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Math Help (Climate debate in general)37James_Today, 18:05
Understanding the Role of a Psychiatrist in Brooklyn, with a F... (Climate debate in general)13SwanToday, 18:02
@ Harvey55 (Climate debate in general)2HarveyH55Today, 08:42
One divided by zero equals one. Not zero or undefined (Climate debate in general)5Spongy IrisToday, 05:56
Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion (Climate debate in general)866papinomolokoYesterday, 17:11
Teacher who voted for Biden knocks out student's teeth at bask... (Climate debate in general)0SwanYesterday, 13:21
Atmospheric Chemistry and Astrophysics (Climate debate in general)76James_Yesterday, 05:16
Magic or Science (Climate debate in general)7SwanYesterday, 00:29
Geoengineering to Neutralize Ocean Acidification (Climate debate in general)323Swan05-12-2023
What a "REAL" American Brings to the Table (Climate debate in general)3Swan05-12-2023
We mourn the passing of climate (Climate debate in general)15Swan04-12-2023
Tell your old college professors to check out climate-debate.c... (Climate debate in general)307Swan04-12-2023
None Of You Know The Real Intend, Purpose Of Climate Change Is... (Climate debate in general)7James_04-12-2023
86 year old Jane Fonda will only date men in their 20's. Whew... (Climate debate in general)2Swan04-12-2023
Top Entities Only Want To Steal New Ideas Solutions, Do Not Wa... (Climate debate in general)2Swan03-12-2023
ThreadRepliesLast Post
Perpetual Motion (Science)42James_Yesterday, 19:30
Why are earthquakes more likely to occur at night than during ... (Science)17Yusup0509-11-2023
Magma vortex hypothesis about earthquakes (Science)37Yusup0516-08-2023
Woman crashes car into Popeye's because she didn't get her bis... (Politics and news)28Claudddd25-07-2023
Catholic student arrested at school for merely stating "that m... (Politics and news)8IBdaMann05-07-2023
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