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When there are approximately three chickens on this Earth for every single human (~24B chickens), with similar numbers for cattle and sheep, it's not hard to see how the meat industry has somewhat of an impact on the environment, and correspondingly the climate. If we can over the coming decades remove the need for animals to be grown for the slaughterhouse, we stand to regain many thousands of square kilometers of pasture and farm land, with corresponding cuts in greenhouse gases.

By moving the entire meat industry into fully controlled, sterile factories, this would also essentially eliminate issues with contamination, such as salmonella in chicken meat. It'd alleviate the need for antibiotics and generally result in a safer, more predictable and consistent product, while still being the same meat. Just without the part where an animal is raised from a chick, calf or piglet before its demise in an abattoir.

Long, morbid article at the link. I only pasted a couple paragraphs toward the end.

Don't see why they even bother making crap like this. Why don't they just make a synthetic nutrient solution, with everything humans need to endure a democrat lifestyle. Tofu Turkey, in no way resembles the actual bird. Cultured chicken muscle tissue is going to be bland, and unlikely to resemble the real deal. For most foods, it's the fat and oils that give the meat, the flavor, we savor.

Most things don't scale up well. Might seem like a good idea in the lab, but as a commercial product, it's not going to be even close. A business, will always strive to cut production costs, while increasing volume. They'll reduce the product to the bare essential, but still have marketable product. Manufacturing sterile, and laboratory sterile are two entirely different standards as well.
21-11-2022 23:32
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Of course, since it's not possible to change the climate (there being no value associated that changes), the whole reasoning behind such projects are religious ones (the Church of Global Warming). The 'impact on the environment' is also undefined, again coming from religion (the Church of Green).

It is also just another example showing that the Church of Global Warming stems from the Church of Green.

Farm land doesn't even produce CO2. They consume it. Those plants can't grow without it. Ranches are basically the same. Any animals on the land must eat. That means growing the food for them. That also consumes CO2, and doesn't produce it. A cow will never produce more CO2 from the carbohydrates of plants than the plants consumed to become food for the cow.

Chickens are no different. The CO2 consumed by the plants to grow food for the chicken will always be more or equal to what the chicken itself can produce.

The inside of a chicken (or any animal) is quite sterile. Like us, their internal structure depends on being free of disease or filth.

I used to raise chickens. They produce eggs as well as meat. Processing them is actually pretty easy (we slaughtered and processed our own chickens).

To say that a chicken is 'unclean' is ridiculous.

Running a farm or a ranch is filled with disgusting events. The beans that went sour in the silo. The pumps that failed and whatever they were pumping went septic. The moldy wheat. The jammed equipment. Shit is everywhere on ranches, and even farms with no animals. It is used for fertilizer.

Farmers recycle like crazy. Animals shit. Farmers use the shit to grow more food for themselves and for their animals. Any sour or moldy anything goes to the compost pile, which also becomes fertilizer. Pigs are fed scraps from restaurants and old food from grocery stores. They'll eat anything (except orange peels, for some reason). Even individually wrapped restaurant crackers they have no problem with.

It's just too expensive to waste much on a farm or ranch.

You will never stop twits from creating laboratory synthetics like this, nor the market of twits that are willing to buy it because it's 'better than the original'. Vegetarians are notorious for poor health. They seal their own fate. It's a fundamentalist religion. You'll never change them with reason.

"Strictly speaking, we all live on death...even vegetarians." -- Spock

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