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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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The Savior Messiah Buddha Final Words About The Virus Pandemic898126-06-2021
Many National Governments Going To Collapse For Deceiving People About The COVID Despite Of Receiving War1066625-06-2021
USA - Attack on Capitalism - Attack on Corporations793225-06-2021
The Epic Way To End The NCOV Pandemic is Educate Reveal Full Virus Working Mechanism To The People935224-06-2021
The Real Proof Why Corona Virus COVID Is A Scam Event To Enslave People863124-06-2021
winter solstice9961523-06-2021
The Great Economy Money Reset Will Kick Off With Various Numeral Systems Return Back To The Land10061522-06-2021
Mandatory vaccination - (Side: 1 2 3)35028422-06-2021
Many Sports Becoming Commercial Business Money Industry Instead Of Real Spirit Fighting Battle921220-06-2021
Virus Is Good For Life But Stupid Uneducated People Make It Look Bad924119-06-2021
CO2 sensor10871219-06-2021
The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings920519-06-2021
IT'S A TRAP!!838419-06-2021
The Corona Virus NCOV COVID Made By Super Deities, Religion Gods Like For Few Reasons942518-06-2021
All Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies Groups Will Never Able To Find The Savior Messiah Buddha Unle809018-06-2021
Words, Languages Is The Highest Level Connection Between People & The Only Tool Help You To Understan788218-06-2021
Physical Meeting Directly With Me The Savior Messiah Buddha Final Offer698118-06-2021
If CO2 Is The True Cause Of Climate Change So Why Ancient Lost Civilizations With Zero CO2 Collapsed ?!791117-06-2021
Drought problem9572117-06-2021
All Intelligence Services, Secret Societies Groups Better Disband Because They Are Too Stupid705017-06-2021
Why are we fighting clomate change, rather than preparing for changes?823217-06-2021
And We Might Be Seeing More738114-06-2021
EU expansion and other things1404514-06-2021
Driver's Education719014-06-2021
The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation918713-06-2021
Thwaites glacier9522112-06-2021 Will Be Closed On July 1st 2021 & I Messiah Buddha Will Disconnect With Your World 861712-06-2021
The Day After Tomorrow9532010-06-2021
The Corona Virus NCOV Event Only End After The Public Receive 2 Satisfy Answer Of The Origin & The Cu887409-06-2021
Want To Eliminate Corona Virus COVID, You Just Need Turn Off All Technology Devices !811308-06-2021
I am back805207-06-2021
The Reasons You Must Stay Away From All The Corrupt Governments Groups & Use Your Own Mindset777007-06-2021
The Difference Between Me The Savior Messiah Buddha vs Those Religions Gods Beings726106-06-2021
All Beings Entities Who Are Behind The Pandemic COVID Has Moral Below Animals & Deserved To Be Dead V9061604-06-2021
Little Rico?8471504-06-2021
Droughts Continue in the West14693601-06-2021
Polar vortex regains it's shape and position over the Arctic Video!!!828501-06-2021
Education system future. - (Side: 1 2)21245029-05-2021
We Need to Panic734428-05-2021
The Final Best Answer Solution For Both Climate Change & Corona Virus COVID Is Moringa Tree10111426-05-2021
Polar vortex pattern suggest we could have a repeat of the 2010 wildfires and drought in Russia! VIDEO!!!10241414-05-2021
Climate change by how we use the sun?1131809-05-2021
Basic Physics1124509-05-2021
FATAL FLAWS11751602-05-2021
solar power - (Side: 1 2)19794102-05-2021
God Exists! Security video proves it...11841801-05-2021
alpine skiing1040730-04-2021
Is warming caused by increased spectrum usage.12771829-04-2021
US Water Shortaages13262628-04-2021
Blocking out the Sun, to reduce global warming...1119427-04-2021
John Kerry is a GENIUS!!!!!!!1098624-04-2021
Does anyone know what powers a Chinese electric car?1214122-04-2021
Ideation on Entropy, Life, Civilization, and Fractals1163622-04-2021
Climate overview: erratic polar vortex - cold anomalies over the US and Europe video!!!989122-04-2021
Fossil fuels - (Side: 1 2 3 4)411314919-04-2021
golly wolly polywoggles - (Side: 1 2)17485917-04-2021
SkS booted me Again11752815-04-2021
Cindy McCain - Republican or Democrat974314-04-2021
Mystery flower1111711-04-2021
I need help! (No, I'm not crazy, much...)983210-04-2021
Dr. Tobin,13292709-04-2021
Liberal "Logic" re: Solar Energy1059509-04-2021
I should have listened to lefties about covid..........984909-04-2021
Tree rings897409-04-2021
UAH - The University of Alabama in Huntsville949408-04-2021
suez canal1016405-04-2021
The new USA11731704-04-2021
proximate cause - (Side: 1 2)17826504-04-2021
Possible fake news11111004-04-2021
Dentists and covid - (Side: 1 2 3)42639703-04-2021
Church of the Mask -- "Magick Mask Argument" - (Side: 1 2 3)37269402-04-2021
The Root Problem Of Life Chaos, Suffering Is Because People Do Not Fully Understand, Control Environment 1177201-04-2021
Why you'll never meet a white supremacist who cares about climate change24111531-03-2021
Deadly Glaciers11121431-03-2021
Florida Climate Change, video evidence.11491229-03-2021
The truth about how climate change is changing golf1009028-03-2021
An Example of Negative Work1147828-03-2021
universe - (Side: 1 2 3 4)353914828-03-2021
The Global Chaos Cannot Bring Any Divine Beings To Help You Guys1053028-03-2021
Black Holes Might Not Be Black Holes16073924-03-2021
Wow! - (Side: 1 2 3 4)320013024-03-2021
perseverence - (Side: 1 2)18934123-03-2021
Johann Bessler1249823-03-2021
Today's Yahoo Headlines - (Side: 1 2)20926023-03-2021
Free photo editing software, Windows or Android - (Side: 1 2 3)27808822-03-2021
Big Nations Must Allow Local States Big Cities To Issue It Own New Local Currency Money1025118-03-2021
Let's Talk Polar Bears1001318-03-2021
Climate Change Made Corona Virus COVID Because People Understand Wrong About Environment System1198116-03-2021
Marvelous Marvin Hagler the boxer is dead......after vaccine injection976014-03-2021
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