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reminder of the rules (Climate debate in general)108365008-05-2022
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Climate debate in general)4299606-05-2022
The Fastest Method To Eliminate The Corona Virus COVID Is Crying Screaming Out Loud (Climate debate in general)9121406-05-2022
Gamma-Spec this, bitch... (Climate debate in general)451104-05-2022
Is math that important? (for believers only, pleeease!) (Climate debate in general)130245404-05-2022
Where's the May 1st Mayhem? (Climate debate in general)2165904-05-2022
Climate Change - Vicious Feedbacks and Worst-Case Scenarios (Climate debate in general)186358803-05-2022
Water Vapor And The Climate, Why Carbon Dioxide Is A Very Minor Player (Climate debate in general)960803-05-2022
Is The Moon Toxic? (Climate debate in general)61107829-04-2022
National Climate Change Is Real Day (sealover please do not read this it is a surprise) (Climate debate in general)564629-04-2022
I The Savior Offering "How To Become God Again" Special Course To All Beings (Climate debate in general)1166729-04-2022
Terraforming: Is it possible? (Climate debate in general)100242829-04-2022
The Savior Messiah Buddha Is Back Again With Some Special Info (Climate debate in general)353228-04-2022
"Global Dimming" - A Brand New "Buzzword"? (Climate debate in general)48126028-04-2022
Record low temps across America. (Climate debate in general)249127-04-2022
Disagreements with wife led to divorce (Climate debate in general)149426-04-2022
Gargantuan sluice gate in Gulf Stream to warm Europe, lower nat gas need (Technology)29157426-04-2022
Why I am here (Climate debate in general)162260526-04-2022
What is the most climate friendly way to travel the from Copenhagen to Atlanta? (Climate debate in general)3769226-04-2022
sealover, an actual PhD biogeochemist with relevant knowledge to share. (Climate debate in general)3071825-04-2022
Climate Change - Be careful or you might learn something (Climate debate in general)175369225-04-2022
Magma vortex hypothesis about earthquakes (Science)26544424-04-2022
Ye Bible Troll Speaketh (Climate debate in general)41152824-04-2022
Forgivable Carbon Sins... (Climate debate in general)251024-04-2022
If You Want To Save Your Family, Your Town, City Please Make Donation & Talk (Climate debate in general)12137123-04-2022
Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Wetlands (Climate debate in general)80186123-04-2022
Crypto investments (Climate debate in general)3981098422-04-2022
Go Fund Me pitch for troll-infested website vermin eradication program manual (Climate debate in general)60140122-04-2022
Power Generation/Distribution (Climate debate in general)178341122-04-2022
Climate change clown sightings 2022 (Climate debate in general)152518-04-2022
Stratospheric Aerosol Injection by Coulombic Hoist (Climate debate in general)150917-04-2022
The Tale of Two Preachers (Climate debate in general)152017-04-2022
Otters are the Superheroes (Climate debate in general)5109316-04-2022
As long as we're talking about scams and climate ... (Climate debate in general)17138516-04-2022
QAnontology (Climate debate in general)14105616-04-2022
Einstein Was Maybe Slightly Wrong (Climate debate in general)44179916-04-2022
Patened enclosed vertical axis wind turbine. Seeking business partner. (Climate debate in general)85188214-04-2022
How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus - Kurt Andersen (Climate debate in general)20216114-04-2022
Carbon losses from soil predicted to enhance climate change (Climate debate in general)46324612-04-2022
Biogeochemical GRID-LEVEL ENERGY STORAGE (Climate debate in general)53111611-04-2022
Less children - less climate change (Climate debate in general)559409-04-2022
Arctic sea ice cover (Climate debate in general)1977209-04-2022
Warming acceleration (Explanations)1321363008-04-2022
Define 'gravity' (Climate debate in general)5209107-04-2022 Global Change Science Think Tank (Climate debate in general)46119407-04-2022
Racist Sexist Xenophobic AND Erroneous "don'T rump" Pratfalls (Climate debate in general)50535107-04-2022
Jokers Wild (Climate debate in general)59458407-04-2022
