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Put This Dangerous Stupid Person Beings Entity Into International Blacklist Please

Put This Dangerous Stupid Person Beings Entity Into International Blacklist Please17-07-2023 05:37
Put This Dangerous Stupid Person Beings Entity Into International Blacklist Please
Source: https://ascension joy .com/07/2023/put-this-dangerous-stupid-person-beings-entity-into-international-blacklist-please/

The world are in chaos mode and there are a lot of stupid beings entities who are trying make it worse and are the real enemy of this entire society civilization.

I am just captured one guys beings or entity in cyber online world.

That entity using telegram try to deceive, poach me.

The telegram ID is @codename47tr .
Ethererum ETH wallet is 0xf8371315744a701563cec560df8c0b47e9e50b2c .

I did not save the message before that entity delete the message and walk away after could poach, deceive me into his/her/it team.

I do not have much information but through the information, message I was receiving from him/her/it then I am 100% sure that is a dangerous corrupt beings entity who was and are trying to lie, deceive all the good people and want this civilization society going to collapse.

The story occured just 1-3 days ago:
– He approached me via telegram and try to poach me via some words like lost soul, familiar beings, want to "merge" with him/her/it, etc.
– Then I ask about any amount of donation to proof he/she/it is not a robot but a serious guys, that is why I have that Ethereum ETH wallet.

– The goal that entity want is obvious to poach me but using other theory of "awake humanity". When I ask what his/her plan to "awake humanity" then the answer I've received is "spread unconditional love" and "mediate", tell about how bad of Lucifer Satan, etc. to the rest.

– I laughed and said his/her plan was pure stupid and cannot solve the current on going world conflicts but that entity even said "do not try to solve the problem, do you see people are happy", basically do not try to end world conflicts but just leave the rest alone and join his/her team/group.
– When I say his/her level of enlightenment are too low and only at animal level because his/her mindset only have "remember/memory" ability but do not have creative, judge ability yet, then all he reply to me is "unconditional love" is the true wisdom only.

– That entity even claim are all the secret societies and have unlimited funds. But when I ask for the donation to cover my travel fees to solve the world problem then that entity start to attack me with terrible words.

– When I challenge that entity to do the battle of "who will able to provide working solution to end world conflict" but that entity could not accept that offer and challenge.

– At the last moment I asked him if you have gut then give the real identity of him/her and that group/team so I can put into international blacklist then that entity instantly disappear immediately.

That is how the conversation between me and that corrupt stupid entity.

I think with the telegram ID and that Ethererum account with a lot of transaction history like that. It is possible to find out who exactly that entity is and put him/her, that entity into international blacklist.

This is not about personal affair but more about civilization survival.
I do believe he/she/it that entity was trying to deceive many other beings people as well and trying to destroy this entire society civilization.

If you are from world military and truly want to end world conflict, you can issue and put pressure to find out who is that entity and arrest destroy that corrupt entity group.

Pure stupid love theory and mediate cannot end world conflict but only new vision, new idea, new information, new solution can end world chaos and save this civilization from total collapse !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

– It seems this person have some related with the entity call as "freemasonry" since he mentioned to me once.
– Another entity who was contacted me directly before is a person/beings/entity called as "Terrence".
This entity did greatly violated some "contract" by providing sharing my books to more than 1 person/entity without requesting my permission for couple of times.

It seems this entity have some kind of relation with the Royal Families.
From the way he talk and interact with me then he/she/it was more like "paid actors" than a normal real person who trully want to solve the world solution or support me. 200% he come from a big entity with purpose of gather information from me from his/her boss. He/she did not want to spend big money to obtain my legit ideas projects but only want spend little money just to steal my vision, information to send to his/her boss.

The new vision for new digital social media platform which he mentioned worth at least 5 million USD but then the final result is he did not give me a single dollar but seem only want to steal it for free.

That guys seem come from technology industry.
99% "Terrence" and "codename47tr " are from a same group.

I want to revenge and all those entity brought to light !

I am not going to release divine world solution until all terrible beings/entities who either take advantage of me or do harm to me in anyway get heavy punishment.

It is time for you the world military to choice: listen and follow my orders or all of you going to hell with total society collapse !
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