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The Fastest Way To End The Virus Pandemic Is Using The North Korea Strategy, Policy & Environment

The Fastest Way To End The Virus Pandemic Is Using The North Korea Strategy, Policy & Environment10-08-2021 03:22
The Fastest Way To End The Virus Pandemic Is Using The North Korea Strategy, Policy & Environment
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It is such a waste of time to debate about corona virus NCOV COVID, lock down restriction, vaccine, because they are too obviously a scam.
But if you want to end that stupid event, you must observe and use what available data you have in the game.

Which nation do not have NCOV COVID?
The only nation is North Korea.
Why that shit can happen, you must analyze it carefully and follow that trace.

– Is that because of their "godlike dictator" government or the socialism system?
No, many other nations have better than that.

– Is that because North Korea is a paradise nation with the God blessing?
No, just look at the life expectancy of their people, much lower than many other nations.

– Is that because of the North Korean people living so great and have some secret?
Give me a break, their daily life is no greater than the rest of the world.

– Is that because of the media?
Well maybe yes or no, but can you "prove" it and let the rest understand is completely another question.

So what made North Korea is the only one nation do not have COVID?
It is because of their technology is "outdated" just enough for using, where you only phone and text via 2G mobile network.
You do not see people using 3G, 4G or 5G mobile network to access social media, chit chat via various apps on the street.

That is the only big difference between the North Korea vs the rest of the world.
Their living environment is "better" since do not have harmful ingredient to human health like big mobile network 3G 4G 5G.

Now the question is do your national government have gut to accept that fact and have some real life experiment to end the NCOV COVID virus pandemic event or not, that is another question too.

Because they only know their own secret, they still really trying to kill the people through this event, most likely they are having animal mindset and blind follow some kind of "super" deities/beings.

To me the COVID do not exist and all virus is easily to deal with.

So the quickest road way for you to end this crazy stupid pandemic and fight against the stupid "cabal" people is to post/share a question of "why the North Korea do not have COVID?" to your friends, families, groups.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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