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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Ford links floods to climate change, says situation 'just rips your heart out'426028-04-2019
'100-year floods' are increasing in Canada due to climate change, officials say — is this t557327-04-2019
If Americans didn't bother with CO2 during the wars against Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, why406526-04-2019
City of Toronto staff to explore cost of climate change, legal options for compensation from greenhouse g460026-04-2019
UN climate chief warns of 'catastrophe' if planet continues on current path498026-04-2019
Our biggest health risk is climate change, Quebec doctors group says496826-04-2019
How to stop climate change? Nationalise the oil companies424126-04-2019
If Democrats rule America then in 100 years America will be biggest CO2 emitter on the planet518126-04-2019
Activists glue themselves to London Stock Exchange in climate change protest417026-04-2019
The Word Smithy9843625-04-2019
Warming oceans13813125-04-2019
The most socialist countries are the biggest CO2 emitters438025-04-2019
Wisconsin DNR secretary: Climate change an environmental justice issue486124-04-2019
Even if Democrats spend 100 trillion dollars and reduce CO2 in air to 100 ppm temperature won't chang549124-04-2019
Greenland Is Falling Apart458024-04-2019
Climate change should be top issue for voters in October, advocates say443024-04-2019
A new Stanford study shows the economic cost of climate change is more global inequality483024-04-2019
Hawaii's Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater because of climate change. Lawmakers are fighting to 429424-04-2019
Climate change is costing Hydro-Québec millions, director-general says460123-04-2019
Young people banding together to demand more action on climate change497023-04-2019
CO2 is O2C is order to cash so CO2 is profitable?535123-04-2019
Why don't they build really high poles to mount solar panels?513723-04-2019
O2C is not a trace gas.432322-04-2019
O2C predicted to rise in the future?7131622-04-2019
Police drag climate change activists397222-04-2019
Disney World Orlando goes 'Green'516622-04-2019
This scientist thinks she has the key to curb climate change: super plants493121-04-2019
Over 700 climate change activists arrested as protests disrupt travel in London432020-04-2019
Question for the Einsteins432020-04-2019
Why the hate of O2C?417120-04-2019
Carbon tax killed auto industry in Ontario. Good thing for China. So who paid them?532120-04-2019
Heat - (Side: 1 2)17457119-04-2019
Ocean heat sources448419-04-2019
White House eyes nuclear weapons expert to lead challenge to climate science434019-04-2019
How do we know how much money Chinese government paid CBC and CNN to post climate change articles every d496019-04-2019
Flooding, climate change force Quebecers to rethink relationship with water Social Sharing485019-04-2019
Medieval warm period was way hotter than today's climate. 1 C hotter globally. So why IPCC do not ack489019-04-2019
IPCC sucks. They have no answer for natural climatic cooling other than painting houses black to decrease491019-04-2019
15 ppm O3 capture 98% of UV so what makes IPCC think 15 ppm CO2 don't capture 98% of those 3 bands of470019-04-2019
Climate Change Was The Engine That Powered Hurricane Maria's Devastating Rains435019-04-2019
New climate models forecast a warming surge454019-04-2019
Earth's carbon dioxide levels highest in 3 million years, study says431019-04-2019
New carbon dioxide capture technology is not the magic bullet against climate change387019-04-2019
Rising CO2 on declining nutrition in food is big issue, TED talk hears450019-04-2019
Going up against CO2 is going up against GOD.437019-04-2019
Librarians archiving Alberta's climate-change, other reports ahead of new government336019-04-2019
Americans' energy use surges despite climate change concern420019-04-2019
So let's say the US spends 100 trillion USD to build the factories and put 100 billion tons of CO2 in456019-04-2019
Financial sector needs to step up on climate change, Mark Carney warns386019-04-2019
UK Protesters?442519-04-2019
What makes IPCC thinks N2, O2, O3 are not as good at capturing and retaining heat than CO2 can?551218-04-2019
Considering O2, N2, O3 absorb more than 99% of incoming shortwave radiation, which is far more powerful485118-04-2019
Why fight climate change? Isn't it natures way of limiting population? - (Side: 1 2)17634817-04-2019
What a Greenhouse is for IBdaMann609815-04-2019
Global Climate Strike: Meet the teenagers skipping school to fight for a greener planet617913-04-2019
SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch463313-04-2019
From Sweden to India, School climate strikes have gone global488113-04-2019
correlation is not causation5761011-04-2019
Not fair!8053111-04-2019
climate change is wrong grammer600910-04-2019
Tens of thousands protest climate change in Switzerland440210-04-2019
Why the Guardian is putting global CO2 levels in the weather forecast575209-04-2019
Trump disbanded it, but climate change panel regroups to release its report678909-04-2019
Catherine McKenna: Premiers who fight carbon tax ignore climate change at their peril421108-04-2019
Coal Is Still King5691107-04-2019
New Climate Change Report Should Be a Wakeup Call519306-04-2019
'Get used to being disrupted': Expert warns of the financial implications of climate change437205-04-2019
Bill McKibben likens climate change to Second World War461005-04-2019
Climate change: 'Magic bullet' carbon solution takes big step633003-04-2019
Squamish company that sucks up carbon dioxide to make fuel gets $68 million investment495602-04-2019
CAGW funded by big agriculture industry?482501-04-2019
Wind Turbines Look good but not worth it!453231-03-2019
Tens of thousands march in France demanding action on climate change484331-03-2019
The first few (3 or 4) ppm CO2 absorb 99 percent of whatever IR CO2 absorbs, CO2 is certainly not logarit477331-03-2019
Research Grant Fraud562931-03-2019
"We Are in Deep Trouble": Carbon Emissions Break Record in Devastating Global Setback539731-03-2019
References needed, not rhetoric. - (Side: 1 2)12094428-03-2019
If it's so important why don't some climate scientists kill themselves?447028-03-2019
Humans have derailed the Earth's climate in just 160 years. Here's how408028-03-2019
So what if CO2 is 450 ppm? It's not like it's any different from 10 ppm CO2428027-03-2019
What an Indian monsoon 130,000 years ago tells us about climate change today503027-03-2019
India's carbon dioxide emissions up 5%445027-03-2019
Why Housing Policy Is Climate Policy435027-03-2019
In California, Rising Seas Pose a Bigger Economic Threat Than Wildfires, Quakes479027-03-2019
Global warming emissions hit record level in 2018, IEA reports472027-03-2019
The Senate Will Reject the Green New Deal. But It's Already Changing the Debate on Climate Change409027-03-2019
No global warming!492327-03-2019
This is how our changing climate could increase the risk we face from hurricanes480027-03-2019
Climate change is a security threat. We must act now404027-03-2019
Did Climate Change Help Take Down the Byzantine Empire?362027-03-2019
Fed researcher warns climate change could spur financial crisis437027-03-2019
Extreme weather news may not change climate change skeptics' minds463027-03-2019
The 3 Democrats Who Voted Against the Green New Deal439027-03-2019
Why isn't the Bank of Canada talking about climate change?417027-03-2019
Ban gas boilers in new homes by 2025, says Committee on Climate Change462027-03-2019
City should explore taking oil companies to court over climate change costs, councillor says462126-03-2019
'The youth have risen!' Climate strikers storm the streets510326-03-2019
How capturing CO2 from air can combat climate change460125-03-2019
Global carbon dioxide growth in 2018 reached 4th highest on record404125-03-2019
How is believing CO2 shine IR down like mirrors any different than believing heavier things fall faster522525-03-2019
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