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Tropical Depression Floyd...

Tropical Depression Floyd...14-08-2021 03:29
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Is this something new, naming tropical depressions? Pretty sure that when I moved to Florida several decades ago, only hurricanes were named storms. It was a long time ago, and I was new to the 'killer-storm' lifestyle. Tropical storms could have also been named, since they generally did develop into hurricanes. I don't remember tropical depressions being named last year. But might account for running through the name list, and Greek alphabet kind of quick.

Seems more like nature isn't cooperating with the climate change agenda, and they aren't getting the more frequent hurricanes promised. Maybe naming every thunderstorm, or afternoon shower will work just as well for them. Most people don't have to deal with hurricanes, and will never know the difference.

It does matter to those of us, who really need to know when an actual hurricane is coming. Being prepared, is key to survival. Naming, and hyping every thunderstorm, is either fear mongering, or people are going to get lazy, and ignore the real threats. Mostly, it's not so much the storm that worries me, it's the scared, panicked people, clearing store shelves, in preparing for an apocalyptic event, that won't actually happen. Even if it's worse-case, they won't be able to take half the crap they buy with them, if evacuation is needed. Even the hardest hit areas, have access to food and water, within 2-3 days...
14-08-2021 05:29
Australia is having fewer and less severe Cyclones as well.The end result is the Great Barrier Reef has been thriving and expanding
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