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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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CO2 and Global Warming Trends250626-02-2019
'Fossil' Fuels...144126-02-2019
It looks like sun spots decrease did cause the most recent little ice age179326-02-2019
Name the most important things on Earth.146226-02-2019
Survey for dissertation. PLEASE deadline end of march.1118326-02-2019
China's clean coal policy does not regulate CO2, because it's not considered a pollutant like in 198325-02-2019
China uses coal for most of its electricity. Should China leave UN if IPCC orders China to165925-02-2019
Will IPCC scientists be dragged in the streets and skinned alive when next little ice age hits?186325-02-2019
Why don't Americans get Chinese to install clean coal on all their coal plants? They got world's 208825-02-2019
Has global warming actually been caused by droughts?187625-02-2019
If Sun will die, Earth will die, all life will die, then why are people so afraid of death by climate cha140125-02-2019
Trump's climate expert is wrong: The world's plants don't need more CO2173025-02-2019
Washington Post: White House plans to assemble group of scientists to re-evaluate climate science conclus138025-02-2019
How can hippies beat CO2? CO2 is power of nature? Man is nothing compared to nature.161224-02-2019
National Geographic considers CO2 as a pollutant (not considered so internationally)209224-02-2019
It is ridiculous to suggest N2 and O2 are not greenhouse gases just because the don't absorb IR212324-02-2019
Is Climate Change More of a Local Problem Than a Global Problem?117024-02-2019
Japan and Russia build coal power plants and White countries can't? How is this fair?152024-02-2019
Since when has science became a computer game?223924-02-2019
When will UN destroy Anglo countries with CO2 so China will dominate?179724-02-2019
Maxime Bernier believes in climate change, but defends argument that CO2 is just 'food for plants'142124-02-2019
Dianne Feinstein's climate change discussion with schoolchildren gets heated131224-02-2019
Reality check: Maxime Bernier says CO2 isn't a pollutant. Climate scientists say he's wrong145024-02-2019
The Last 4,000 Years174724-02-2019
10 ppm O3 in the air absorb 98% of UV, only 2% pass through. So even if CO2 is at 10 ppm temperature149023-02-2019
There hasn't been a big war since 1991 so I guess CO2 is all we hear about until163423-02-2019
Carbon dioxide levels will soar past the 410 ppm milestone in 2019208323-02-2019
Even if they build millions and millions of air CO2 removal factories and rocket CO2149223-02-2019
Climate change may be cause of polar vortex114123-02-2019
from sea levels to well hydrated trees173523-02-2019
What makes you think CO2 vibrates more than O2 and N2 do?152123-02-2019
Can I blame just about anything on climate change these days?128123-02-2019
Climate Change Enters Its Blood-Sucking Phase152123-02-2019
The Real Culprit Behind Trump's Border Emergency? Climate Change156523-02-2019
Why don't they built hundreds of thousands of fusion thrusters like Wandering Earth to stop Earth'141422-02-2019
Will Green New Deal build Wandering Earth project to move Earth away from Sun?215422-02-2019
Is this idea of climate change really Man's need for enemy?166221-02-2019
How much fossil fuel will people have to burn in another little ice age happens?212321-02-2019
Possible thesis subjects157321-02-2019
Is this man telling a lot of truth about our world??? (YouTube Video)162020-02-2019
By 2080, global warming will make New York City feel like Arkansas215320-02-2019
Day After Tomorrow defies physics282718-02-2019
Do you believe UN IPCC makes fake models to bring down Anglos and usher in New World Order?2781318-02-2019
Weather Manipulation238818-02-2019
Pointless forums3642118-02-2019
Anyone explain how does N2 and O2 don't absorb electromagnetic radiation?3242715-02-2019
10 ppm O3 in stratosphere convert 98% of UV into heat, so what makes people think221715-02-2019
Do you think Marxists in America will gain power and rocket CO2 into space189215-02-2019
10 years ago, Marxist Obama declared CO2 was a poison gas in EPA to bankrupt225215-02-2019
Do air CO2 capture factories make more CO2 emission?210215-02-2019
Will UN Marxists must do more to take down Five Eyes and bring on New World Order?164214-02-2019
Do you think UN Marxists will order America to build 250,000 air CO2 catpure factories costing183314-02-2019
Conservative Donald Trump pokes fun at Marxist Amy Klobuchar about global warming247413-02-2019
Amy Kloubuchar uses snow to prove there is climate change. Now that's top level Marxism.200613-02-2019
What's wrong with a big of warming? - (Side: 1 2)6774513-02-2019
How are O2 and N2 not greenhouse gases?2391212-02-2019
So what if CO2 reaches 450 ppm which is CO2e 600 ppm? It's not like sea will rise.201612-02-2019
Where's the rest of ice core?2151412-02-2019
No, CO2 is not more efficient than O2 at retaining heat.2861212-02-2019
Was IPCC set up in 1988 to save mankind from climate change?229810-02-2019
I think those IPCC scientists are Marxist devil worshippers215310-02-2019
We have experimental evidence CO2 does not cause global warming4263209-02-2019
The 'Green' New Deal...183109-02-2019
Earth is naturally warming so what's the fuss about it?198408-02-2019
How is this even true? CO2e is now over 500 ppm this year?211508-02-2019
Save the planet, by not eating meat?227408-02-2019
How can more CO2 inthe air go into ocean?279608-02-2019
NOAA's greenhouse gas forcing is fake?177107-02-2019
Why do people pick on CO2? A vital ingredient for agriculture during an age of massive pop explosion?158107-02-2019
Where did they come up with 450 ppm CO2 = 2 C rise in temperature?196307-02-2019
Carbon Question from mostly ignorant skeptic (me)3953206-02-2019
CO2 begets more CO2232705-02-2019
I believe human beings are part of nature, not against nature as westerners say.168005-02-2019
What caused Pleistocene to start around 2 million years ago which had periodic glacial interglacial perio3583205-02-2019
Free Energy!3453005-02-2019
Did climate change cause lake Michigan to freeze over, or is it just frozen271905-02-2019
CO2 cause global cooling?249605-02-2019
Where are the numbers?3573305-02-2019
The reason I don't believe the hypothesis doubling CO2 increases temp by 1 C is257704-02-2019
Global Cooling, caused by man-made CO2?288931-01-2019
Why the mistrust of the IPCC? - (Side: 1 2)7236231-01-2019
Is Gore's theory CO2 causes warming false?5642731-01-2019
Chinese Government Discovers Novel Way to Combat Climate Change216430-01-2019
The problem with Night's way of arguing2281230-01-2019
Global warming will increases grain production - (Side: 1 2)5674428-01-2019
So is record cold clear evidence of global warming3311427-01-2019
Climate Change of Social Media222326-01-2019
Hold on. O2 and N2 do NOT absorb IR?1315723-01-2019
If all the heat goes into the ocean then why would there be hot summer in any given year?398821-01-2019
CO2 and Some transparency - (Side: 1 2)10846621-01-2019
Prepping for the Carbon Apocalipse...358914-01-2019
10 ppm O3 in atmosphere absorb 98% of UV. So what makes you thin first 10 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere don&#248114-01-2019
Did James Hanson lie for money selling his book?256414-01-2019
Why would an atmosphere made of O2 not trap heat?3431511-01-2019
10 ppm O3 in atomsphere absorb 98% of UV. 10 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere absorb 98% of IR. So why would 220211-01-2019
A very simple but meaningful fact about CO2, without it3191210-01-2019
What would be temperature near surface if there is no ozone layer in stratosphere?220207-01-2019
Where in the World is Global Warming?3531706-01-2019
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