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flaring (Climate debate in general)21108508-10-2019
Election Law (Climate debate in general)32107608-10-2019
Live: The US-Japan Trade Agreement (Climate debate in general)5120008-10-2019
Climate protesters block Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver amid worldwide demonstrations (Climate debate in general)084107-10-2019
Mass Transit (Climate debate in general)586806-10-2019
The avocado toast of climate legislation (Climate debate in general)2111004-10-2019
Bernie Sanders (Climate debate in general)078203-10-2019
I dare Greta Thunberg to come to China or India (Climate debate in general)20112803-10-2019
The Power That Mitch has (Climate debate in general)271401-10-2019
Marxism, Climate and Utter Dishonesty (Climate debate in general)64123001-10-2019
Economic criticality for solar energy (Climate debate in general)396230-09-2019
It's Getting Cooler In Some Places (Climate debate in general)2689030-09-2019
Our Fragile Planet (Climate debate in general)276366729-09-2019
Two articles claiming more or less the opposite?(1% or 97% agree) (Climate debate in general)1389329-09-2019
Electric Vehicles? (Climate debate in general)552828-09-2019
How accurate are the proxies? (Climate debate in general)5393127-09-2019
Max Planck and Pierre Prevost on Net Thermal Radiation and Net Heat (Explanations)32213527-09-2019
Anecdotal evidence (Climate debate in general)2057826-09-2019
The only straw the Church of AGW can grasp is Venus (Climate debate in general)88129526-09-2019
Climate change protesters (Climate debate in general)2078025-09-2019
Earth surface temperature measurements (Climate debate in general)93149125-09-2019
New and 1st thoughts and questions (Climate debate in general)78108025-09-2019
Half (Climate debate in general)174151925-09-2019
Revealing the 160 year systematic error behind greenhouse theory with Raman Spectroscopy (Explanations)24206222-09-2019
Young Protesters skip school... (Climate debate in general)651321-09-2019
Year Long, Arctic Climate Change Study... How 'Green'? (Climate debate in general)130321-09-2019
21 Reasons To Be Skeptical of Man-Made Climate Change (Climate debate in general)737620-09-2019
Amazon, The End Is Near... (Climate debate in general)935720-09-2019
Jellyfish Blooms! Another Climate Change Catastrophe... (Climate debate in general)429420-09-2019
Fake Meat? (Climate debate in general)022120-09-2019
The only straw the Church of AGW can grasp is Venus and Mercury (Climate debate in general)424518-09-2019
There is no evidence water vapor makes things hotter (Climate debate in general)025718-09-2019
money is the cause of CO2 increase (Climate debate in general)933318-09-2019
Plant Growth and Ice Cores (Climate debate in general)629417-09-2019
There is no valid physics that can show CO2 increases temperature (Climate debate in general)2947917-09-2019
Ocean ph. (Climate debate in general)4961617-09-2019
If CO2 have higher temperature than O2 and N2 in the air? (Climate debate in general)320017-09-2019
Bill Nye greenhouse gas experiment fail. (Climate debate in general)1639816-09-2019
The UN Convinced Me (Climate debate in general)1224516-09-2019
Hold on. O2 and N2 do NOT absorb IR? (Climate debate in general)9197715-09-2019
Clock charge cellphones (Climate debate in general)113915-09-2019
AOC's Idiotic View On Climate Change (Climate debate in general)417815-09-2019
Why don't people take individual action to help stop climate change? (Climate debate in general)6367014-09-2019
Hurricane mechanism (Climate debate in general)5447314-09-2019
CO2 emission from fossil fuels. (Climate debate in general)6374013-09-2019
Is CO2 much of a Greenhouse gas at all? (Climate debate in general)108105413-09-2019
NET THERMAL RADIATION : You in a room as a reference. (Explanations)201475513-09-2019
Posting an image. (Climate debate in general)318712-09-2019
Climate Change Poll? (Climate debate in general)114512-09-2019
Anecdote or coincidence or what? (Climate debate in general)4349912-09-2019
Hybrid cars vs electric cars (Climate debate in general)6552412-09-2019
Is Quantum Vacuum energy a reality? (Climate debate in general)8475810-09-2019
GLACIAL CLIMATE REBOUNDING (Climate debate in general)6255810-09-2019
Hurricane Dorian, sign of Global Warming? (Climate debate in general)4737509-09-2019
Bahamas (Climate debate in general)1016408-09-2019
Earth's position in the Milky Way (Climate debate in general)214108-09-2019
Top Presidential Candidates, plans for combating 'climate change' (Climate debate in general)416005-09-2019
Gt Barrier Reef Sick or OK? (Climate debate in general)919104-09-2019
The most honest climate scientist among the most dishonest climate scientists (Climate debate in general)219103-09-2019
What to think about this problem? (Climate debate in general)66468130-08-2019
Man-Made CO2? (Climate debate in general)2635130-08-2019
Is reason for climate change correct? (Climate debate in general)4856030-08-2019
