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This One is for Harvey

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22-08-2023 14:13
SwanProfile picture★★★★★
HarveyH55 wrote:
Swan wrote:
HarveyH55 wrote:
Badass looking gun... They'll keep it, just because it looks really cool. So, can you point out that barrel that wears out so quick? There never was a barrel to wear out. The projectile travels down conductive rails. Get it? Railgun, rails... The 'wear' likely has something to do with the rails and projectile trying to weld together.

Wonder how expensive a much small version. Maybe 20-30 yards range. Just enough to shoot the tomatoes in the neighbors garden... Shouldn't make much noise either.

That gun is not real, it is a digital superimposition, and you are a clown.

A normal gun can be fired about 600 times before the barrel has to be refurbished. But the barrel on tested railguns, Clark said, had to be replaced after about 12 to 24 shots were fired

Before, you kept repeating 2-10 shots. Now it's 12-24? Was never a need for a barrel, the rails keep the projectile traveling straight during acceleration. An electromagnetic field is essentially the 'barrel'. The projectile will always follow the path of least resistance, and only one linear path is possible.

2-24 makes no difference because the sailors on the ship will need to fire far more than that to all be trained on the system. That said it is a moot point because there are no rail guns on American ships to be fired because the program was cancelled since the sailors can never be trained and because the system never hit a target, unless the target was 50 feet away in a test. So if the Navy could just get within 50 feet of a target then the gun would be effective.

As said however there are no rail guns to get within 100 miles of the target because for the US Navy at least the program was cancelled

The chinks have a supposed rail gun however, unless it is just another plywood mockup as no one has seen it actually be fired, at least if one gives creedence to the hubbub on the net.

IBdaMann claims that Gold is a molecule, and that the last ice age never happened because I was not there to see it. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that IBdaMann is clearly not using enough LSD.

According to CDC/Government info, people who were vaccinated are now DYING at a higher rate than non-vaccinated people, which exposes the covid vaccines as the poison that they are, this is now fully confirmed by the terrorist CDC

This place is quieter than the FBI commenting on the chink bank account information on Hunter Xiden's laptop



"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat." MOTHER THERESA OF CALCUTTA

So why is helping to hide the murder of an American president patriotic?

Now be honest, was I correct or was I correct? LOL
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