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An Example Of A Real Buddha Power Through A Strategy That Help The USA Clear Debt Within 24 Hours

An Example Of A Real Buddha Power Through A Strategy That Help The USA Clear Debt Within 24 Hours15-09-2021 20:32
An Example Of A Real Buddha Power Through A Strategy That Help The USA Clear Debt Within 24 Hours
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If you wonder how powerful a real Buddha who have obtain the nirvana state of life is, then I will give a clear example through a some special policies/strategies that will help the United States of America easily clear their debt within 24 hours.

First, I do not really care about the groups holding major gold/silver of the game or who behind the current financial system and their believe about life.

Secondly, I will act as an US President who calling the shot for major policies, plans and strategy to help America remove the trade deficit, debt and truly improve people life in US land, the time line is now, in the year of 2020s (more specific is September 2021).

Analyze the current situation
– Advantage: USA have only the big land and an immigrated nation status.
– Disadvantage: do not holding gold or any natural resources (major source of the current economy), example is many technology devices now require special rare chemicals and metals.
– The majority of the budget is coming from 2 programs: Health Care and Social Security.
Once you can some how clear and remove those 2 programs, the mission impossible is done !

If you treat the United States of America as an corporation, then the problem of that company is they do not have new product to collect new income but keep increase their spending. All what they are doing now is waiting to receive loans from others. You can say they are still using old mindset of living.

Policy 1: Open new states with special rules of living
– Open few small states for each specific group of people such as East Asia, West Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latino.

– Only the constitutions is kept, all other rules from any presidents are forbidden unless the majority of people accept (at least 50%). The new government will make new rules/policies if they want but must receive at least 50% voting from the public.

– Allow the people in that states using duo currencies: US Dollar and their origin home like CNY, VND, JPY, Rupee, etc. Depend on each state and each specific zone.

– Selling slots for anyone who come to join and live in the new zone from foreign countries via local currencies (through auction and limited space). People must be free and have no connection with any national government.

* Here if any national government prevent that to happen then stop accept goods from their country.

Policy 2: Create new type of money called as happiness money/note.
– The new money note will only allowed to send and receive via volunteer way such as donations, tips, not allowed for any kind of daily trading in US land.
Of course you can using that new note buying foreign stuffs if the foreign entities accept it.
An example is for gifts, souvenir.

– People will receive it for free but at in a fair way such as same amount of new note at every year, through draw/random machine, etc.

– Allow people to exchange it to the US Dollar with the exchange rate through random drawing and/or fixed rate, but at some specific time of the year only such as on the birth month of the exchanger.

– All will handled by government official exchange center, all kind of black market exchange it not allowed.

– You must treat it like a real selling product so you must print as many notes as possible from 1 to 1 million.

* Here if want to play politic mind game, then playing the "promise" game to print the useless paper first, issue it to the public to observe, then will promise some future exchange later after various things such as security, fair exchange, etc. are fully completed.

Now for those 2 programs health care and social security.
You can:
– Replace the social security payout rule by give the people the new happiness note with the rate 1:1 with the US Dollar.
Or if you want to "play" then allow people to choose between US Dollar or the new happiness note.
Manipulate the black market that the happiness note value will higher than 1:1 so receive the happiness note will much more "lucrative" than receive the US Dollar.

– Remove entire all the health programs with the reason that the government must treat people all equal, the virus pandemic is showing that the health program is not working because it not preventing anything, most people got mental health, people mostly scare to die because lack of street and money, not because of health. The mask requirement and lock down make people like animals rather than "God" and completely go against the constitution freedom of life.

You can have some "safe landing" policy and very small programs such as:
– Providing free environment for people to heal/cure each others via online internet.
– Free foods for the "sickness" (receive from donation of others and buy at cheap rate from left over good at the markets). Here only provide instant hot meal (not allow to bring home) every day or two.

So that's how you remove the trade deficit by eliminate over 50% budget over night !

I do not live or ever been to America so not really sure what the current situation in real life.

Above is a very clear road map to truly Make America Great Again.
All now is up to their military and their people.

My solution is harmless because it only about the information, not involve in any kind of trade or military, so you can try it out to see the outcome. You can make announcement about the plan to see the reaction from the people and the world.

But if you do not try but still wait for "miracle", then it not going to happen and you guys only going to collapse and vanish by natural disasters.

Of course my solution is only free to talk/to make public announcement in secret mode (here is plan from random guys on the internet). If you want to truly implement it, then you guys receive my permission.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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17-09-2021 03:42
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
America is corrupted by greed, power and control. We are in debt, because politicians use there position to enrich themselves. Basically they steal lots of money, that doesn't exist. They don't just directly steal the money (usually), they throw out mountains of cash, so a lot of their friends and family get in on it, and of course ensure re-election. Basically buying votes, with money that doesn't exist (national debt). Term limits, and mandatory retirement would go a long way toward reducing the national debt. Reducing government regulations, restrictions, would reduce outsourcing of American jobs an industries. The government doesn't need that much power and control. We need to stop giving away 'free stuff'. Both domestically, and abroad. We aren't a nanny-state, and need to quit trying to be everyone's nursemaid. People need to stand on their own feet, and work for what they want and need, not just sit around, waiting for everything to be given to them. Work doesn't seem so bad, when the alternative is no food on the table, just what ever scraps you can scrounge up. Life is a rough lesson, but gets easier with experience. You hate your job. It doesn't pay well enough to provide for your wants and needs. You work harder, you learn new things, so you can get a better job, that you might enjoy a little, or at least pay for your wants and needs. Life is what you make of it for yourself, not what somebody provides, or allows.

You don't reach nirvana state, by sitting on you ass, reading dusty books, eating tough foods, begging for SafeMoon coins. You have to work for it. You have to leave the cave, and live your own life. Everyone's path is different in life. You'll never reach nirvana by taking the path someone else walked. It always leads to a dead-end. It's cheating, trying to take a shortcut through life. You're so focused on replicating the steps of others, that you can't see your own path, unique only to you.
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