What will Greta wear at COP 27? For real! (Consequences)3134907-04-2022
The Acid Test of Climate Change Mitigation (Climate debate in general)121232607-04-2022
I Love Greta Thunberg - do you? (Climate Philosophy)33154607-04-2022
Greta to finally publish her definitive book! (Explanations)8129407-04-2022
New Ice age by 2030 (Climate debate in general)140241804-04-2022
Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong (Climate debate in general)453704-04-2022
It seems to me that you can easily take it only in some black desk (Trash bin)6167403-04-2022
Arctic ice cover (Climate debate in general)249702-04-2022
Clouds (Climate debate in general)451001-04-2022
How to solve climate change. (Science)3285801-04-2022
Why did global warming become climate change? (Explanations)72193831-03-2022
New amusement park rule, no fat slobs allowed on the rides (Climate debate in general)3665931-03-2022
"Sustainability" is Utter Nonsense (Climate debate in general)155731-03-2022
Escape route. (Climate debate in general)545731-03-2022
THREAD VERSUS THREAD! A REAL climate debate. (Climate debate in general)123215230-03-2022
Day After Tomorrow defies physics (Climate debate in general)12194430-03-2022
California man who kidnapped 26 children, buried them alive is recommended for parole (Climate debate in general)045329-03-2022
BioGeoChemical analysis of manure piles... (Climate debate in general)145629-03-2022
Well Space X aced another controlled landing. Will be using really low IQ astronuts (Climate debate in general)211458225-03-2022
Great news, Putin is destroying everything that Hunter Biden owns (Climate debate in general)458523-03-2022
Safe Friends of "sealover" - Troll-free Library Networking. Join the List. (Climate debate in general)654122-03-2022
Because global warming from emissions is real... (Climate debate in general)147498619-03-2022
I The Savior Return With Some Important Information Knowledge Wisdom (Climate debate in general)354317-03-2022
The Simple Condition For World Peace Is Here (Climate debate in general)151917-03-2022
Technology to reverse climate change (Technology)79350916-03-2022
Global warming is not anthropogenic (Climate debate in general)10022482816-03-2022
All Nations, Entities Have 10 Days Left To Receive Solution From The Savior To End World Conflicts (Climate debate in general)053915-03-2022
The wars will stopped if only they listen and have faith in me the Savior (Climate debate in general)047215-03-2022
I The Savior Messiah Can Present The Perfect Balance New World Economic Financial System (Climate debate in general)153014-03-2022
China, Russia Will Release The Ultimate Communist Policies To Distribute Wealth To The Public (Climate debate in general)048514-03-2022
Understanding The Modern Slave Economic System As Of 2022 (Climate debate in general)048413-03-2022
The True Reason Behind The Russia Ukraine War Is The Great Economic Reset System (Climate debate in general)050713-03-2022
This Civilization Is Dying, Collapsing, Vanishing Rapidly (Climate debate in general)046913-03-2022
The Savior Return With Some Important Information (Climate debate in general)048613-03-2022
Everything is OK now at Kimballa Paris is going to Poland (Climate debate in general)150712-03-2022
Donald J. Trump -- gas prices (Climate debate in general)1062312-03-2022
Canadian Freedom Convoy (Climate debate in general)88233607-03-2022
Russian helicopter shot down and recorded by a tripod mounted camera (Climate debate in general)053006-03-2022
Russian fighter pilot porky pig shot down over Ukraine (Climate debate in general)057905-03-2022
"rooting" (Climate debate in general)2681004-03-2022
35 (Climate debate in general)2372104-03-2022
Ukraine, (Climate debate in general)57152303-03-2022
Bob Dylan (Climate debate in general)761602-03-2022
If Putin goes nuclear (Climate debate in general)82178402-03-2022
Joe Biden just admitted that he f'd up (Climate debate in general)258228-02-2022
javelins and stingers (Climate debate in general)458928-02-2022
stop (Climate debate in general)3182428-02-2022
nato (Climate debate in general)762928-02-2022
Hypocrisy of the lambs (Climate debate in general)257128-02-2022
