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What if? (Climate debate in general)73164224-11-2023
It is not if, but when will North become South and the Geese will fly the wrong way (Climate debate in general)78192124-11-2023
A Happy Thanksgiving to all, what is on your menu for tomorrow (Climate debate in general)376423-11-2023
Worsening warming is hurting people in all regions, US climate assessment shows (Climate debate in general)29111723-11-2023
The government now wants everyone to ALWAYYS use their real name when using the net (Climate debate in general)2094918-11-2023
Well space x blew up another starship, currently batting 0.0/nada/nothing/zero/zilch (Climate debate in general)063018-11-2023
The new President elect of Haagen Dazs, demonstrating an ice cream filled donut (Climate debate in general)066217-11-2023
U.N. Resolution 181 (Climate debate in general)33113817-11-2023
People who prefer to write anonymously (Climate debate in general)072416-11-2023
Pro-Palestinian protester arrested in death of Jewish man Paul Kessler. Told you so. (Climate debate in general)067716-11-2023
Deadline Pass Without Money, The United States USD Is Officially Gone Now ! (Climate debate in general)267914-11-2023
Who can tell me what the FBI does? (Climate debate in general)067014-11-2023
economics (Climate debate in general)58136614-11-2023
FYI, Mental Health (Climate debate in general)058414-11-2023
I The Savior Do Have A Perfect Strategy To Help All National Government Solve Their Financial Issue (Climate debate in general)271113-11-2023
Differences between the past and the present time (Explanations)202895612-11-2023
Palestinians are now murdering Jews in the USA. FBI does nothing as usual, lock and load (Climate debate in general)470112-11-2023
Spread the word (Debate about
Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) (Technology)13833611-11-2023
Pre-COP15 negotiations (Climate Policy)71711611-11-2023
Why are earthquakes more likely to occur at night than during the day (Science)171272309-11-2023
Proof That Too Much CO2 Is An Existential Threat (Climate debate in general)326886707-11-2023
Time to Ban Swan? (Climate debate in general)45140307-11-2023
threats (Climate debate in general)1278706-11-2023
TED (Climate debate in general)58138405-11-2023
Offshore wind projects face economic storm. Cancellations jeopardize Biden clean energy goals (Climate debate in general)773705-11-2023
What If? (Climate debate in general)25153005-11-2023
LSD and magic mushrooms now recommended to cure climate change (Climate debate in general)065005-11-2023
Judge denied immunity, going to prison, which will mean death by beating or stabbing (Climate debate in general)066203-11-2023
Election fraud proven and the election was overturned, the FBI will not investigate (Climate debate in general)067603-11-2023
PARTICLE ACCELERATOR... ON A CHIP (Climate debate in general)42113803-11-2023
Only The Old Religions Can Save This Civilization From Total Collapse Destruction (Climate debate in general)063803-11-2023
Gravitational Attraction (Climate debate in general)565903-11-2023 awaits 100th new member since my first post (Climate debate in general)9119201-11-2023
war (Climate debate in general)868201-11-2023
Atmospheric Chemistry (Climate debate in general)773701-11-2023
Jimmy Hoffa's body may be located which will mean the end of World Hunger and climate change both (Climate debate in general)059701-11-2023
Gov Phil Murphy spent 12,000 taxpayer dollars to see a Taylor Swift concert (Climate debate in general)060731-10-2023
fusion (Climate debate in general)82225130-10-2023
Conservation of Angular Momentum (Climate debate in general)167029-10-2023
Just one simple question (Climate debate in general)39342325-10-2023
Wrote this ethics essay on factory farming, looking for feedback. (Climate debate in general)3496924-10-2023
If Only Perpetual Motion Was Possible (Climate debate in general)474624-10-2023
Science! (Climate debate in general)1074624-10-2023
James Webb (Climate debate in general)1891920-10-2023
My Experiment - A Refresher (Climate debate in general)42131918-10-2023
Book your bargain rate Israeli Tel Aviv or Jerusalem vacation now, free 4th of July style firewor... (Climate debate in general)172018-10-2023
Hossenfelder (Climate debate in general)1495617-10-2023
COULD MOON DUST HELP REDUCE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES? (Climate debate in general)32106616-10-2023
Refrigeration chemicals are a nightmare for the climate (Climate debate in general)377914-10-2023
Jesus (Climate debate in general)2589114-10-2023
Some can take the heat, and (Climate debate in general)285314-10-2023
Greenwashing laws (Climate debate in general)1085912-10-2023
Greenwashing laws (Climate debate in general)174310-10-2023
hysteria (Climate debate in general)679408-10-2023
Quantum entanglement visualized for the first time ever (Climate debate in general)14103307-10-2023
