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I The Messiah Will Release Divine Documents For New Era On Earth In This Conditions

I The Messiah Will Release Divine Documents For New Era On Earth In This Conditions10-07-2023 07:26
I The Messiah Will Release Divine Documents For New Era On Earth In This Conditions
Original Source:
www . ascension joy . com

I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha have made my final decision of how to release the divine document, the sacred solution to end current on going conflicts between nations, thus open new era on Earth in these conditions only:
– It must be released in neutral countries/nations.
– It must be released in both hand written paper and digital format (by myself 100%).
– It must be released in public space where everybody can come to witness without any kind of restrictions. Could be live streaming as well.

That divine document will contain 2 parts: the working solution to end world conflicts between nations and the strategy for personal human evolution.

Both will use old ancient wisdom + modern information to craft new strategy, new vision to end world chaos at both team and individual level.

Those information never be released or shared before but a brand new one.

After many times of attempts without successful, I have realized that only "normal way" and simple explanation with ancient wisdom can truly able to "conquer" all the different level of mindset of all current players in this game of life.

I only want and only going to released those divine document information in neutral countries/nations.
But I am lacking of money, funds to buy new equipment, obtaining travel visa, transportation fees, hotel resort, foods, etc.

And I do not want to make money like normal people for it will takes times and I am not interested in doing it again.

For the jobs and works of what I am doing right now, I would receive financial support from all the big organizations instead.

List of neutral and safe countries/nations in my plan: Singapore, Switzerland, Austria (public affair) and India, Nepal, Maldives (guarded by highest level beings).

It is very costly just to obtain the travel visa to Europe (the Schengen visa) from my current position (most likely I will need minimum $20,000 to 30,000 USD in saving account to get my travel visa approved). Also the travel fees to those neutral nations are not cheap at all.

I need at least minimum 7 days to finish that sacred document.
But I will only write one part in 1 single nation only, thus I will only release that full documents after visiting minimum 2 countries only.

The total days I needed are 30 days including all kind of preparation, rethinking, organize thought, etc.

So let assume $1000 a day fees in a 5 star hotel resort with foods and other expense, so I will need $30,000 USD.

The new equipment cost, the fights cost, etc. in total are needed $10,000 as well.

So overall, I need $70,000 USD/Euro to have my doable working conditions to release those sacred information documents.

While the "releasing/working fees" or the "karma fees" are not including yet because I do not even know what is the correct price for those important documents and how much others willing to pay/give me.

You will gain the hidden spiritual power by just know/read those sacred information for sure.

I can guaranteed that only my sacred documents information can save this world from total collapse of destructive nuclear weapon or nature disaster.

So if you are truly want a new beautiful era on Earth in this civilization, you should send me your support. That's amount of money are next to nothing with all governments or big groups for sure.

If you ask me "why I do not make that money in stead" then my answer is: if I have that money then I do not have desire motivation left to do those sacred works for it is better to stay in the mountain and see the remain stupid players fight till death with each others like what many super gods deities are doing right now.

It is law of karma, it is all about desire motivation.
You do not go into the temple to seek help from super Gods Deities with an empty hands but must come with some kind of offering, that is the way of life.

If I do not receiving the support, donation then there is no reason for me to continue to wait the rest of you anymore.

I will wait for the next couple of days then make my final announcement of farewell (if do not receive any support) or the details of that document releasing (if receive enough donation, assistance).

Feel free to send this message to all beings, groups, entities who truly want to have a better society.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

Original Source:
www . ascension joy . com
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