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The Open Final Opportunity To Meet The Savior Messiah Buddha In Real Person Life

The Open Final Opportunity To Meet The Savior Messiah Buddha In Real Person Life23-10-2021 12:20
The Open Final Opportunity To Meet The Savior Messiah Buddha In Real Person Life
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My mission and hidden duty is almost end, the karma and the solution for fairer better life I need to do is done for the public.
Now I only have little time left for the top secret controllers, secret societies who run behind most national governments and big organizations on Earth.

From now till the websites/blog/forum are closed and I stop all the connection via online internet, I willing to meet any qualify person/beings/group in real person who meet my requirements.

The requirement condition is that you need to make a donation worth of at least 100,000 Euro/Dollar (per persons/beings) to me via online coin cryptocurrency (I do not have any bank account).

The meeting place location will be in some public temples in Asia (Vietnam/Thailand/Laos/Singapore).

If you wonder what is the benefit when meet me, then I can tell you this:
– Your unwanted energy/bad karma will gone since I can absorb all kind of good/bad energy easily without being get harmed.
– You will receive special knowledge wisdom from me about everything you need to know in life. Here is something beyond the public information, beyond what you can search on any internet searching engine.
– The Questions Answers sections to clear your doubt of whatever knowledge wisdom you want to know.
– Greatly increase your chance to obtain the Nirvana state the Immortal, since you will know what a real adult Buddha feel, look, characteristic in real person.
– A historic meeting with a "potential" real savior Messiah Buddha directly in person.

How many people was luck to even meet a real Buddha in life, let's alone able to receive some special forbidden teaching lessons.
Even Gautama Buddha was only shared some hidden teaching via telepathy with some of his principles, so there was a lot of sacred knowledge wisdom the public did not know from him.

This divine opportunity and offer is open for all groups/entities/beings no matter who you are, demons, angels, gods, human, etc. it all accepted.
I do not care about the history past of life, I only care about the present moment.

I tell that this is the only way you can meet me in real person with open direct talk.
After I close this offer, even if you want to pay/send me billions/trillions money, I would still easily refuse all of you, because at that time I would not need any money from you guys to help people around me anymore !

For more communication and question you can ask me via websites:;; .

Messengers: id: 05f1ec5ba3ee181f99f5d0ec61b848dafafbad425853afbef39be0849acd63ba3f username: makehumangodagain
channel: ; .

Email: makehumangodagain [@] protonmail [.] com

Best Regard,
Make Human God Again
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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23-10-2021 18:53
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Do you require full vaccination/masks to attend? Is the hotel accommodations, food, bar tab included in the package? SafeMoon coin acceptable payment?

When you say 'absorb' energy, would that kill cancer? How do we know you are only going to absorb negative energy, not just drain us like some sort of vampire?

Will there be any sort of security provided? I haven't traveled to Asian countries, out of concerns of being beaten, robbed, or murdered. Americans seem to be a popular choice of victims...
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