upper atmosphere temp (Climate debate in general)212459007-10-2023
Breaking News. Liberal turd Dianne Feinstein croaked and as such I will mourn in my (Climate debate in general)077730-09-2023
A personal experience for climate change deniers (Climate debate in general)230742929-09-2023
Present temperature spike July '23 (Climate Policy)31234627-09-2023
The food network is now featuring Chinese whole shrimp recipes complete with shrimp shit (Climate debate in general)077925-09-2023
Global warming and the answer . (Climate debate in general)1351822-09-2023
Well it sure is quiet in here, I guess none of you with the top secret clearances are allowed (Climate debate in general)794722-09-2023
The number one cause of climate change that the idiots in the government can't seem to see (Climate debate in general)082520-09-2023
100 mill (Climate debate in general)181520-09-2023
Why was the transponder on the missing F35 not working? LOL because (Climate debate in general)074919-09-2023
Free window estimates? How exactly would anyone give me a window estimate (Climate debate in general)075119-09-2023
Breaking News- Please call 843-963-3600, if you have seen our crashed F35 Lego jet (Climate debate in general)278019-09-2023
The junk F35 has been grounded, and one may be on the way to China or Russia (Climate debate in general)074418-09-2023
LOL did you find the missing 80 million dollar jet yet? Or was it transported to the mother ship (Climate debate in general)073018-09-2023
Official F35 theme song. Another one bites the dust (Climate debate in general)066918-09-2023
Deep state RFKjr assassination plot thwarted, for now. (Climate debate in general)074017-09-2023
The Lake Mead water level is still rising in August, when it is ALWAYS falling. So snow melt is ... (Climate debate in general)155402516-09-2023
fox news (Climate debate in general)3598516-09-2023
How many of the unreleased FBI-Swan Interview files does Trump have? (Climate debate in general)486116-09-2023
Green Hydrogen (Climate debate in general)61195315-09-2023
How many of the unreleased FBI-JFK assassination files does Trump have? (Climate debate in general)45146513-09-2023
IBM quantum experience (Climate debate in general)72189013-09-2023
stephen hawking (Climate debate in general)65154013-09-2023
Halloween Tomatoes (Climate debate in general)170513-09-2023
The deep state has a choice, destroy Trump, or help him get reelected (Climate debate in general)176913-09-2023
Crypto-Climate Watch List (Climate debate in general)5401910809-09-2023
Tom Brady lost $30 million after FTX crypto collapse. Too bad (Climate debate in general)3121807-09-2023
Well it appears that this board is the first casualty of WW3 (Climate debate in general)393407-09-2023
LOL was that a super bimbo demonstrating her only real mental prowess (Climate debate in general)185606-09-2023
If mental illness were defined by a single photo this would be it (Climate debate in general)076306-09-2023
BREAKING NEWS Vaccinated Jill Xiden gets covid for second time (Climate debate in general)077205-09-2023
Climate Change Hurricane Idalia (Climate debate in general)1899503-09-2023
Climate Intelligence Foundation (Clintel) (Climate debate in general)177102-09-2023
Joe the Plumber murdered. (Climate debate in general)897302-09-2023
You may not wave the American flag at any school, in the new Communist states of America (Climate debate in general)193528-08-2023
Seems WW3 is a touchy subject. (Climate debate in general)385728-08-2023
WW3 about to begin as American morons in Belarus told to leave ASAP or yesterday whichever comes ... (Climate debate in general)599428-08-2023
v and j (Climate debate in general)179524-08-2023
Fresh Donkey Meat (Climate debate in general)697323-08-2023
This One is for Harvey (Climate debate in general)80263722-08-2023
How can one afford a new Ferrari on a cop's salary? (Climate debate in general)384519-08-2023
So you trust your doctor and nurse do you................ (Climate debate in general)082518-08-2023
New York City suggests housing migrants in jail shuttered after Jeffrey Epstein's suicide (Climate debate in general)183518-08-2023
itn (Climate debate in general)489317-08-2023
Biden is starting WW3 by sending 3000 troops to Poland/Belarus border and no American media cares (Climate debate in general)11101817-08-2023
Climate change - effects, impact and solutions (Consequences)34990317-08-2023
No more jury trials, the communist judge now fully determines your guilt or innocence. (Climate debate in general)080017-08-2023
Hilary (Climate debate in general)682416-08-2023
EV Muscle Cars? (Climate debate in general)41142116-08-2023
Magma vortex hypothesis about earthquakes (Science)371593816-08-2023
Notifications/Unsubscribe? (Climate debate in general)1390515-08-2023
Did you know that in 1970/80 microwave ovens cooked food from the inside out? (Climate debate in general)21103513-08-2023
