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New Cryptocurrency Coin That Can Win Against The Central Banks, Destroy Bitcoin Ethereum

New Cryptocurrency Coin That Can Win Against The Central Banks, Destroy Bitcoin Ethereum28-10-2021 14:30
New Cryptocurrency Coin That Can Win Against The Central Banks, Destroy Bitcoin Ethereum & Vision Private ICO Invitation

After several years of cryptocurrency appear on the market, the economy financial system still the same. All because lack of vision, lack of knowledge, lack of wisdom about life.

All the cryptocurrency projects appeared so far only focus on technology and money, they forgot that real life and do not know how to connect with it.

We have a brand new idea with godlike vision about a new cryptocurrency coin that can easily:
– Defeat all the cryptocurrency on the market such as bitcoin, ethereum, etc.
– Win against all the central banks.
– Become a new favorite "foreign" currency that many commercial banks will accept and willing to trade with.

You may say it is unreal and cannot be true for now until see it happening in real life.

But for various reasons, we cannot reveal the details public right now because we open this project and article to seeking investors to fund this project, and more importantly help to save the world from destruction.

We are going to open a private Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for this many trillions dollar value via online platform with info below:
– Date Time: November 28th 2021, specific time will reveal via private message for qualify investors.
– Platform: Online via chatroom, chat messengers.
– Rules: You can only read the information, not allowed to sell/share/trade, etc. any material/content of the private ICO, and you must take an oath about it in the application form.
– Requirement: You need a valid ticket in order to join this private ICO.
You can obtain a valid ticket if:
(1): make a donation worth of minimum 2 Ethereum ETH. No refund.
(2): use an escrow service but the minimum money requirement is 100,000 USD. You will get refund if the whitepapers and information you receive about the new cryptocurrency coin do not match with above 3 features like we have describe.

1 valid ticket for 1 one person. And only that person who join the private ICO have rights to read the new cryptocurrency whitepapers.

If you cannot wait to that dates or want to have an upper hand on this multi trillions dollar coin ICO, then you can receive that whitepappers if you can either:
(1) – make a donation worth of minimum 1 Bitcoin BTC. No refund.
(2) – the minimum of the escrow service is 2 million USD. And you do not need to send any money if the information do not match with above features.
You will receive the whitepappers within 72 hours after the transaction is done.

* The escrow service will use a reputable one.
* The whitepappers here is a document can be read on computer.

Some information about this project so far:
– We only designed the working mechanism, ideology of how the new crypto coin work in real life on papers.
– We have not yet do any technology stuffs since it is too easy and can implement at any moment when needed.
That's all we can say right now, do not ask us to give you proof, for the fact you will only receive in real life experience.

For the upcoming private ICO:
– We do not select the "partners" based on how rich money or how large the company. But instead we are only pick the partner who really want to help the people and save the world of destruction.
– The information and the way we are going to run the ICO won't like any ICO you will ever joined or known.

That's is all we can share with you right now, not a long article but straight forward to the point with direct objective for you can understand.

For any other questions, request, you can reach us via various platform on our websites or
The priority of communication method we prefer is: forum, P2P messenger, email.

Will you join us on this historic project that will shake the whole world economy system and help the people, save the planet at the same time ?!

Best Regard,
Saviors From Cyber Group

28-10-2021 16:24
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★

Did you just require payment of 2 Ethereum ... to get a valid ticket to join the ICO that will be destroying Ethereum?

Did you just require payment of one Bitcoin ... to learn the secret of how you will be destroying Bitcoin?

Wouldn't it be easier to just require payment in sawdust? ... or are you really saying that this is all just a scam?


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Ah the "Valid Data" myth of ITN/IBD. - tmiddles

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