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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Interesting news about Donald Trump (The Don officially to 80 million of us) anyway Trump is632415-08-2022
The real purpose of the raid on Trump is so that the FBI can arrest every person in a Trump hat or shirt588014-08-2022
The Inflation Reduction Act6841014-08-2022
My New Digital Currency System Will Destroy The USD, Euro & Make World Peace579014-08-2022
The New Global Digital Currency That Will Shock The Whole World565014-08-2022
Everybody, Any Entity Can Create New Money Currency, It Is About How To Persuade The Users599113-08-2022
The Next Big Money Evolution Will Be Printing International Money Via Human Intelligence559013-08-2022
CO2 Is Helping the Ozone Layer to Recover590113-08-2022
Elmer Fudd aka Richard Hayden is calling for Trumps execution, because Trump knows how JFK was murdered564012-08-2022
The New International Personal Passport Will Be The Key For Society Evolution559012-08-2022
Merrick Garland is honored to work alongside the communist Gestapo FBI573012-08-2022
It Is Perfect Safe To Begin Make Some Big Changes In The World Financial System565011-08-2022
Breaking news... FBI agents were filmed by Trump's hidden cameras sniffing Melania's panties988010-08-2022
The FBI and the demokraps are all TERRIFIED of Trump, and why not as Trump knows who killed JFK6201010-08-2022
Tip for the FBI, urgent please read carefully.557010-08-2022
New Bank Type In Banking System To Give Power Back To The People531010-08-2022
Many Big Ideas For Global Currencies Using Rules In The Current World Financial System522010-08-2022
The dream came true512010-08-2022
Trump's Mar A Lago being raided by the FBI because Trump said a bad word, about Bill Cliton531009-08-2022
Why is the F35 being built in Nagoya Japan by Nips? who are still attacking the US military8763903-08-2022
I call this a really really sexy video529002-08-2022
LOL the FBI is still looking for Hoffa as they let tons of Fentanyl into the USA every single day540030-07-2022
Make Natural Resource Currency Great Again548130-07-2022
Funny how none of the geniuses here care about climate change anymore8303230-07-2022
How The New Global World Economic Financial System Will Be530130-07-2022
New International Asset Currency vs Domestic Local Currency Will End Global Conflict515030-07-2022
$50,000 Reward For Information Leading to Convictions in Arizona Voting Conspiracy558127-07-2022
Retarded mom wakes up and stops posting vids of her little girl online567127-07-2022
LOL the US Army just bought a new GM all electric Hummer for military use8773225-07-2022
Intelligence Committee members warn US of bioweapons targeting DNA of individual Americans540024-07-2022
Now Fauci says that covid was created in the lab at Wuhan582024-07-2022
Elon Musk going full retard562024-07-2022
Deborah Birx, White House covid coordinator finally ADMITS THAT THERE ARE NO COVID VACCINES THAT WORK636623-07-2022
Biden white house selling oil to chinka while Americans suffer the highest gas prices ever549023-07-2022
Where have I been....from GretaGroupie673823-07-2022
How many FBI agents does it take to stand around the gym, pretending to work out or text their Mom600121-07-2022
"... take care of it." -Genesis 2:15. - (Side: 1 2 ... 8)452728521-07-2022
Reps. Omar, Adams arrested during abortion protest near Supreme Court549120-07-2022
Retired Supreme court justice Stephen Breyer going back to work at Harvard573519-07-2022
Fake web page where fake hacker pretends to hack hackers542014-07-2022
Breaking news. Jill Xiden just said that Hispanics are as unique as tacos548012-07-2022
Fully FBI and NSA approved commentary577111-07-2022
Buzzwords and fake numbers - (Side: 1 2)14016210-07-2022
Wild video shows NYC bodega worker stabbing looser to death571309-07-2022
