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The dream came true

The dream came true10-08-2022 00:49
I have taken over a bathroom renovation as the owner has lost the passion and had to go to Malaysia for 3 weeks.He left on a Sunday and I started Monday so only saw him briefly on Saturday.He is back and yesterday we got in to the climate debate.I have found people willing to discuss this topic very hard to find.97% of people where I live do not care.LOL
He is an engineer in the petrol gas industry and stated he should be pro Fossil fuels.His words not mine we all know burning up old T-rex is not going to work.His first comment regarded melting ice which is not happening.In Antarctica it is minus 60 now and may go up to minus 33 later.Aint nuffin melting there.Then sea levels got a mention and I shared my work on sea levels.Every question he posed I had the correct response which is why I am doing this.Yes gravity got a mention as gravity makes air denser at the surface and takes longer to heat and cool then all the energy coming from the surface dissipates out to the atmosphere and does not come back.

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