misconceptions (Climate debate in general)290494428-02-2022
true genius (Climate debate in general)1259627-02-2022
mistakes (Climate debate in general)454524-02-2022
why (Climate debate in general)150267224-02-2022
proxy (Climate debate in general)1057124-02-2022
war, racism, and disease (Climate debate in general)659024-02-2022
ww2 (Climate debate in general)251724-02-2022
blood relatives (Climate debate in general)150623-02-2022
Putin (Climate debate in general)863421-02-2022
Scientific method in medicine (Climate debate in general)864820-02-2022
My ignorance on full display! (Climate debate in general)152293117-02-2022
problem solution essays (Climate debate in general)4146117-02-2022
A the timeline aggregating States' climate commitments (NDCs) following the Paris Agreement (Climate Policy)10171616-02-2022
Earth has been in cool down for billions of years. (Climate debate in general)2786016-02-2022
party (Climate debate in general)763614-02-2022
For Harvey55 (Climate debate in general)33171514-02-2022
economy (Climate debate in general)959712-02-2022
fracking (Climate debate in general)1963912-02-2022
inflation (Climate debate in general)557311-02-2022
history (Climate debate in general)254311-02-2022
Sir Isaac Newton. (Climate debate in general)154610-02-2022
The Data Mine (Climate debate in general)3032064209-02-2022
Do you believe this? (Climate debate in general)968308-02-2022
integral (Climate debate in general)2366207-02-2022
People are having many abnormal behaviors (Climate debate in general)359506-02-2022
Tesla recalls nearly 54,000 cars because self-driving software runs stop signs (Climate debate in general)665306-02-2022
World's First Molecular Beverage Printer (Climate debate in general)253106-02-2022
This is How the European Commission Classifies Nuclear Energy and Gas to Be 'Green' (Climate debate in general)261605-02-2022
No longer guessing at it? (Climate debate in general)763703-02-2022
5G (Climate debate in general)78150702-02-2022
Energy source: evaporation - condensation (continuation) (Climate debate in general)175300101-02-2022
Volcanism (Climate debate in general)968629-01-2022
Exhaust emmisions (Climate debate in general)2684929-01-2022
Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion (Climate debate in general)8491820926-01-2022
Taxes (Climate debate in general)56257125-01-2022
"a new earth." -2 Peter 3:13. (Climate debate in general)258024-01-2022
The Rebirth Of Soviet Union Under A Better Version Brand Will Lead To World Peace (Climate debate in general)564124-01-2022
I The Savior Seeking Motivation, Support From This Civilization (Climate debate in general)158123-01-2022
The Earth's Core is Cooling (Climate debate in general)767722-01-2022
" ... a whirling tempest" with a specific target. -Jeremiah 23:19. (Climate debate in general)155320-01-2022
All The World Chaos Conflicts Because Humans Do Not Believe, Use Their God Power (Climate debate in general)268018-01-2022
Citizens Climate Lobby Australia (Climate debate in general)17126317-01-2022
Super Volcano (Climate debate in general)160316-01-2022
weather (Climate debate in general)47146115-01-2022
2 cases (Climate debate in general)457815-01-2022
The Public Cure For COVID SARS-COV-2 Is Reconnect With Nature Earth (Climate debate in general)158014-01-2022
The Best Solution For The Natural Resources Battle Is Having New Global Law Of Fair Distribution (Climate debate in general)161414-01-2022
Rochelle Walensky said something... (Climate debate in general)54119613-01-2022
questions (Climate debate in general)118212513-01-2022
Please - serious inquires only. (Climate debate in general)262813-01-2022
The USA Will Gone Forever If They Do Not Press The Global Currency Reset Button In Time (Climate debate in general)160011-01-2022
chaos (Climate debate in general)3276010-01-2022
The End Of The US Petrol Dollar: Fair Solution For Global Energy Crisis Of Oil Gas (Climate debate in general)368209-01-2022
PoliticalForum happenings for your entertainment (Climate debate in general)48113308-01-2022
After 16-01-2022, I The Savior No Longer Provide Any Human Evolution Content Materials To All (Climate debate in general)365707-01-2022
