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Please read these guidelines before posting on

1) Stay inside the scope is about climate change and related questions. If you want to discuss other topics, then you are welcome to do so in the Off Topic area (see the forum overview).
Should the conversation turn into more personal or private talk, then consider withdrawing to Private Messages.

2) Stick to the subject
Always stay on-topic in the thread you are participating in. If you want to discuss something else, then start a new thread.

3) Use the Search machine
Many topics have been discussed several times, and a lot of questions have been answered before. Start by using the Search field (top left of the page), and try to make your post contribute to the forum in a new way.

4) Don't attack the messenger
This doesn't mean that a tough tone and an offensive style is not accepted, but please focus on the message and not the messenger.

5) No advertisements
Direct advertisements for other websites or products are not allowed. You can add a link to your website on your profile page.
In order to prevent spam it is not possible to add links to the signature.

6) Don't make noise
Don't write the same post in a lot of different threads. Don't write 100 lines with identical smileys. Don' write posts with just CAPITAL LETTERS.

7) No illegal content
Content which is illegal due to insults, libel, hate speech, copyright infringements etc. is of course not allowed.

8) Be cautious with quotes
Don't change the wording when you quote someone. If you quote outside the thread, then post a link or a source. If you choose to abridge a quote, then mark it explicitly with "...". And last but not least: Don't quote from a private message without the other user's consent.

If these guidelines are violated, an admin or moderator will edit or delete posts. If no improvement is seen, it can be necessary to ban the user in question.

Latest revised by Jeppe Branner (branner), admin and site owner, November 9, 2015.

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