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EV Muscle Cars?

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16-08-2023 07:53
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Swan wrote:
HarveyH55 wrote:
Swan wrote:
IBdaMann wrote:
Swan wrote: LOL the Navy having no railgun is what I'm going to continue to talk about

I see that.

Swan wrote: ... it was a dumb idea, almost as dumb as you trying to get me to discuss the topic in question

I see that.

The U.S. Navy's push to create a $500 million electromagnetic railgun weapon—capable of slinging projectiles at hypersonic speeds—appears to have come to an end. The service is ending funding for the railgun without having sent a single weapon to sea, while pushing technology derived from the program into existing weapons.

Did anyone ever tell you that you are as cute as a button when you pout?

The Navy didn't achieve their dream-weapon, but they did have functioning prototypes. Railguns that would easily kill you.

Your main problem is you miss certain key details in everything you read and type. Then you are stuck, trying to hide your failing, and still try to maintain an illusion. You always fall short, or just on your face.

In other words I have now educated you that the Navy has no railguns as you claimed earlier. Knew that you would see it my way as all do in time, not that this makes very many happy.

If you need any further instruction, just let me know

They stop funding it. Doesn't mean abandoned, or they just dumped what they already build in the ocean. The still have everything they built, and can still work on the project. The researchers just aren't going to get any more funding for it.

You do realize that the Navy is much bigger than the boats on the water, right?
16-08-2023 15:00
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
HarveyH55 wrote: You do realize that the Navy is much bigger than the boats on the water, right?

The US Navy has the world's third largest air force, behind the US Air Force and the US Army (owing to its record number of helicopters).

The US Navy has more satellites in orbit than many countries, operates (contracts out to) a large number of commercial satellite networks and is building many more to go up.
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