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The Perfect Best Humanity Development Evolution Must Be The New Global CryptoCurrency System 2.0

The Perfect Best Humanity Development Evolution Must Be The New Global CryptoCurrency System 2.014-11-2021 13:11
The Perfect Best Humanity Development Evolution Must Be The New Global CryptoCurrency System 2.0
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Many big organizations have spent a lot of time and resources try to "help" humanity, but still without any success because their strategy are wrong.

First you need to analyze the whole system and understand the nature of humans.
The root problem is the human mindset, so the only working solution must be help humanity raise awareness and knowledge.

The truth is that there are many book/ebooks and many sacred teaching from ancient times, but the people do not have enough motivation or will power to do research and study it.

The only working solution must be the one that encourage people to go study because you cannot tell everything on television mainstream media because it is going to cause shock effect and disasters.
Here is individual journey, not group because people only true learn something when they are have real life experiment with actions but not by unseen "words, message, teaching".

The only tools that strong enough to get attention and able to "force" humans go to study is money, there is no any other choice.
But the problem is if give away real fiat money backed by national government/central banks, then it is going to cause economic chaos, jobs, inflation, etc.

So the most closest with fiat money is the digital "cryptocurrency/coin/token".
And the cryptocurrency system 2.0 is the perfect answer where people will able to earn cryptocurrency/coin via studying, "minding" knowledge.

Now people instead of spending time doing non-useful activity like watch tv, playing games, listen music, they will spend time to study sacred knowledge that help them evolve.

At least till this point, it is still much better than the current state of humanity, now it is all up to the knowledge, questions of the quiz, of the program given to the public.

There are various topics and subjects of life, useful questions and non-useful questions.
There are a lot of hidden knowledge, hidden teaching, hidden meaning since ancient times but due to various factors the people have either don't know or completely forgotten.

Many charity, foundations and big organizations will make donation to the coin and encourage people to study, that's for sure.

I do not see any project is better than my new world cryptocurrency system 2.0.
If you can tell me just one idea better than my solution to help the whole humanity to grow, then I would shutdown the internet and will never go online forever !

Now the question is which beings which group will join on board with me to make the historic global cryptocurrency system 2.0 become reality.
The duty of helping people is the rich royal families, the authority government.

As I have said before, I am alone and I do not any money. So giving out solution, strategy is the best I can help this civilization.

I would love to debate with any beings/groups about this crypto system 2.0, but my time is limited and I cannot wait forever, so please contact me before November 22nd 2021.

I remind that my priority communication is P2P direct device communication:
Session (

Tox (

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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14-11-2021 15:49
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
The thing about books, and ancient writings, is that none are more than a few thousand years old. Everything before writing was invented, was passed on, through the spoken word, stories. Passed down, from generation, to generation. Stories don't often stay the same, with each telling though. Ancient writings, are most interpretations/translations, of those stories. Knowledge is power, control, and potentially profitable. All things that humans exploit, since most are basically lazy, and use knowledge to get others to do the work for them. Religious leader seldom want for anything, because their followers willingly supply everything for them. In exchange, the religious leader provides his opinion/guidance based on the ancient writings. Most have their own 'lofty' goals, and just use the writings as a tool to achieve those goals. Not usually in the best interest of the followers.
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