The USA, China & Other Nations Have 10 Days Left To Choose Their Fate (Climate debate in general)167606-01-2022
computers (Climate debate in general)2174804-01-2022
Questions about computers (Climate debate in general)1369504-01-2022
WHO Knows (Climate debate in general)3791903-01-2022
Relaxing Music with a Nice View of the Earth (Live Stream) (Climate debate in general)3389701-01-2022
Christmas (Climate debate in general)2186329-12-2021
masks (Climate debate in general)42117529-12-2021
Energy and Politics (Climate debate in general)266629-12-2021
The Corona Virus COVID Event Is Not About Health, But About Human Development Evolution (Climate debate in general)171126-12-2021
If you delete then delete all article using nickname the savior (Climate debate in general)169425-12-2021
covid vaccines and treatments for ill patients (Climate debate in general)2082224-12-2021
Example of Florida weather (Climate debate in general)784723-12-2021
ITN calls himself The Parrot Killer. Ha! (Climate debate in general)168022-12-2021
Climate Change in Wisconsin (Climate debate in general)2991822-12-2021
Tornados 2 Weeks Before Christmas? (Climate debate in general)74158221-12-2021
what is socialism (Climate debate in general)30101021-12-2021
JPL's Horizon System (Climate debate in general)166021-12-2021
2% (Climate debate in general)91294220-12-2021
War, (Climate debate in general)1079516-12-2021
william happer (Climate debate in general)140282811-12-2021
Biden (Climate debate in general)49144308-12-2021
"Likely Feasible Solution to World Energy & Carbon Crises" by Warren D Smith (Climate debate in general)93254808-12-2021
NASA (Climate debate in general)1596807-12-2021
The Big Tech Companies Make The China Great Internet Firewall Look Like A Good Angel (Climate debate in general)7163402-12-2021
Travel restrictions (Climate debate in general)1692729-11-2021
Get vaccinated, so we can end this pandemic quickly? (Climate debate in general)1692229-11-2021
This book will help the world defeat the corona virus COVID (Climate debate in general)274628-11-2021
The Natural Foods That Easily Destroy Corona Virus COVID Are The Hot Spicy, Bitter (Climate debate in general)585123-11-2021
Climate Change Overview (Climate debate in general)70169622-11-2021
gravity and temperature (Climate debate in general)214371321-11-2021
People Must Start New Project To Share Solutions To End The COVID Event, Blaming Do Not Help (Climate debate in general)281721-11-2021
People are starting to get it... (Climate debate in general)178020-11-2021
The Best Way To Defeat Liars, Cheaters Is Challenging Them To Take Oath In Religious Sacred Sites (Climate debate in general)275118-11-2021
Many Exchange Ways That Connect Real World Assets With The Virtual Digital CryptoCurrency 2.0 (Climate debate in general)174514-11-2021
The Perfect Best Humanity Development Evolution Must Be The New Global CryptoCurrency System 2.0 (Climate debate in general)176014-11-2021
Cell phones are now blamed for covid19? (Climate debate in general)1989313-11-2021
The Big Flaws, Loophole, The End Of The Current Digital Cryptocurrency System 1.0 Is Here (Climate debate in general)276213-11-2021
sources of medical advice (Climate debate in general)2888110-11-2021
The Modern Power Grid and Energy Distribution System (Climate debate in general)68153510-11-2021
Vaccination Mandate, update... (Climate debate in general)2891909-11-2021
Dr. Scott Gottlieb (Climate debate in general)2788009-11-2021
irrational exuberance (Climate debate in general)59154907-11-2021
dangerous world (Climate debate in general)44135406-11-2021
Everybody Can Obtain The New Trillion Dollar Crypto Coin whitepapers To Become Millionaire Easily (Climate debate in general)483606-11-2021
Bad Accountants (Other)1271106-11-2021
Special Offer: 1 Billion US Dollars Worth Of New Currency Coin In Exchange For Media Marketing (Climate debate in general)175105-11-2021
Introducing The Greatest Project Of All Time: The Ultimate Humanity Evolution Platform (Climate debate in general)072005-11-2021
The New Global Saving Storage Currency Project Seeking Investors & Update On The ICO Event (Climate debate in general)072205-11-2021
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