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Many Exchange Ways That Connect Real World Assets With The Virtual Digital CryptoCurrency 2.0

Many Exchange Ways That Connect Real World Assets With The Virtual Digital CryptoCurrency 2.014-11-2021 17:24
Many Exchange Ways That Connect Real World Assets With The Virtual Digital CryptoCurrency 2.0
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The magic is keep rolling and the surprise, the wonderful of the new world virtual digital cryptocurrency 2.0 is here, in this article.

If the boring rule of trading "supply demand" is apply on everything single currency crypto coin 1.0 and fiat money 1.0, then in the cryptocurrency 2.0 you will see many other epic different way of exchange with the real world physical assets (money fiat, gold, silver, oil, etc.)

The creator team/group of each coin/currency in the new global world cryptocurrency system 2.0 will have completely permission now how their coin/cryptocurrency will allowed be trade.

So we will have 2 type of major trading in cryptocurrency 2.0 system:
– Built-in trading directly with the creator team/group.
– Via 3rd party exchange platform like the current system 1.0.

Because the creator team/group who behind each new coin/cryptocurrency can be backed by many powerful entities/big organizations, so we can see many epic exchange outcome:
– Only gaining rate: where the minimum rate is set and is only growing bigger overtime (depend on the new physical assets inserted in from the donators).
The creator group add 100 billion euro/dollar/oil/gold to backed that coin and fixed 100 billion coin.
They guarantee that whenever you exchange from that digital coin to the real world physical assets you will receive at least 1 dollar/euro/oil/gold = 1 coin.
But if "somehow" more money from donators insert in, then that 1 coin value will increase, such as if new additional 900 billion euro/dollar/oil/gold added, then every single coin will worth 10 dollar/euro/oil/gold.

The collected/exchanged coin will be kept, public number showed and will never back to the circulation.

So which mean that if it was fiat money then you will get only gain physical cash, but if with oil/gold, etc. if you want to cash out to fiat money, it also depend on the market price of the oil/gold as well.
But overall you always "win" when you invest in this type of coin, unless the "gold/silver/oil/gas" big owners want to "play" and "control", but that chance is very very low.

– Fixed rate: 1 coin – 1 oil/gas/gold/silver/euro/dollar/yuan...
You will get that until the creator group and the backers decide to close and stop the official exchange. The total physical assets will be checked and verified by the global committee to make sure everything is in the bank.

– Flexible rate: there are various factors can make the exchange rate become flexible, but unlike the every-second change like the normal market. This flexible rate and the exchange rate only change when some major event occur on the coin such as: more coin will be added to the system (price down), more assets will be added to the system (price up).

– Jackpot rate: this one is the most crazy fun where people will receive a minimum rate and the potential beyond that depend on user's luck.
The creator/oil owner team/group can have the rule like the exchange rate of your coin/cryptocurrency depend on your own decision:
+ You can get fixed rate like 1 coin = 1 euro/dollar/oil/gold.
+ You can play and draw a number with the provably fair lottery system: 1 coin can equal 0.01 euro/dollar/oil/gold or 1 coin equal 100 euro/dollar.

They are some major exchange ways related to exchange rate, that's just from my thinking.
While there could be more interested way of exchange can be created by others as well like limited number of exchange users/transactions/amount per day/week/month ; Only accept physical exchange in-person, etc.

That's too much fun and interesting for the society and the people.

But all the exchange ways must be checked and vetted by the global committee to make sure it is fair, it is respect with the people and the society, it is human-god way.

How can you not to like this kind of godlike system from me?!

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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14-11-2021 20:48
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Anybody with 100 billion to dump in to a God Coin, didn't get it from being charitable. They made investment, which the expect to see a return. The people who pay in 100 billion, to create a God Coin, will expect to see way more return, than the 100 billion they sank into it. There is always going to be a fluctuating exchange rate, transaction fees.

If you are selling, say beer, for $1.00 a bottle. But, with God Coin, everybody has a $1.00 to buy a beer, all the time. You often sell all your beer in a could hours, and have to turn away hundreds of potential customers, because there just isn't any beer left in the cooler. You could charge $10.00 a bottle, and still likely sell quite a few beers, since all the other local beer sellers, were running out, like you were.

Goods and service are worth, what your customers are willing to pay. If you charge too much, you have few customers. Charge too little, you turn customers away. Some humans are greedier than others, but all that go into business, expect to profit.
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