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If You Want To Fully Understand The Secret Of Life & Increase Your Longevity, You Must Evolve

If You Want To Fully Understand The Secret Of Life & Increase Your Longevity, You Must Evolve06-09-2021 08:20
If You Want To Fully Understand The Secret Of Life & Increase Your Longevity, You Must Evolve
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The world, the civilization, the life you are living in are too corrupt, too toxic and not worth to "play". The battle between mortal humans is not fun any more because it is going to turn into the fight between animals rather than Gods.

The life is always full of secret and mystery beyond what so called "science", but stupid humans still using "science" like a only solution.
They are completely forgot history and do not really know what to use their most powerful mind to think, to analyze life.

Normally the "stronger, healthy" person is the one have better survival rate for any kind of diseases.
But what happen with the Spanish flu in the end of world war 1 (around 1918) ?
The stronger, healthy person are the one die the most, while the "weaker" like the kind and old people are not effect?

If that it not the divine will, divine power then how can use "science" to explain?
You cannot using any science to explain that event because the virus, the "death" or "survive" based on the beyond what human can see with their own eyes or technology.

Because it occur with some secret meaning only the one with powerful awaken mindset can understand.

The same rule apply with the current on going pandemic corona virus COVID SARS-COV-2.
If you cannot explain and fully understand the secret hidden meaning of the divine, you will never able to end the pandemic no matter what kind of vaccine or technology you use.
You cannot solve the "unseen" matters with "seen" method like most all nations are doing !

If the Spanish flu is not enough, then you should at the history of Earth where many "strong" animals and event civilization vanished.

The most clear example is China, do you see the thousand years old floods recently ?
It not come from normal weather but from divine hands.
And that is the start, many more natural catastrophe mega disasters will come to destroy the one go against divine will, divine way of life.

I can see through and fully understand all that event and even the major future event will be unfold.
But if you are just normal person, then you will never able to understand it.

The last advice I can give all of you is stay away from any groups, from politics and the media, spend as much time as possible to "evolve", to live of life with purpose. Here is evolve with both mentally mind and physically body.

If you do not evolve, you always going to die and vanished by divine force, there is no any other choice !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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06-09-2021 19:40
I always thought it was a good cup of coffee.
07-09-2021 03:10
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Evolution is the ability to adapt to a changing of environment. Is learning to adapt to the changing environment, artificially created by stupid humans, evolving? One doesn't have to accept the mandates of civilization, but we don't have to live in isolation, eating 'tough' foods, begging Bitcoin, fornicating goats either. There are plenty of options, if you can use your mind, to avoid getting injected with 'science', or anything the evil humans try to force on you, or in you.

Pandemics, are just part of nature, and will end, when it's run it's course through the population. All thing die eventually. just the way of nature. Humans do not control nature. We can fight it for a time, win a few battles. but nature is timeless, and will always win the war. Vaccines can only provide a little assistance to the immune system. Best anyone could ever hope for. They aren't 'magic', can't reverse the damage done by time, or stupid lifestyle choices some humans make. If you don't have the will, and the capacity to fight off an infection, a vaccine isn't going to do much for you. Most of the media reports, the science, is just marketing hype. Less than 5% of the population has ever been infected, on any day. The effectiveness of the response, is purely subjective, and a matter of perception. Most people won't be adversely affected, or even infected by covid. It's more of a political pandemic, a battle for power and control over the world population.

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