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Climate debate in general

Comments or questions about climate change which do not fit into the specific categories, or which cover more than one category.

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Trump Administration's Attempts to Limit Climate Change Science 'Like Designing Cars Without Seat519128-05-2019
Global warming back to medieval warm period will increase Russia population 4 fold530128-05-2019
Mike Pompeo: Melting Arctic Ice Presents New Trade Opportunities518028-05-2019
Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science419028-05-2019
I am currently in China and no one cares about CO2 so why should579028-05-2019
The World Is Falling Apart5871327-05-2019
The Faith Basis for Radiometric Data567627-05-2019
Psychological responses to climate change482025-05-2019
The IPCC in 2013 - (Side: 1 2 3)23338225-05-2019
2020 Hackaday Challenge6702525-05-2019
How Do You Know When Climate Has Been Affected?7042924-05-2019
Blanket does not warm an object underneath it. So why would air warm surface?530524-05-2019
Alberta throne speech followed by bill to repeal provincial carbon tax567023-05-2019
Ontario government cancels program to plant 50 million trees461023-05-2019
Satellite confirms key NASA temperature data: The planet is warming — and fast715422-05-2019
It will be Very Hot and very Wet--We've exceeded 415ppm of Carbon Dioxide for the first Time since th7003118-05-2019
This makes no sense...5771217-05-2019
The right approach5771917-05-2019
California's Carbon-Tax?512117-05-2019
Where are Democrats going to get the money to spend 600 trillion USD542917-05-2019
What does 'Carbon-Pricing' mean?5221215-05-2019
Antarctica's Effect on Sea Level Rise in Coming Centuries8532613-05-2019
3d drawing program.6302012-05-2019
TOTAL DISASTER!!!437209-05-2019
Graphic: The relentless rise of carbon dioxide688506-05-2019
So what if Democrats spend 600 trillion USD putting a bit CO2 into underground?540005-05-2019
2019 Arctic sea ice wintertime extent is seventh lowest485005-05-2019
Graphic: Global warming from 1880 to 2018449005-05-2019
Is climate China's key to global domination?6022904-05-2019
UK talks big on Climate Change, but will they do it?474903-05-2019
In a Switch, Some Republicans Start Citing Climate Change as Driving Their Policies7242602-05-2019
New EPA document tells communities to brace for climate change impacts458101-05-2019
The Current This woman won't have children because of climate change. She says she's not alone - (Side: 1 2)12417901-05-2019
Arctic's melting permafrost will cost nearly $70 trillion, study finds531101-05-2019
Denley: One lesson from the floods – Liberals and Tories must work together on climate change532101-05-2019
China is building its 4th aircraft carrier for world domination. So why Americans spend511101-05-2019
Climate change could be election game changer453201-05-2019
Carbon dioxide does not affect temperature but it does make muscles ache535401-05-2019
Population Growth557101-05-2019
Why Beto's Climate Plan Is So Surprising459201-05-2019
It's not true leftists are climate advocates485201-05-2019
Why do they take out H2O from air when they measure CO2 concentration?482330-04-2019
Climate change is on the move — but the political debate is standing still537130-04-2019
Research examines new links between retreating glaciers and global warming465130-04-2019
Climate change could cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions a year by 2090491030-04-2019
So what if Democrats spend 500 trillion USD to reduce CO2 while China builds 100 warships503030-04-2019
Why your brain doesn't register the words 'climate change'491030-04-2019
'Climate change erodes mental health,' says psychiatrist490030-04-2019
Climate change and poor planning are fuelling more floods. Here's what we can do about it469030-04-2019
You will never ever see a single climate school strike in China because532030-04-2019
Why Is China Placing A Global Bet On Coal?467030-04-2019
Where is your climate change plan? Liberal ministers ask Scheer447030-04-2019
Climate change is a major factor in flooding – but it's not the only one451030-04-2019
Climate change hysteria in the middle of the biggest Cold War in human history508129-04-2019
Chinese people are practical, not ideological.519729-04-2019
Canada's climate change sideshow473029-04-2019
O'Rourke releases plan to fight climate change with $5 trillion investment and net-zero emissions by 493029-04-2019
An alternative theory from a non-scientist520529-04-2019
Why don't non western countries have carbon tax like UK and France have?519729-04-2019
UN climate chief warns current path leads to 'catastrophe'486729-04-2019
Old Crow to declare climate change state of emergency516029-04-2019
How come they never let a Chinese be in IPCC or UN climate department?458229-04-2019
Embracing revolution on climate change and neoliberalism484028-04-2019
Nicola Sturgeon declares 'climate emergency' at SNP conference522028-04-2019
'Leaders have a responsibility to tackle climate change,' McKenna says day after Kenney victory499028-04-2019
No man can fool god.480028-04-2019
California restaurants can now add a 1% surcharge to help fight climate change470228-04-2019
Do Americans think they can stop China buy Iran oil?480028-04-2019
Fossil fuel will be much cheaper for China when West ban fossil fuel use?512228-04-2019
Do you think I am China coal lobbiest?7332028-04-2019
Bill McKibben on how we might avert climate change suicide432028-04-2019
Cost of climate change rising even faster448028-04-2019
Thousands march for action on climate change in Montreal as city braces for flooding477028-04-2019
Corbyn launches bid to declare a national climate emergency477028-04-2019
What makes IPCC thinks CO2 is better than O2 at trapping heat?476028-04-2019
Western nations commit domination suicide435128-04-2019
Ford links floods to climate change, says situation 'just rips your heart out'460028-04-2019
'100-year floods' are increasing in Canada due to climate change, officials say — is this t609327-04-2019
If Americans didn't bother with CO2 during the wars against Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, why444526-04-2019
City of Toronto staff to explore cost of climate change, legal options for compensation from greenhouse g494026-04-2019
UN climate chief warns of 'catastrophe' if planet continues on current path539026-04-2019
Our biggest health risk is climate change, Quebec doctors group says535826-04-2019
How to stop climate change? Nationalise the oil companies463126-04-2019
If Democrats rule America then in 100 years America will be biggest CO2 emitter on the planet555126-04-2019
Activists glue themselves to London Stock Exchange in climate change protest452026-04-2019
The Word Smithy10393625-04-2019
Warming oceans14253125-04-2019
The most socialist countries are the biggest CO2 emitters482025-04-2019
Wisconsin DNR secretary: Climate change an environmental justice issue518124-04-2019
Even if Democrats spend 100 trillion dollars and reduce CO2 in air to 100 ppm temperature won't chang617124-04-2019
Greenland Is Falling Apart510024-04-2019
Climate change should be top issue for voters in October, advocates say485024-04-2019
A new Stanford study shows the economic cost of climate change is more global inequality524024-04-2019
Hawaii's Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater because of climate change. Lawmakers are fighting to 470424-04-2019
Climate change is costing Hydro-Québec millions, director-general says500123-04-2019
Young people banding together to demand more action on climate change534023-04-2019
CO2 is O2C is order to cash so CO2 is profitable?578123-04-2019
Why don't they build really high poles to mount solar panels?553723-04-2019
O2C is not a trace gas.462322-04-2019
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