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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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@ Harvey55462Today, 08:42
One divided by zero equals one. Not zero or undefined605Today, 05:56
Understanding the Role of a Psychiatrist in Brooklyn, with a Focus on Williamsburg12010Today, 05:50
Math Help32734Today, 02:35
Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion - (Side: 1 2 ... 22)23795866Yesterday, 17:11
Teacher who voted for Biden knocks out student's teeth at basketball game230Yesterday, 13:21
Atmospheric Chemistry and Astrophysics - (Side: 1 2)80676Yesterday, 05:16
Magic or Science897Yesterday, 00:29
Geoengineering to Neutralize Ocean Acidification - (Side: 1 2 ... 9)954332305-12-2023
What a "REAL" American Brings to the Table69305-12-2023
We mourn the passing of climate debate.com2101504-12-2023
Tell your old college professors to check out for biogeochemistry - (Side: 1 2 ... 8)761630704-12-2023
None Of You Know The Real Intend, Purpose Of Climate Change Issue On The Media125704-12-2023
86 year old Jane Fonda will only date men in their 20's. Whew I'm safe58204-12-2023
Top Entities Only Want To Steal New Ideas Solutions, Do Not Want To Buy It74203-12-2023
People Do Not Care About Climate Change Environment If They Still Have Money Economy Issue131503-12-2023
Fossil Fuel Substitution for reduced emission of CO2, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium.. - (Side: 1 2 ... 10)989139201-12-2023
Restoring Alkalinity to the Ocean - (Side: 1 2 ... 11)1317840101-12-2023
'Greenhouse' Effect? - (Side: 1 2)5724930-11-2023
Troll Songs and Quote identification contest - (Side: 1 2)8885530-11-2023
Charlie Munger88130-11-2023
My Relationship with the Christian Church and Alan Bauldree (aka Swan) - (Side: 1 2)9047727-11-2023
Definition of a Troll - (Side: 1 2)17425627-11-2023
Navy sub hunter with all female crew. P-8 crashes after missing the runway as pilots twirl their hair84026-11-2023
Science and Atmospheric Chemistry174625-11-2023
What if? - (Side: 1 2)8797324-11-2023
It is not if, but when will North become South and the Geese will fly the wrong way - (Side: 1 2)11087824-11-2023
A Happy Thanksgiving to all, what is on your menu for tomorrow136323-11-2023
Worsening warming is hurting people in all regions, US climate assessment shows4462923-11-2023
The government now wants everyone to ALWAYYS use their real name when using the net3092018-11-2023
Well space x blew up another starship, currently batting 0.0/nada/nothing/zero/zilch125018-11-2023
The new President elect of Haagen Dazs, demonstrating an ice cream filled donut129017-11-2023
U.N. Resolution 1816313317-11-2023
People who prefer to write anonymously139016-11-2023
Pro-Palestinian protester arrested in death of Jewish man Paul Kessler. Told you so.131016-11-2023
Deadline Pass Without Money, The United States USD Is Officially Gone Now !164214-11-2023
Who can tell me what the FBI does?159014-11-2023
economics - (Side: 1 2)7525814-11-2023
FYI, Mental Health148014-11-2023
The Complexity of Climate Change - (Side: 1 2 3 4)962413214-11-2023
I The Savior Do Have A Perfect Strategy To Help All National Government Solve Their Financial Issue172213-11-2023
Palestinians are now murdering Jews in the USA. FBI does nothing as usual, lock and load241412-11-2023
IbdaMann physics mistake - (Side: 1 2)6614311-11-2023
New Posters beware! - (Side: 1 2 ... 10)3096138307-11-2023
Proof That Too Much CO2 Is An Existential Threat - (Side: 1 2 ... 9)684532607-11-2023
Time to Ban Swan? - (Side: 1 2)7254507-11-2023
Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Agroecosystems - (Side: 1 2 ... 21)2187080906-11-2023
The SCIENCE of the "Greenhouse Effect" - (Side: 1 2 ... 8)1988629105-11-2023
July 4, 2023 - Hottest day ever recorded - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)396419405-11-2023
TED - (Side: 1 2)8595805-11-2023
Offshore wind projects face economic storm. Cancellations jeopardize Biden clean energy goals258705-11-2023
What If?10892505-11-2023
LSD and magic mushrooms now recommended to cure climate change200005-11-2023
Judge denied immunity, going to prison, which will mean death by beating or stabbing211003-11-2023
Election fraud proven and the election was overturned, the FBI will not investigate214003-11-2023
PARTICLE ACCELERATOR... ON A CHIP - (Side: 1 2)6044203-11-2023
Only The Old Religions Can Save This Civilization From Total Collapse Destruction221003-11-2023
Gravitational Attraction259503-11-2023 awaits 100th new member since my first post759901-11-2023
Atmospheric Chemistry309701-11-2023
Jimmy Hoffa's body may be located which will mean the end of World Hunger and climate change both223001-11-2023
Gov Phil Murphy spent 12,000 taxpayer dollars to see a Taylor Swift concert233031-10-2023
fusion - (Side: 1 2 3)16568230-10-2023
Conservation of Angular Momentum273129-10-2023
Just one simple question30183925-10-2023
Wrote this ethics essay on factory farming, looking for feedback.6253424-10-2023
If Only Perpetual Motion Was Possible 361424-10-2023
James Webb5731820-10-2023
My Experiment - A Refresher - (Side: 1 2)8894218-10-2023
Book your bargain rate Israeli Tel Aviv or Jerusalem vacation now, free 4th of July style fireworks inclu388118-10-2023
Refrigeration chemicals are a nightmare for the climate431314-10-2023
Some can take the heat, and467214-10-2023
Greenwashing laws5271012-10-2023
Greenwashing laws453110-10-2023
Quantum entanglement visualized for the first time ever6911407-10-2023
upper atmosphere temp - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)352621207-10-2023
Breaking News. Liberal turd Dianne Feinstein croaked and as such I will mourn in my506030-09-2023
A personal experience for climate change deniers - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)639823029-09-2023
The food network is now featuring Chinese whole shrimp recipes complete with shrimp shit537025-09-2023
Global warming and the answer .3295122-09-2023
Well it sure is quiet in here, I guess none of you with the top secret clearances are allowed659722-09-2023
The number one cause of climate change that the idiots in the government can't seem to see576020-09-2023
100 mill619120-09-2023
Why was the transponder on the missing F35 not working? LOL because570019-09-2023
Free window estimates? How exactly would anyone give me a window estimate563019-09-2023
Breaking News- Please call 843-963-3600, if you have seen our crashed F35 Lego jet620219-09-2023
The junk F35 has been grounded, and one may be on the way to China or Russia564018-09-2023
LOL did you find the missing 80 million dollar jet yet? Or was it transported to the mother ship575018-09-2023
Official F35 theme song. Another one bites the dust547018-09-2023
Deep state RFKjr assassination plot thwarted, for now.602017-09-2023
The Lake Mead water level is still rising in August, when it is ALWAYS falling. So snow melt is not the - (Side: 1 2 3 4)344015516-09-2023
fox news8753516-09-2023
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