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The New Global Saving Storage Currency Project Seeking Investors & Update On The ICO Event

The New Global Saving Storage Currency Project Seeking Investors & Update On The ICO Event05-11-2021 11:21
The New Global Saving Storage Currency Project Seeking Investors & Update On The ICO Event

We have fully released the core whitepapers, the important solution for the world economic crisis with a brand new idea. Full information you can find at: or

Now we have an update on the new world powerful currency ICO event:
– In the ICO event, it is time for only investors who truly trust us, not the time to repeat what we have already said in the core solution whitepapers, on above websites. We think that is enough for all the investors decide to "invest" or pass. This means all non-trusted investors are not welcome to the event (you do not need to obtain the ticket anymore).

Who are the trusted investors?
They are the ones with a similar vision to us, and ready to fund between now and the ICO event date on November 28th 2021.

We estimate the total value of this project is no less than 10 trillion US Dollars.
This is factored on various things, from the current cryptocurrency market to the potential gain and unique market we are focusing on.

Here is the table of new world powerful savings currency coin distribution:
– 80%: The public people (for public people mining/obtaining via various creative ways).
– 5%: The creator/author of the project.
– 5%: The Saviors From Cyber Group.
– 5%: Trusted investors.
– 5%: Bounty for marketing/introducing the coin to the public.

The total of coins in this project is 10 billion, then 8 billion coins represent the world population, while 2 billion coins represent the companies/organizations.
We are estimating that 1 coin will be worth at least $1000 US Dollar.

We are seeking funds in exchange for 500 million coins (estimate $500 billion US Dollar):
– For the first 100 million US Dollar investment funds: the investors will "share" a pot of 100 million coins (the specifics based on their voluntary donation).
– The other 400 million coins will be share together by all remaining "late" investors, with the formula based on their donation.

We do not care who you are, we only care about the funds/money for now.
Our plan has changed because the old plan is not suitable with the current public awareness.

No matter if you are a small or big investor, we are all welcome.
Remember, the dateline is November 28th 2021.
We are not here to make money out of the public, but rather, to provide a working solution that makes the world better, fairer. We cannot wait forever and do not have time to.

If you are want join this venture, you can contact us via various platforms listed on the websites.

Best Regard,
The Saviors From Cyber Group
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