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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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BirthStrikers: meet the women who refuse to have children until climate change ends307113-03-2019
Where Have All The Wingnuts Gone?3811813-03-2019
Natural Climate Variation4251113-03-2019
Why Americans Might Never Notice Climate Change's Hotter Weather4822212-03-2019
Climate Change FORUMS?343112-03-2019
Pelham gets funding to hire climate change co-ordinator271412-03-2019
It's 2050 And This Is How We Stopped Climate Change349612-03-2019
Climate change Survey335212-03-2019
Climate Change Will Increase Violent Turbulence On Airline Flights274212-03-2019
Climate change will make a walk in the woods a much rarer pleasure264312-03-2019
Why CNN posts climate change articles every day, Fox News never do?285112-03-2019
UPDATE: Climate change protester arrested during Charlottetown city council meeting321212-03-2019
There is no scientific basis doubling CO2 concentration increases temperature.380312-03-2019
Climate change: Rain melting Greenland ice sheet 'even in winter'4091011-03-2019
Amsterdam's First National Climate Change March Draws 40,000 People330111-03-2019
Greta Thunberg, schoolgirl climate change warrior: 'Some people can let things go. I can't'380111-03-2019
3D printing, is PLA carbon neutral?4261311-03-2019
global warming - Trojan horse #29162410-03-2019
Explaining climate change: The new role of the TV weathercaster366810-03-2019
School lessons increasingly a target for climate skeptics412810-03-2019
'Emergency' is the right word for climate change, Kingston prof says340209-03-2019
411.66 PPM: Scientists Alarmed by Early Rise in Atmospheric CO2340209-03-2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Could Cost $93 Trillion, Group Says401309-03-2019
Green New Deal Sure Smells Like Agenda 2030406308-03-2019
Arnold Schwarzenegger Planning To Sue Oil Companies To Force Climate Policies352108-03-2019
Scientists Blast Proposals by Climate Change Doubters Targeting School Lessons333508-03-2019
Arctic could be ice-free in the summer from as early as 2030: study387908-03-2019
Mass Sacrifice Of Children And Llamas In Ancient Peru Reflects Trauma Over Climate Change326107-03-2019
Meet the women deciding not to have kids because of climate change299107-03-2019
Why did the West burn fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow during Cold War?366606-03-2019
How climate change is fueling extremism428106-03-2019
High CO2 levels can destabilize marine layer clouds372106-03-2019
Confirmed: 2018 Was the Fourth-Hottest Year on Record347106-03-2019
The hotter the classroom, the lower the test scores, research finds397106-03-2019
Students who strike for climate change will be marked as truants, principals say347106-03-2019
Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says385106-03-2019
Is climate change fear caused by drugs like marijuana?330106-03-2019
The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy332106-03-2019
Wildfires, Flooding and Droughts Could Make Climate Change an Issue in 2020. Some Are Pushing for It to B357106-03-2019
Potential Effects of Broadcast Induced REP on Climate Change - (Side: 1 2 ... 8)683529906-03-2019
The IPPC climate report and what I personally think of it! - (Side: 1 2 3)22458106-03-2019
Heatwaves sweeping oceans 'like wildfires', scientists reveal364205-03-2019
US faces fresh water shortages due to climate change, research says327405-03-2019
Creating coal from CO2 - undoing fossil fuel burning to save the climate400505-03-2019
The climate change lawsuit that could stop the U.S. government from supporting fossil fuels381505-03-2019
Record break high temperatures for February, in Central Florida!385705-03-2019
If U.S. Emissions Rose In 2018 Despite Clean Energy Growth, How Can We Meet Climate Goals?372405-03-2019
When did carbon dioxide appear in the headlines?323505-03-2019
The Head Honcho on Trump's New Climate Change Panel Compared Carbon Dioxide to Jewish People317305-03-2019
The women too scared of climate change to have children324204-03-2019
Why don't Canada stop making steel and cars like Austrlia did in 2017 if they are so concerned about 325004-03-2019
GOLDSTEIN: How Canada is 'faking it' on climate change301004-03-2019
