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Birthdate:28. February 1963
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Location:Central Florida
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Date joined: 9. November 2018, 18:19
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Last 10 posts:
20-02-2024: RE: I have an idea to correct Global Warming. (Climate debate in general)
18-02-2024: RE: The Global Warming Fraud (Climate debate in general)
18-02-2024: RE: Google Scholar so you can do your own homework (Climate debate in general)
11-02-2024: RE: 12V DC motor question (Climate debate in general)
11-02-2024: RE: Actor Jamie Foxx is now blind and paralyzed due to the covid vaccine that he was forced to take (Climate debate in general)
02-02-2024: RE: The USA electricity system - Hourly billing.? (Technology)
30-01-2024: RE: Gravity Has Energy Debate (Climate debate in general)
30-01-2024: RE: Using fossil fuel is mass murder.!? (Climate Policy)
30-01-2024: RE: The USA electricity system - Hourly billing.? (Technology)
28-01-2024: RE: climate (Climate debate in general)
Last 10 threads (started by HarveyH55):
26-11-2023: 'Greenhouse' Effect? (Climate debate in general)
14-11-2023: Worsening warming is hurting people in all regions, US climate assessment shows (Climate debate in general)
04-11-2023: Offshore wind projects face economic storm. Cancellations jeopardize Biden clean energy goals (Climate debate in general)
01-11-2023: PARTICLE ACCELERATOR... ON A CHIP (Climate debate in general)
14-10-2023: Refrigeration chemicals are a nightmare for the climate (Climate debate in general)
11-10-2023: COULD MOON DUST HELP REDUCE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES? (Climate debate in general)
12-09-2023: Halloween Tomatoes (Climate debate in general)
02-09-2023: Climate Intelligence Foundation (Clintel) (Climate debate in general)
31-08-2023: Climate Change Hurricane Idalia (Climate debate in general)
18-08-2023: New York City suggests housing migrants in jail shuttered after Jeffrey Epstein's suicide (Climate debate in general)
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