate debate in general)2739928-08-2019
Plants, CO2, World Economics/Politics (Climate debate in general)017227-08-2019
Good beginner book (Explanations)8216727-08-2019
Why cant we suck carbon out of the air? (Technology)12244226-08-2019
Obamas new house (Climate debate in general)731426-08-2019
overhaul (Climate debate in general)3230026-08-2019
Climate Communication Awards, Win £1000 (Events etc.)7233925-08-2019
Amazon forest fire (Climate debate in general)1441325-08-2019
Petition to pressure governments to save the planet and humankind (Climate Policy)10308424-08-2019
Oh No! Greenland is Melting, at an alarming rate... (Climate debate in general)1330924-08-2019
Forgive me. (Climate debate in general)316023-08-2019
Understanding aspects of human induced climate changes through belief (Climate Philosophy)8284423-08-2019
What the hell... (Climate debate in general)012723-08-2019
economics and climate change (Climate debate in general)3733822-08-2019
A contest! (Climate debate in general)824822-08-2019
working and spending (Climate debate in general)8477022-08-2019
What would Carnac the Magnificent say? (Fun)6270622-08-2019
Florida Man... (Climate debate in general)118521-08-2019
The Global Warming Fraud (Climate debate in general)164172321-08-2019
shrinking (Climate Policy)107380319-08-2019
Tangier Island , should it be used as an example? (Consequences)273580719-08-2019
If you believe in the AGW concept and want change but you (Climate Policy)88368619-08-2019
CO2 increase (Climate debate in general)100111419-08-2019
Black body radiation (Climate debate in general)2947219-08-2019
Why we won't approach the real reason behind climate change. (Climate debate in general)6872019-08-2019
Alaska, July, hottest month every recorded... (Climate debate in general)119919-08-2019
The Real, 'Green New Deal' (Climate debate in general)417419-08-2019
global warming (Climate debate in general)5559117-08-2019
Recent Mass Shootings (since 2016) (Climate debate in general)7155916-08-2019
How does radiation heat CO2 (Climate debate in general)627915-08-2019
Argument against AGW science (Climate debate in general)325414-08-2019
Earths Temperature (Climate debate in general)115314-08-2019
Trump Sued Over New Coal Rules (Climate debate in general)016514-08-2019
There is no greenhouse effect (Climate debate in general)1543013-08-2019
Emissivity (Climate debate in general)320413-08-2019
Uses for solid carbon (Technology)24310013-08-2019
Greenhouse effect of CO2 (Climate debate in general)2742713-08-2019
Naomi Klein: 'Big Green Groups Are More Damaging Than Climate Deniers' (Climate debate in general)3380013-08-2019
Flat Earth (Climate debate in general)2127412-08-2019
Sceptic-looking for critique (Climate debate in general)1219411-08-2019
Tim's Piece of the Puzzle (Climate debate in general)920711-08-2019
Eureka (Explanations)40247911-08-2019
Radiation saturation (Climate debate in general)518810-08-2019
Creation (Climate debate in general)1824210-08-2019
Crown Capital Management Environmental Reviews 16 Things That Colleges are Doing to Help the Envi... (Science)5787909-08-2019
Because global warming from emissions is real... (Climate debate in general)144207209-08-2019
CO2 saturated water (Climate debate in general)419809-08-2019
Objectivity of Environmental Science (Climate debate in general)117209-08-2019
16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment (Science)1317108-08-2019
Temperature (Climate debate in general)215707-08-2019
Consensus (Climate debate in general)620007-08-2019
Experts (Climate debate in general)719107-08-2019
There is no evidence there is global warming, either natural or man made (Climate debate in general)80110706-08-2019
The field of carbon sequestration? (Climate debate in general)722206-08-2019
What do you do when you can't engage people to discuss climate change? (Climate debate in general)119147206-08-2019
WTF??? (Climate debate in general)3543105-08-2019
Must read letter (Climate debate in general)153179430-07-2019
Hottest day on record (going back to 1880s) in Paris (Climate debate in general)6773730-07-2019
Avoiding human extinction (Climate debate in general)1634228-07-2019
Cause of global warming: melting glaciers. (Explanations)24328025-07-2019
The Changing Climate of Public Opinion (Climate debate in general)319525-07-2019
Is Venus Relevant to Earth? (Climate debate in general)3735623-07-2019
What Ya'all Missed (Climate debate in general)1624322-07-2019
Great News! Al Roker has Addressed Climate Change for us! (Climate debate in general)225921-07-2019
Why is so messed up? (Debate about
The Data Mine (Climate debate in general)2841477619-07-2019
Private Messages (Climate debate in general)4570817-07-2019
Tropical Storm Barry (Climate debate in general)2535317-07-2019
Trump Friend Jeffrey Epstein (Politics and news)3227916-07-2019
The Changing Climate of Social Media (Climate debate in general)021212-07-2019
Climate Change causes flooding in Orlando, damages cars. (Climate debate in general)430811-07-2019
President Trump makes a personal sacrifice, for the country... (Climate debate in general)222111-07-2019
Still No Climate Change Science (Climate debate in general)1126511-07-2019
boreallfor is out of arguments (Climate debate in general)1027810-07-2019
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