Dumbass dyke pleads guilty to drug smuggling in Moscow520108-07-2022
Greta Thunburg 2.0 speaks about climate genderology545207-07-2022
Dr. Fauci tests positive for COVID-19, despite having 4 vaccines for covid - (Side: 1 2)14486307-07-2022
Strange thing happened on my way to work...591303-07-2022
Supreme Court once again supports the Constitution603603-07-2022
Proof That Too Much CO2 Is An Existential Threat - (Side: 1 2 ... 7)450127201-07-2022
The Great Flood: The Sequel7992730-06-2022
Climate Reuse - (Side: 1 2 3)556511022-06-2022
But Global Warming is Good for Us, isn't it? - (Side: 1 2)36825922-06-2022
Pizzly Bears - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)286518321-06-2022
Joe Biden falls off his bike because standing was too hard for his brain6311620-06-2022
Geneticaly modifying plants and trees for carbon capture?625411-06-2022
Introducing The New Currency Type "Security Protection"531008-06-2022
Pizza Hut facing boycott calls after promoting 'drag kids' book for kindergartners6591508-06-2022
Canadian Freedom Convoy - (Side: 1 2)16324707-06-2022
Priorities - (Side: 1 2)19754307-06-2022
Co2 ice samples6991102-06-2022
Principal and teacher drag autistic student thru hall7833202-06-2022
Low temperature breaks record set over 100 years ago, proving climate change is real7752801-06-2022
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul arrested in California, charged with DUI509130-05-2022
Electric bus fire...........LOL549328-05-2022
Tell your old college professors to check out for biogeochemistry - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)408623427-05-2022
5 Covid 19 vaccinated children dead of liver disease - (Side: 1 2 3)17759127-05-2022
Plastic Blood11273323-05-2022
The rider on "a black horse." -Revelation 6:5.7261421-05-2022
Torque curves - (Side: 1 2)9864321-05-2022
Biogeosocialists... - (Side: 1 2 3)198110318-05-2022
Evolutionary Biology and the Endosymbiotic Theory of Consciousness. - (Side: 1 2 3)16348918-05-2022
Basic dogma - (Side: 1 2)12326716-05-2022
What is Biogeochemistry? - (Side: 1 2)14725716-05-2022
Biogeochemistry Debunked9972016-05-2022
Understanding the Mind of the Enemy - (Side: 1 2)14044015-05-2022
Rush Limbaugh cited one of my discoveries on his show - (Side: 1 2)17856514-05-2022
A simple question about "climate change"...6111513-05-2022
Those vaccinated with Moderna covid vaccine getting more infections - (Side: 1 2)10425213-05-2022
"Trump won in a landslide" - A Falsifiable Hypothesis7622613-05-2022
Grand Unified Theory15343212-05-2022
La ciencia del medio ambiente - Informacion, preguntas, y respuestas en espanol.524612-05-2022
Nitrate Reduction - Powerful Greenhouse Gas Emission AND Alkalinity - (Side: 1 2 3)20758812-05-2022
Google Scholar so you can do your own homework - (Side: 1 2)15225911-05-2022
Newcomer Welcome! from "sealover", PhD biogeochemist - (Side: 1 2)15724911-05-2022
Catering to tmiddles13352411-05-2022
reminder of the rules - (Side: 1 2 3)365710808-05-2022
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - (Side: 1 2)10004206-05-2022
The Fastest Method To Eliminate The Corona Virus COVID Is Crying Screaming Out Loud1219906-05-2022
Gamma-Spec this, bitch...517404-05-2022
Is math that important? (for believers only, pleeease!) - (Side: 1 2 3 4)246813004-05-2022
Where's the May 1st Mayhem?6602104-05-2022
Climate Change - Vicious Feedbacks and Worst-Case Scenarios - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)360318603-05-2022
Water Vapor And The Climate, Why Carbon Dioxide Is A Very Minor Player611903-05-2022
Is The Moon Toxic? - (Side: 1 2)10826129-04-2022
National Climate Change Is Real Day (sealover please do not read this it is a surprise)649529-04-2022
I The Savior Offering "How To Become God Again" Special Course To All Beings6701129-04-2022
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