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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Canadian Freedom Convoy - (Side: 1 2)17074707-06-2022
Priorities - (Side: 1 2)20524307-06-2022
Co2 ice samples7451102-06-2022
Principal and teacher drag autistic student thru hall8233202-06-2022
Low temperature breaks record set over 100 years ago, proving climate change is real8152801-06-2022
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul arrested in California, charged with DUI546130-05-2022
Electric bus fire...........LOL586328-05-2022
Tell your old college professors to check out for biogeochemistry - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)430023427-05-2022
5 Covid 19 vaccinated children dead of liver disease - (Side: 1 2 3)19099127-05-2022
Plastic Blood11693323-05-2022
The rider on "a black horse." -Revelation 6:5.7721421-05-2022
Torque curves - (Side: 1 2)10574321-05-2022
Biogeosocialists... - (Side: 1 2 3)209410318-05-2022
Evolutionary Biology and the Endosymbiotic Theory of Consciousness. - (Side: 1 2 3)17688918-05-2022
Basic dogma - (Side: 1 2)13396716-05-2022
What is Biogeochemistry? - (Side: 1 2)15545716-05-2022
Biogeochemistry Debunked10412016-05-2022
Understanding the Mind of the Enemy - (Side: 1 2)14754015-05-2022
Rush Limbaugh cited one of my discoveries on his show - (Side: 1 2)18686514-05-2022
A simple question about "climate change"...6581513-05-2022
Those vaccinated with Moderna covid vaccine getting more infections - (Side: 1 2)11145213-05-2022
"Trump won in a landslide" - A Falsifiable Hypothesis8012613-05-2022
Grand Unified Theory15783212-05-2022
La ciencia del medio ambiente - Informacion, preguntas, y respuestas en espanol.564612-05-2022
Nitrate Reduction - Powerful Greenhouse Gas Emission AND Alkalinity - (Side: 1 2 3)21928812-05-2022
Google Scholar so you can do your own homework - (Side: 1 2)15985911-05-2022
Newcomer Welcome! from "sealover", PhD biogeochemist - (Side: 1 2)16444911-05-2022
Catering to tmiddles13702411-05-2022
reminder of the rules - (Side: 1 2 3)377510808-05-2022
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - (Side: 1 2)10854206-05-2022
The Fastest Method To Eliminate The Corona Virus COVID Is Crying Screaming Out Loud1267906-05-2022
Gamma-Spec this, bitch...558404-05-2022
Is math that important? (for believers only, pleeease!) - (Side: 1 2 3 4)261413004-05-2022
Where's the May 1st Mayhem?6982104-05-2022
Climate Change - Vicious Feedbacks and Worst-Case Scenarios - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)379718603-05-2022
Water Vapor And The Climate, Why Carbon Dioxide Is A Very Minor Player651903-05-2022
Is The Moon Toxic? - (Side: 1 2)11666129-04-2022
National Climate Change Is Real Day (sealover please do not read this it is a surprise)688529-04-2022
I The Savior Offering "How To Become God Again" Special Course To All Beings7191129-04-2022
Terraforming: Is it possible? - (Side: 1 2 3)257510029-04-2022
The Savior Messiah Buddha Is Back Again With Some Special Info580328-04-2022
"Global Dimming" - A Brand New "Buzzword"? - (Side: 1 2)13624828-04-2022
Record low temps across America.527227-04-2022
Disagreements with wife led to divorce526126-04-2022
Why I am here - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)277416226-04-2022
What is the most climate friendly way to travel the from Copenhagen to Atlanta?7263726-04-2022
sealover, an actual PhD biogeochemist with relevant knowledge to share.7583025-04-2022
Climate Change - Be careful or you might learn something - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)392117525-04-2022
Ye Bible Troll Speaketh - (Side: 1 2)16064124-04-2022
Forgivable Carbon Sins...562224-04-2022
If You Want To Save Your Family, Your Town, City Please Make Donation & Talk14161223-04-2022
Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Wetlands - (Side: 1 2 3)19828023-04-2022
Crypto investments - (Side: 1 2 ... 10)1132939822-04-2022
Go Fund Me pitch for troll-infested website vermin eradication program manual - (Side: 1 2)15006022-04-2022
Power Generation/Distribution - (Side: 1 2 ... 5)359417822-04-2022
Climate change clown sightings 2022608118-04-2022
Stratospheric Aerosol Injection by Coulombic Hoist560117-04-2022
The Tale of Two Preachers562117-04-2022
Otters are the Superheroes1138516-04-2022
As long as we're talking about scams and climate ...14261716-04-2022
Einstein Was Maybe Slightly Wrong - (Side: 1 2)18784416-04-2022
How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus - Kurt Andersen22272014-04-2022
Carbon losses from soil predicted to enhance climate change - (Side: 1 2)33464612-04-2022
Biogeochemical GRID-LEVEL ENERGY STORAGE - (Side: 1 2)11975311-04-2022
Less children - less climate change636509-04-2022
Arctic sea ice cover8391909-04-2022
Define 'gravity'2144507-04-2022 Global Change Science Think Tank - (Side: 1 2)12754607-04-2022
Racist Sexist Xenophobic AND Erroneous "don'T rump" Pratfalls - (Side: 1 2)54585007-04-2022
Jokers Wild - (Side: 1 2)46675907-04-2022
The Acid Test of Climate Change Mitigation - (Side: 1 2 3 4)250612107-04-2022
New Ice age by 2030 - (Side: 1 2 3 4)258214004-04-2022
Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong594404-04-2022
Arctic ice cover533202-04-2022
New amusement park rule, no fat slobs allowed on the rides6993631-03-2022
"Sustainability" is Utter Nonsense590131-03-2022
Escape route.487531-03-2022
THREAD VERSUS THREAD! A REAL climate debate. - (Side: 1 2 3 4)233912330-03-2022
Day After Tomorrow defies physics20101230-03-2022
California man who kidnapped 26 children, buried them alive is recommended for parole500029-03-2022
BioGeoChemical analysis of manure piles...503129-03-2022
Well Space X aced another controlled landing. Will be using really low IQ astronuts - (Side: 1 2 ... 6)478621125-03-2022
Great news, Putin is destroying everything that Hunter Biden owns625423-03-2022
Safe Friends of "sealover" - Troll-free Library Networking. Join the List.583622-03-2022
Because global warming from emissions is real... - (Side: 1 2 3 4)519614719-03-2022
I The Savior Return With Some Important Information Knowledge Wisdom580317-03-2022
The Simple Condition For World Peace Is Here562117-03-2022
Global warming is not anthropogenic - (Side: 1 2 ... 26)25802100216-03-2022
All Nations, Entities Have 10 Days Left To Receive Solution From The Savior To End World Conflicts594015-03-2022
The wars will stopped if only they listen and have faith in me the Savior510015-03-2022
I The Savior Messiah Can Present The Perfect Balance New World Economic Financial System570114-03-2022
China, Russia Will Release The Ultimate Communist Policies To Distribute Wealth To The Public532014-03-2022
Understanding The Modern Slave Economic System As Of 2022523013-03-2022
The True Reason Behind The Russia Ukraine War Is The Great Economic Reset System556013-03-2022
This Civilization Is Dying, Collapsing, Vanishing Rapidly507013-03-2022
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