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The Next Big Society Evolution Will Help People Understand Meaning Purpose Of Life, Happiness

The Next Big Society Evolution Will Help People Understand Meaning Purpose Of Life, Happiness12-09-2021 11:40
The Next Big Society Evolution Will Help People Understand Meaning Purpose Of Life, Happiness

Human is made of body, mind and spirit.
Over the last 5000 years ago, what mortal humanity was taught and get educated, helped via various gods deities is only about physical matter of body.
In order for mortal human fully understand meaning of life, what is happiness, there must be next level of education about mind and spirit.

If you wonder why the rich money people often commit various crimes from sexual, using illegal drugs to tax evasion, why people only focus on money but not focus on moral.
It is because they do not know what to do next after get rich money wealth, because that's all what they know about life through public education.
Of course there is a very tiny group of people was and are searching the meaning of life via various other ways but it is too little, and cannot change the society.

If the rich money people know "give back" money to the poor people then there is no need for so called "socialism system" because the circle of money is fully completely already, but only the one who understand meaning purpose of life is able to do that "non-sense" things, but that is possible if they get well educated about moral about life happiness.

The divine way of life and purpose of government is about "helping" people to fully evolve both physical matter and unseen knowledge wisdom of life.

Without a doubt, the next big society evolution of life is about educate help people to fully understand what is the true happiness, meaning purpose of life and unseen knowledge.

That is a big subject because each people have their own level, own opinion of what is happiness.
If the traditional school only "teach" people about do this do that follow this guide and make money, then the next level of new "happiness" school will be very difference due to each nations have their own belief of teaching "happiness".

But there is one thing for sure is that your government must address the big issue about lack of happiness education in life, which cause many society crimes.

Then they must appoint a new prime minister of happiness/life happiness/spiritual and start a new chapter, new era of living where people not only learn about make money but they also have opportunity to learn about life happiness, meaning of life (here including many different subjects from longevity to fully decode understand sacred religion teaching to even human super power super ability).

The government instead of telling people what to do, they will now respect and give all others a voice to say, to live the life they want. Then you will see many new town/city/nation with various special laws policies such as only vegan city to non-electric town, to reset life nation, etc.

Of course there will be sacred hidden teaching given to help people not only to live longer to thousand years or more, but only occur in private manner in that secret town/city/nation.

If the current life system is level 1, then the new town/city/nation will be level 2.
If the current government is "control" the system, then the new one is the public people "decide" the system.

All current national government only focus on money and wealth, physical matters.
If they really want to help the public people and help their nation evolve, they must also need to focus on unseen subject about life happiness, meaning of life.

In order to make that happen they must respect the people and ask various questions to "help" the people.

It is a new super gate to the new world, new life on Earth if it get done correctly.

It is a new massive subject and new way of living, new way of education about life.

This article from me the real savior will benefit the smart people smart nation.

Since there is no connection between me and any national government or group, I am not going to waste my time to analyze, to post to share new knowledge about how to run the government to truly help the people via divine way and do the job of I do not get paid for.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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