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Like our new Facebook page and help spread the word about is an independent and neutral web community for climate change, energy and related topics. The forum is free and open for everyone who can accept the basic guidelines.

As an international counterpart to the Danish, is run by the same principles about sharing knowledge and facilitating great climate discussions.

Today, our users have written more than 60,000 posts. Though less than the 75,000+ posts on the Danish site, the number is growing steadily as more and more new members join in.

Look around and see how the forum is structured. We hope you will sign up and be a part of our community!

For contact info, click here.

Please note, that any use of is done at your own risk.
We do not collect personal information about users, except for the information that users post on their individual community profile pages, and we do not pass on any data to third parties. Please be aware that we use cookies for our login system, and that we use Google Analytics, Google Adsense as well as third party cookies from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
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