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Young Protesters skip school... (Climate debate in general)6HarveyH55Today, 14:26
Our Fragile Planet (Climate debate in general)201tmiddlesToday, 13:09
Revealing the 160 year systematic error behind greenhouse theo... (Explanations)18Blair MacdonaldToday, 09:09
Year Long, Arctic Climate Change Study... How 'Green'? (Climate debate in general)1HarveyH55Today, 03:46
Half (Climate debate in general)61Into the NightToday, 02:41
How accurate are the proxies? (Climate debate in general)10Into the NightToday, 01:57
The only straw the Church of AGW can grasp is Venus (Climate debate in general)47Into the NightToday, 01:55
New and 1st thoughts and questions (Climate debate in general)77tmiddlesYesterday, 23:45
Earth surface temperature measurements (Climate debate in general)67Into the NightYesterday, 23:12
21 Reasons To Be Skeptical of Man-Made Climate Change (Climate debate in general)7IBdaMannYesterday, 21:46
Amazon, The End Is Near... (Climate debate in general)9keepitYesterday, 21:36
Jellyfish Blooms! Another Climate Change Catastrophe... (Climate debate in general)4HarveyH55Yesterday, 20:49
Fake Meat? (Climate debate in general)0HarveyH55Yesterday, 20:30
The only straw the Church of AGW can grasp is Venus and Mercury (Climate debate in general)4Tai Hai Chen18-09-2019
There is no evidence water vapor makes things hotter (Climate debate in general)0Tai Hai Chen18-09-2019
ThreadRepliesLast Post
Tides is the result of the rotation of the Earth and whirlpools. (Science)28Yusup0519-09-2019
The SETI Hoax (Science)14IBdaMann22-08-2019
What would Carnac the Magnificent say? (Fun)6RenaissanceMan22-08-2019
Crown Capital Management Environmental Reviews 16 Things That ... (Science)5RenaissanceMan09-08-2019
16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment (Science)1RenaissanceMan08-08-2019
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