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16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment

16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment09-05-2018 15:31
1. They consume billions of dollars (scarce resources) to teach impressionable minds lots of useless crap (along with some good stuff).

2. Kids and professors drive billions of miles, consuming that NASTY fossil fuel to learn useless crap and become brainwashed in leftist ideology in the process.

3. College professors take hundreds of thousands of sabbaticals, burning millions of gallons of fossil fuel, for nothing. They could study at home, or online, or with books.

4. College professors take thousands of field trips and *research* trips burning NASTY fossil fuel to *prove* "climate change" yet again. Ultimate hypocrisy.

5. Colleges have free shuttles driving kiddies all over the place, when they could walk or ride a bike or use a skateboard. More wastefulness of NASTY fossil fuel.

6. Colleges have expensive sports programs, bussing and flying kiddies and their coaches all over the world. Stay at home and practice in your own city with nearby colleges.

7. Fans of expensive college sports programs burn millions of gallons of NASTY fossil fuel to come and watch their teams play.

8. Plays and activities of all manner consume MILLIONS of gallons of NASTY fossil fuel when they could do them by internet.

You add 9 through 16. It won't be hard to think of many other examples.
08-08-2019 23:40
A very uncreative bunch here.
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