China takes advantage of climate change to take over the world.313504-03-2019
Crabs are now eating methane-filled bacteria. This shows they're adapting to climate change, scientis317304-03-2019
We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN325304-03-2019
Human Poop Reveals That Climate Change Caused The Fall Of Cahokia, A Medieval Native American City6111304-03-2019
The 'grandfather' of climate science leaves a final warning for Earth382304-03-2019
Trump's UN nominee Kelly Craft says she believes 'both sides' of climate change science6181503-03-2019
10 ppm O3 absorb 98% of UV, so why wouldn't 10 ppm CO2 absorb 98% of whatever IR CO2 absorbs?367103-03-2019
'Little Ice Age' caused by death of 55-million Indigenous people after colonization: study349103-03-2019
Climate change: Angela Merkel welcomes school strikes333103-03-2019
Thousands of German students walk out of school to protest climate change303103-03-2019
Is it climate change or global warming? How science and a secret memo shaped the answer372103-03-2019
climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order'642203-03-2019
The 700 Club351302-03-2019
Earth's fish are disappearing because of climate change, study says306302-03-2019
Russian Arctic town overrun by polar bears, climate change blamed357628-02-2019
Scientists Just Pulled CO2 From Air And Turned It Into Coal409428-02-2019
Republicans force climate-related hearing to adjourn after only 2 Democrats show up320228-02-2019
99.9999 percent chance we're the cause of global warming, study says306128-02-2019
Canada not among top countries cutting CO2 emissions384127-02-2019
Planting 1.2 Trillion Trees Could Cancel Out a Decade of CO2 Emissions, Scientists Find319127-02-2019
High carbon dioxide could suppress cooling clouds, climate change model warns379127-02-2019
Koppen Flaws/Mistakes?388327-02-2019
Why don't one of the climate scientists commit suicide to make a point?368127-02-2019
Crabs are now eating methane-filled bacteria. This shows they're adapting to climate change, scientis329026-02-2019
If you believe more CO2 causes global warming, why not?322326-02-2019
Dozens of Youth Activists Arrested After Green New Deal Protest in Mitch McConnell's Office330226-02-2019
Evidence of human role in global warming hits strongest statistical benchmark: study372126-02-2019
They said 2000 was the end of the world, then 2012 was the end of the world. Now 2100 is end of the world7793026-02-2019
Record Australian heat shows soaring cost of climate change371126-02-2019
Climate change: CO2 emissions fall in 18 countries with strong policies, study finds372126-02-2019
Humans are frogs in hot water of climate change, research says330126-02-2019
Bernie Sanders says climate change is an 'existential crisis'338126-02-2019
non Anglo countries like China, India, Japan, Germany, Russia don't use much solar and wind so337026-02-2019
CO2 and Global Warming Trends552626-02-2019
'Fossil' Fuels...335126-02-2019
It looks like sun spots decrease did cause the most recent little ice age384326-02-2019
Name the most important things on Earth.330226-02-2019
Survey for dissertation. PLEASE deadline end of march.1307326-02-2019
China's clean coal policy does not regulate CO2, because it's not considered a pollutant like in 412325-02-2019
China uses coal for most of its electricity. Should China leave UN if IPCC orders China to380925-02-2019
Will IPCC scientists be dragged in the streets and skinned alive when next little ice age hits?358325-02-2019
Why don't Americans get Chinese to install clean coal on all their coal plants? They got world's 397825-02-2019
Has global warming actually been caused by droughts?458625-02-2019
If Sun will die, Earth will die, all life will die, then why are people so afraid of death by climate cha351125-02-2019
Trump's climate expert is wrong: The world's plants don't need more CO2392025-02-2019
Washington Post: White House plans to assemble group of scientists to re-evaluate climate science conclus343025-02-2019
How can hippies beat CO2? CO2 is power of nature? Man is nothing compared to nature.383224-02-2019
National Geographic considers CO2 as a pollutant (not considered so internationally)431224-02-2019
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