Who do the denialist trolls really hurt? (Climate Philosophy)121323112-08-2023
glad (Climate debate in general)19113612-08-2023
Red Sun Images in England (Climate debate in general)8225111-08-2023
THE FUTURE OF HYDROGEN POWER (Climate debate in general)31182409-08-2023
Electricity (Climate debate in general)19106207-08-2023
Back-testing the climate model(s) (Explanations)11203707-08-2023
The EPA's ambitious plan to cut auto emissions to slow climate change runs into skepticism (Climate debate in general)190506-08-2023
The retards at FOX news claim 74 year old rapist teacher faces 600 years behind bars (Climate debate in general)089004-08-2023
Navy sailors Jinchao Wei and Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao have been arrested for spying for China (Climate debate in general)084904-08-2023
methane leak (Climate debate in general)383903-08-2023
Seattle woman kidnapped and held in cinderblock cage by BLM member (Climate debate in general)085603-08-2023
Chatbots sometimes make things up. Is AI's hallucination problem fixable? (Climate debate in general)597703-08-2023
My real name is Oleg Aleksandr Boris Vasiliev (Climate debate in general)390803-08-2023
Climate Reuse (Climate debate in general)111747703-08-2023
Homemade Ketchup Thread (Climate debate in general)799902-08-2023
The Technology Team & Some Entities Was, Are Preventing The Messiah To Save The World (Climate debate in general)17120402-08-2023
Illegal Chinese-linked biolab filled with mice, medical waste discovered in California (Climate debate in general)092602-08-2023
What is the best linux app ever created? (Climate debate in general)42148901-08-2023
New Jersey Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver dies unexpectedly after undisclosed medical issue (Climate debate in general)184501-08-2023
17 year old cyclist murdered, do not expect the law to investigate, as the cyclist is always at f... (Climate debate in general)094231-07-2023
LOL, the FBI is still looking for Jimmy Hoffa, as 100,000 Americans die of Fentanyl every year (Climate debate in general)081231-07-2023
SELF-HOSTED CHATBOT FOCUSES ON PRIVACY (Climate debate in general)489031-07-2023
Linux is dead on the desktop, so do not even waste your time considering it (Climate debate in general)26130630-07-2023
Scientists say Florida Keys coral reefs are already bleaching as water temperatures hit record highs (Climate debate in general)14110329-07-2023
THIS MONTH'S WORLD'S LARGEST WIND TURBINE GOES OPERATIONAL (Climate debate in general)591829-07-2023
I was assaulted yesterday while bike riding (Climate debate in general)63183827-07-2023
If you use any of the following words in a communication, the NSA will know that you are a terrorist (Climate debate in general)986527-07-2023
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Shithead Oconnor dead, please Lord help me grieve (Climate debate in general)082726-07-2023
WHEN IS OPEN SOURCE AI NOT OPEN SOURCE AI? (Climate debate in general)42140126-07-2023
Only New Central Bank Type Appear Can End Global Currency War (Climate debate in general)389425-07-2023
Climate and our youth. (Climate Policy)131212925-07-2023
Ron Desantis involved in crash, it is not known at this point if an RFKjr lookalike was involved (Climate debate in general)184725-07-2023
Woman crashes car into Popeye's because she didn't get her biscuits. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Politics and news)28397825-07-2023
Better than Quantum Computing (Climate debate in general)587925-07-2023
New thread added, no content other than (Climate Policy)5209524-07-2023
Just spoke with Dmitri Vasilyev a Russian solar power salesman at my front door (Climate debate in general)292323-07-2023
Proof that the vengeance of God is real. Pfizer building destroyed (Climate debate in general)699021-07-2023
Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and other tech firms agree to AI safeguards set by the White House (Climate debate in general)086421-07-2023
QAnon Group Was Are Deceiving The Rest Of The World For Individual Gain (Climate debate in general)084421-07-2023
USD US Dollar, USA United States Are Deserved To Be Gone Forever ! (Climate debate in general)280220-07-2023
real (Climate debate in general)2096020-07-2023
learning (Climate debate in general)2589119-07-2023
Solar power is a scam. My next door neighbor has solar panels and he pays more for power (Climate debate in general)480119-07-2023
Biden caught leaking secret info to Russia thru its ally Mali (Climate debate in general)589719-07-2023
The Final Departure Of Living Buddha The Savior Messiah – Lời Tạm Biệt Của Phật (Climate debate in general)05218-07-2023
Bodybuilder Gustavo Badel dead of covid vaccine stroke. Ans the real carnage begins (Climate debate in general)30119717-07-2023
