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upper atmosphere temp (Climate debate in general)177IBdaMannToday, 06:52
Breaking News. Liberal turd Dianne Feinstein croaked and as s... (Climate debate in general)0Swan30-09-2023
fusion (Climate debate in general)8Swan29-09-2023
A personal experience for climate change deniers (Climate debate in general)230IBdaMann29-09-2023
Quantum entanglement visualized for the first time ever (Climate debate in general)6Swan29-09-2023
Present temperature spike July '23 (Climate Policy)31Swan27-09-2023
The food network is now featuring Chinese whole shrimp recipes... (Climate debate in general)0Swan25-09-2023
Global warming and the answer . (Climate debate in general)1Swan22-09-2023
Well it sure is quiet in here, I guess none of you with the to... (Climate debate in general)7Swan22-09-2023
The number one cause of climate change that the idiots in the ... (Climate debate in general)0Swan20-09-2023
100 mill (Climate debate in general)1Swan20-09-2023
Why was the transponder on the missing F35 not working? LOL b... (Climate debate in general)0Swan19-09-2023
Free window estimates? How exactly would anyone give me a win... (Climate debate in general)0Swan19-09-2023
Breaking News- Please call 843-963-3600, if you have seen our ... (Climate debate in general)2Swan19-09-2023
The junk F35 has been grounded, and one may be on the way to C... (Climate debate in general)0Swan18-09-2023
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A question about choosing quality home textiles (Other)2Nasewer19-09-2023
Magma vortex hypothesis about earthquakes (Science)37Yusup0516-08-2023
Woman crashes car into Popeye's because she didn't get her bis... (Politics and news)28Claudddd25-07-2023
What strategies work in sports betting? (Other)3Into the Night13-07-2023
Catholic student arrested at school for merely stating "that m... (Politics and news)8IBdaMann05-07-2023
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