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Clothes, Climate, and Culture

Clothes, Climate, and Culture14-01-2014 18:58
As a sociologist, here are topics that interest me:

- why, how, and where we wear clothes
- clothes and cancer
- clothes and modesty
- clothes and evolution
- clothes and climate change

I am soliciting informed comments on any of these topics, from which hopefully vibrant and useful discussion will follow.

T.L. Hill, PhD
30-05-2014 21:01
Let's just be clear about global warming as we know it today. If we did not have very precise temperature instrumentation, we would not have noticed warming. A Type K thermocouple typically used for temperature measurements in lab experiments have an accuracy of +/1 C. The 20th century warming is on the order of 1 C.

With regard to changes in weather or "climate change" even NASA will not go on record that the data shows this the case.
30-09-2015 13:25
KeiranKProfile picture☆☆☆☆☆
Here are a few of my thoughts ...

I can never decide on the modesty aspect - are we really meant to just be 'natural' or has there always been 'private parts'?

Clothing is a massive conformation construct. I like to be comfortable and I certainly don't get owning an iron.

Cotton is a massive problem for the environment, as are all the made in Asia, disposable fashions that are so popular today. Mend and make do, reuse, recycle!

There have been links to restrictive bra wearing and breast cancer.

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