Definitions required to address discussions in this forum. (Climate debate in general)2737228-08-2019
Plants, CO2, World Economics/Politics (Climate debate in general)015627-08-2019
Good beginner book (Explanations)8174027-08-2019
Why cant we suck carbon out of the air? (Technology)12197226-08-2019
Obamas new house (Climate debate in general)729126-08-2019
overhaul (Climate debate in general)3228426-08-2019
Climate Communication Awards, Win £1000 (Events etc.)7191025-08-2019
Amazon forest fire (Climate debate in general)1438425-08-2019
Petition to pressure governments to save the planet and humankind (Climate Policy)10264724-08-2019
Oh No! Greenland is Melting, at an alarming rate... (Climate debate in general)1328424-08-2019
Forgive me. (Climate debate in general)314523-08-2019
Understanding aspects of human induced climate changes through belief (Climate Philosophy)8239323-08-2019
What the hell... (Climate debate in general)011423-08-2019
economics and climate change (Climate debate in general)3731722-08-2019
A contest! (Climate debate in general)822922-08-2019
working and spending (Climate debate in general)8471622-08-2019
What would Carnac the Magnificent say? (Fun)6226922-08-2019
Florida Man... (Climate debate in general)116021-08-2019
The Global Warming Fraud (Climate debate in general)164163021-08-2019
shrinking (Climate Policy)107334219-08-2019
Tangier Island , should it be used as an example? (Consequences)273519919-08-2019
If you believe in the AGW concept and want change but you (Climate Policy)88317819-08-2019
CO2 increase (Climate debate in general)10098619-08-2019
Black body radiation (Climate debate in general)2940119-08-2019
Why we won't approach the real reason behind climate change. (Climate debate in general)6868019-08-2019
Alaska, July, hottest month every recorded... (Climate debate in general)117719-08-2019
The Real, 'Green New Deal' (Climate debate in general)415519-08-2019
global warming (Climate debate in general)5555517-08-2019
Recent Mass Shootings (since 2016) (Climate debate in general)7152916-08-2019
How does radiation heat CO2 (Climate debate in general)624715-08-2019
Argument against AGW science (Climate debate in general)322214-08-2019
Earths Temperature (Climate debate in general)113314-08-2019
Trump Sued Over New Coal Rules (Climate debate in general)014714-08-2019
There is no greenhouse effect (Climate debate in general)1538113-08-2019
Emissivity (Climate debate in general)318713-08-2019
Uses for solid carbon (Technology)24260413-08-2019
Greenhouse effect of CO2 (Climate debate in general)2738613-08-2019
Naomi Klein: 'Big Green Groups Are More Damaging Than Climate Deniers' (Climate debate in general)3377413-08-2019
Flat Earth (Climate debate in general)2125412-08-2019
Sceptic-looking for critique (Climate debate in general)1218211-08-2019
Tim's Piece of the Puzzle (Climate debate in general)918411-08-2019
Eureka (Explanations)40201111-08-2019
Radiation saturation (Climate debate in general)517210-08-2019
Creation (Climate debate in general)1821610-08-2019
Crown Capital Management Environmental Reviews 16 Things That Colleges are Doing to Help the Envi... (Science)5744809-08-2019
Because global warming from emissions is real... (Climate debate in general)144195109-08-2019
CO2 saturated water (Climate debate in general)417809-08-2019
Objectivity of Environmental Science (Climate debate in general)114809-08-2019
16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment (Science)1274608-08-2019
Temperature (Climate debate in general)214607-08-2019
Consensus (Climate debate in general)617707-08-2019
Experts (Climate debate in general)716507-08-2019
There is no evidence there is global warming, either natural or man made (Climate debate in general)80102406-08-2019
The field of carbon sequestration? (Climate debate in general)719306-08-2019
What do you do when you can't engage people to discuss climate change? (Climate debate in general)119139906-08-2019
WTF??? (Climate debate in general)3541405-08-2019
Must read letter (Climate debate in general)153169130-07-2019
Hottest day on record (going back to 1880s) in Paris (Climate debate in general)6769230-07-2019
Avoiding human extinction (Climate debate in general)1628228-07-2019
Cause of global warming: melting glaciers. (Explanations)24284625-07-2019
The Changing Climate of Public Opinion (Climate debate in general)317525-07-2019
Is Venus Relevant to Earth? (Climate debate in general)3733823-07-2019
What Ya'all Missed (Climate debate in general)1622822-07-2019
Great News! Al Roker has Addressed Climate Change for us! (Climate debate in general)222921-07-2019
Why is so messed up? (Debate about
The Data Mine (Climate debate in general)2841445919-07-2019
Private Messages (Climate debate in general)4567717-07-2019
Tropical Storm Barry (Climate debate in general)2533517-07-2019
Trump Friend Jeffrey Epstein (Politics and news)3184216-07-2019
The Changing Climate of Social Media (Climate debate in general)019112-07-2019
Climate Change causes flooding in Orlando, damages cars. (Climate debate in general)428011-07-2019
