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Introducing The Greatest Project Of All Time: The Ultimate Humanity Evolution Platform

Introducing The Greatest Project Of All Time: The Ultimate Humanity Evolution Platform05-11-2021 11:22
Introducing The Greatest Project Of All Time: The Ultimate Humanity Evolution Platform

The Bible has described that humans are the smaller version of "God".
And the Gautama Buddha already proved that a "mortal human" can become "God" in one lifetime, via self training with strong will power.

Do you know why many money rich people, celebrities, and a lot of others use drugs, do sexual nonsense and many other stupid activities?
They lack a direction, they do not know what to do next in life.

If you think life is a video game, then that game got boring with no "new map" to play anymore.

This historic project: The Ultimate Humanity Evolution Platform, is the one we are planning to do along with the new global savings storage currency (in funding pending mode).

In this project we will build an online platform to help people who want to know more about life, who want advice from others. It will include the secret hidden forbidden book/education that has never seen or appeared in the public, and many other interesting features to help everybody evolve, to ascend, to extend their longevity and to become "God" again, via a safe method of increasing knowledge wisdom in mindset.

One of the interesting features is that everybody can become a "teacher, advisor", and people must use their mindset to make their own decision. The "right" or "wrong" is up to each people, and all the people will be treated equally no matter how rich or how poor you are, all have the same opportunity to evolve.

That platform is not for profit, not commercial, it will be based on and running via voluntary donation P2P.

Right now it is hard for you to imagine how that will look and work out.

We will release the whitepapers and the working mechanism of that historic project as soon as possible, but not until the problem around financials/money gets resolved.

We do not have money, the people pay tax for the government in exchange for help, but with us we receive no money from any entities.
That's why if we do not have money, then all these great projects cannot be implemented and become reality!

The only force that can stop humans becoming "God" again is humanity themselves.

Unlike most other non-profit groups that were funded by secret societies/government, we are truly not funded by any entities, that's why we need money via donation support in order to continue to do the godlike work we are doing right now.

This is our final article to the public while we work for free.
If we cannot help our nearby family members, then we must stop dreaming of helping others far away from us.

If you wonder and ask "why God need money", then the answer is: "why does the super God in religions and other higher dimensional world not appear to help humanity?".
The answer is they receive no benefit from doing that job!

If we did not have our family members around, we wouldn't care, wouldn't have motivation to even start the project with the purpose of helping you and the world in the first place!

This article is the last one we can provide/give to you all until our financial state gets better. We really hope you guys can understand that life is not free.

Best Regard,
Saviors From Cyber Group
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