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The Ukraine War Will End Immediately If The USA Receive The Benefits They Looking For

The Ukraine War Will End Immediately If The USA Receive The Benefits They Looking For15-07-2023 09:03
The Ukraine War Will End Immediately If The USA Receive The Benefits They Looking For
Source: www. ascension joy . com

Without the support for the United States of America (USA), you do not have stupid COVID pandemic and the Ukraine Russia war !

That is the fact !

But the question is why the USA have to do that?

Could it be the orders from some high level beings deity for some hidden reason?

Could it be the can have pre-recognition vision about the future somehow ?

Well it all could be theory.

In my opinion, what the USA or the West was and are doing with the COVID pandemic and the Ukraine Russia war is because they running out of ideas to either save themselves or make life more interesting.

It is because instead of support me the real Messiah directly, all they was and are doing is listening to stupid shamans, fortune tellers, idiots beings entities.

What are the goal the USA and the West was, are looking?
The new better fairer global financial system where they can truly control their own destiny.

All other reasons are absolutely bullshit and rubbish !

The new solution new idea of the new world financial system must get approved by not only the referee group but also all other entities, other nations as well.

But guess what?
Other nations will say no to all ideas no matter how good they are unless their "goal" also be solved first !

What other nations?
China, Korea, India, Russia, etc.

And each of that nations have followed their own ancient scripture and have their own way.
Because they are the entities who have the upper hand in the current international financial system with rich natural resources so there is no reason to "obey" or to listen the USA the West.

What are the China, Korea, India, Russia, etc. want?
It is very clear in the media, the new society system, the unification for their people.

That is the complex situation right now with normal humans explanation !

The result will be either world peace or total collapse total destruction.

World peace only come when nations willing to open their ear to listen to me the real Savior Messiah Buddha.
The total collapse will come when I official gone and no longer have any connection with the rest of this civilization.

Stupid people will laugh and won't give me a try.
While the really talent people will moral of real human will listen to me.

That is the truth of current world conflicts.

I will gone soon.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha
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