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New Historic Global Currency Open Invite To All Governments, Organizations, The People

New Historic Global Currency Open Invite To All Governments, Organizations, The People30-10-2021 17:29
New Historic Global Currency Open Invite To All Governments, Organizations, The People

We are going to do something special and we are inviting all of you to witness the new historic global currency opening via online platform, including all the national governments, organizations, companies, and the public people as well.

It is a new cryptocurrency coin but not really like anything on the market at the moment.
It is a fiat currency but not really a currency.
The new historic global currency is somewhere between the "East" & the "West", between natural resources and technology.

You can call it a cryptocurrency coin or a fiat currency version 2.0 if you like.
The only way for you to really fully understand it is to listen and witness by yourself.

The best features of the new crypto coin we can give you:
– Destroy the current cryptocurrency market including bitcoin, ethereum, etc.
– Win against the central banks but loved by the authority/government.
– Say no to capitalism, but also say no with socialism.
– Everybody will have the same opportunity and the people are going to love it.

We have decided to release the whitepapers, or what can be understand as the working mechanism document of how it works/connects with society in real life.

Here are the details:
Rules: You can only read the content/materials, you are not to use it for any other purpose like selling, trading, post info on your website, or share it with your friend about the content. You are only allowed to read and share the web link to others, nothing else. This is because it could cause worldwide chaos and the entire market to stop.

You need our special permission in order to use any of our content/material for any purpose, no matter who you are and what group/organization you come from. Basically you need a "license" just like in the banking system.

– (raw)
– (raw)
– (edited version)
– (edited version)

Time: In the month of November 2021 (11/2021). The specific date we don't have, you must check it daily.

Release Method: Live day-by-day information.
This mean we are going to be releasing slowly page by page, article by article, over a period of time.
We are not going to release everything at once like others because other entities can steal it.

By releasing slowly like this, the people, the media, and all nations can observe and verify our work, our intellectual property belongs to us the Saviors From Cyber Group.

Content: We are only going to share the whitepapers, the major important material of the working mechanism, how the new coin/currency is going to connect with the people's daily life, how it impacts society, and general rules.
Here the technology stuff won't be discussed, since it is not important, too easy to make, and we are only going to implement it by ourselves (not going to share), not going to talk about it until it become official in the public life.

The project leader communication contact with priority:
1. Direct P2P Device Messenger:

Tox Chat

2. Email

That's all for now.
Our favorite song is "Joy To The World", how about you?

Best Regard,
The Saviors From Cyber Group

Edited on 30-10-2021 17:31
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