Put This Dangerous Stupid Person Beings Entity Into International Blacklist Please (Climate debate in general)081017-07-2023
FBI captures escaped inmate, while letting 1000 illegal aliens carry in 3 tons of fentanyl (Climate debate in general)481216-07-2023
Should judges be allowed to steal from Walmart? This one did on multiple occasions (Climate debate in general)074116-07-2023
"Atoms have consciousness" with images (Trash bin)291236616-07-2023
So is judge Sonia Sotomayor a wise Latina woman, or a racist piece of shit on the bench (Climate debate in general)076916-07-2023
61 (Climate debate in general)065015-07-2023
Welcome to new member tom123 (Climate debate in general)1377115-07-2023
Jamie Foxx seen sitting on a boat, because he cannot stand since his covid 19 vaccination (Climate debate in general)28102215-07-2023
Is Edward Snowden a hero? Should all of your personal phone calls be recorded? (Climate debate in general)41139415-07-2023
"Unprecedented" Wildfires TODAY. Thanks to Global Warming. (Climate debate in general)148552815-07-2023
Send Me Any Amount Of Donation So I Can Try Lottery Luck Method On My Own (Climate debate in general)066915-07-2023
The Ukraine War Will End Immediately If The USA Receive The Benefits They Looking For (Climate debate in general)064015-07-2023
All Sides, Beings, Entities No Matter "Evil" Or "Good" Are Receiving Their Final Chan (Climate debate in general)068214-07-2023
Make A Donation If You Want To Have A Hint Of How The Current World Conflicts End (Climate debate in general)170813-07-2023
All Video Games Should Add This New "Happy Ending" Feature Mode For Better Society (Climate debate in general)474713-07-2023
Florida in hot water as ocean temperatures rise along with the humidity (Climate debate in general)275113-07-2023
How To Become God, Active Super Ability Power, Become Immortal Guide Could Appear Soon (Climate debate in general)167013-07-2023
If Do Not Receive Support Next 120 Hours , My Conditions To Save This World Will Raise (Climate debate in general)472713-07-2023
soldiers (Climate debate in general)2074012-07-2023
Ai was used to MURDER a child..............! (Climate debate in general)069612-07-2023
Jamie Foxx blind and paralyzed due to covid vaccine for Netflix (Climate debate in general)39145612-07-2023
I The Messiah Will Release Divine Documents For New Era On Earth In This Conditions (Climate debate in general)061710-07-2023
DOJ, FBI targeting Catholics as 'violent extremists' FBI agents are ordered to shoot to kill (Climate debate in general)065809-07-2023
tech (Climate debate in general)665208-07-2023
CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Global Climate Innovator Challenge (Climate debate in general)683907-07-2023
Happy fourth of July. I wonder how many liberals are eating carbon cooked burgers (Climate debate in general)176006-07-2023
Uses for solid carbon (Technology)301414606-07-2023
Trump appointed federal Judge Limits Federal Government's Contact with Social Media Companies (Climate debate in general)371706-07-2023
Was the cocaine found in the White House actually anthrax spores? Because if so, this was a (Climate debate in general)268506-07-2023
QUANTUM COMPUTING ON A COMMODORE 64 IN 200 LINES OF BASIC (Climate debate in general)366905-07-2023
LOL the unsecret service claims that they found cocaine in the White House and called the fire dept (Climate debate in general)059704-07-2023
Climate change keeps making wildfires and smoke worse (Climate debate in general)571503-07-2023
LOL, Anheuser Busch is shutting down plants and laying off employees due to the woke fag bud ligh... (Climate debate in general)070603-07-2023
AI Robot Soldier Video (Climate debate in general)1178201-07-2023
The Netherlands is euthanizing autistic people. So why was it different when Hitler did the same (Climate debate in general)070428-06-2023
White House ridiculed for defending Biden's economic record as 'incredibly popular:' 'Wit (Climate debate in general)065028-06-2023
Proof that a gas stove ban is nonsense, and that dempcraps are retards (Climate debate in general)477325-06-2023
Ideas for my seminar paper? (Other)31291423-06-2023
IBM's 127 qubit Eagle chip out benchmarked two supercomputers. Holy Schmoly (Climate debate in general)1575623-06-2023
Titan Submersible (Climate debate in general)772423-06-2023
Quantum Light Experiment Proves Photosynthesis Starts with a Single Photon (Climate debate in general)1579822-06-2023
Which (Climate debate in general)1062922-06-2023
Remembering the day that John McCain set the USS Forrestall on fire killing 134 American sailors (Climate debate in general)477021-06-2023
Generative AI and area 51 (Climate debate in general)42139621-06-2023
Biden wants to force 'carbon capture' (Climate debate in general)875821-06-2023
A conservative website that gets it wrong about Global Warming (Climate debate in general)371920-06-2023
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