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Put your money where your mouth is!

Put your money where your mouth is!26-12-2015 13:36
Tim the plumber
To the owner,

This is an idea that I would appreciate and think would be a very enjoyable thing, and make you some money!!

Where 2 people are in an argument they can post a thread where they alone can post and others can read only. Perhaps a side thread with everyone else's comments might be liked somehow...

The two people put in their stake, say $100.

The claim or whatever is being fought over is stated and off they go. When the issue is obviously sorted, judged by you or something, that's the tricky bit, perhaps nominated or invited judges, The winner gets his money back and the 70% of the loser's. You keep the rest.

Plenty of legal disclaimers would be needed etc but hay, what is there to lose? Limited company time probably....

Edited on 26-12-2015 13:37
27-12-2015 16:57
Tim the plumber
Hi Tim

Thanks for the new idea!

But there is exactly a "the tricky bit", as you put it. Who should judge, and when is the issue settled? So if you invite an authority as a judge, say a climate scientist, there will be a lot of disagreement about his/her credentials.

It could be fun with some bets on, but I can't see how I should find the winners in a fair way...


How about if both of the parties involved must agree with the choice of judge first. There can be a few questions sent back a nd fourth to sound out the person etc..

It is the kind of thing where very often you would not want a climate scientist particularly but more often a high school science teacher would be best as if it's cutting edge stuff then it's probably not resolvable outside of a full scientific disscussion/experiment/many papers thing.

It's things like the situation on a different forum where I am having an argument about how many people rely upon glacial ice melting for their water supply. It would be nice to invite them here and resolve such things.
Edited on 27-12-2015 16:57
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