President Trump makes a personal sacrifice, for the country... (Climate debate in general)220311-07-2019
Still No Climate Change Science (Climate debate in general)1124511-07-2019
boreallfor is out of arguments (Climate debate in general)1025010-07-2019
Mt. Everest, should it be used as an example? (Climate debate in general)326609-07-2019
Kindness (Other)4340409-07-2019
#DrainTheSwamp (Climate debate in general)219409-07-2019
So what if CO2 goes up to 1000 ppm and gives people head ache? (Climate debate in general)020009-07-2019
"Believe me (Climate debate in general)119609-07-2019
Early IPCC Reports (Climate debate in general)924308-07-2019
record high temp in france (Climate debate in general)7887108-07-2019
Alaska in desperate need, of air conditioners and sunscreen... (Climate debate in general)1330008-07-2019
happens a lot (Climate debate in general)119507-07-2019
Removing plastic cards from the system (Climate debate in general)316806-07-2019
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer (Technology)16275805-07-2019
UN Climate Talks (Climate debate in general)1629504-07-2019
Climate Change causing Iguana populations to grow, at an alarming rate! (Climate debate in general)018003-07-2019
Cuban Athletes (Climate debate in general)318401-07-2019
Democrat Debates - the 2nd Ten (Climate debate in general)928001-07-2019
Democrat Debates - the 1st Ten (Climate debate in general)320201-07-2019
Organisms struggling to adapt (Climate debate in general)1225901-07-2019
USS Al Gore (Climate debate in general)6146801-07-2019
A solution to climate change (Climate debate in general)221530-06-2019
Climate Change Question (Climate debate in general)1528228-06-2019
There is no evidence CO2 increases temperature (Climate debate in general)125728-06-2019
Terraforming: Is it possible? (Climate debate in general)220927-06-2019
interesting article in forbes (Climate debate in general)120226-06-2019
Third Term for Trump? (Climate debate in general)226426-06-2019
Global Warming is Dead (Climate debate in general)1127626-06-2019
health emergency (Climate debate in general)625025-06-2019
Climate Data Gaps? (Climate debate in general)121825-06-2019
You work hard, to get your kids in college... (Climate debate in general)1330024-06-2019
The other kind of Climate Protest... (Climate debate in general)117224-06-2019
heres another (Climate debate in general)116923-06-2019
ice melting (Climate debate in general)221623-06-2019
Climate debate myth (Climate debate in general)1850522-06-2019
As a CO2 lover, I'd like to see Trump and Democrat congress win 2020 election (Climate debate in general)1027621-06-2019
Burning fossil fuel reduce O2 and increase CO2 and CO2 is a cooling gas so why (Climate debate in general)430620-06-2019
Temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet see record ... (Climate debate in general)333418-06-2019
Does mass media convince people? (Technology)18297118-06-2019
Sea Level Rise - Not a Worry. (Consequences)33714616-06-2019
SUV Submerged after days of heavy rain in Florida! (Climate debate in general)428215-06-2019
wind turbines (Climate debate in general)537613-06-2019
Tornado Alley (Climate debate in general)424412-06-2019
Spending (Climate debate in general)121144712-06-2019
Siberian ice melting! (Climate debate in general)028712-06-2019
Rising sea levels (Climate debate in general)2435110-06-2019
carbon footprint (Private Climate Policy)163345609-06-2019
Ice (Climate debate in general)3436309-06-2019
work (Climate Policy)8201909-06-2019
Why (Climate debate in general)1629108-06-2019
Cold can of soda? (Climate debate in general)1028708-06-2019
What makes IPCC scientists sure warmer air hundreds of millions of years ago due to (Climate debate in general)7190806-06-2019
Behaviours toward Climate Change (Private Climate Policy)25420505-06-2019
Volcanoes (Climate debate in general)423304-06-2019
economic (Climate Policy)16268904-06-2019
Holding in heat (Climate debate in general)1730904-06-2019
dollars (Private Climate Policy)44231103-06-2019
I am in China. China is not corrupt like western countries. (Climate debate in general)2050402-06-2019
Local Impact of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)022701-06-2019
Climate Change consequences-climate catastrophe (Consequences)13300701-06-2019
economic (Climate debate in general)94124031-05-2019
Air CO2 capture is corruption (Climate debate in general)030231-05-2019
Air CO2 capture is corruption on the part of Democrats (Consequences)0257631-05-2019
This doesn't sound good... (Climate debate in general)124129-05-2019
So what if Democrats spend quantillions of USD and use air capture and put all CO2 (Climate debate in general)126928-05-2019
Why did Obama EPA classify CO2 as toxic? (Climate debate in general)129728-05-2019
Trump Administration's Attempts to Limit Climate Change Science 'Like Designing Cars Without Seat (Climate debate in general)125228-05-2019
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