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Trump's Mar A Lago being raided by the FBI because Trump said a bad word, about Bill Cliton

Trump's Mar A Lago being raided by the FBI because Trump said a bad word, about Bill Cliton09-08-2022 02:51
SwanProfile picture★★★★★
Did you farts know that part? Is that in the file or was it omitted, like the rest of the truth. Feel free to shoot yourself in the foot, again.

Yet no one in the communist FBI will even look at the chinese bank account info on Hunter Xiden's laptop.

That said Trumps reelection bid just got a lot stronger as even CNN is badmouthing Joe Xiden

LOL I fully expect the slobs in the FBI to find child porn that they sacrificed from their private collections.

And in other news another 25 tons of Fentanyl entered the USA today thru Mexico with Joe Xiden's blessing

Uganda under Idi Amin was more democratic than the USA is at this moment, and the GOP is now the equivalent of Jews in Nazi Germany to the Gestapo FBI.

IBdaMann claims that Gold is a molecule, and that the last ice age never happened because I was not there to see it. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that IBdaMann is clearly not using enough LSD.

According to CDC/Government info, people who were vaccinated are now DYING at a higher rate than non-vaccinated people, which exposes the covid vaccines as the poison that they are, this is now fully confirmed by the terrorist CDC

This place is quieter than the FBI commenting on the chink bank account information on Hunter Xiden's laptop



"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat." MOTHER THERESA OF CALCUTTA

So why is helping to hide the murder of an American president patriotic?

It's time to dig up Joseph Mccarthey and show him TikTok, then duck.

Now be honest, was I correct or was I correct? LOL
Edited on 09-08-2022 03:32
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