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Conservation of Angular Momentum

Conservation of Angular Momentum29-10-2023 02:32
This is a PowerPoint presentation by University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
It explains effects associated with how the Earth's spin angular momentum is being lowered (slowed). They also state that the Earth's rotation is being slowed by 2.3 milliseconds a century and the Moon is moving away from the Earth 3cm a year. With the Earth's rotation they might be talking about its orbit around the Sun.

Here's what that means over time;

This probably also shows that glaciers have been melting since before Jesus. And when they do the Earth's moment of inertia changes which determines how fast
v = √Gm/r is. And with this, it is an internal dynamic and not external like the Moon is.
And does this affect climate change? Of course it does. Glaciers influence tectonic plate rebound. When glaciers grow both the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates sink in the arctic. And then we're discussing a shift in mass vs effect.
Basically the shift in mass doesn't have an equal effect on the Earth's moment of inertia but it would have an equal effect on the force it applies to the tectonic plates.
Yet what allows for the Moon to influence the Earth's behavior and vice versa if
there's not mechanism allowing gravity to transfer force? This is like that one commercial where they ask you about the easiest decision you can make, there
is dark matter.

p.s., 2,740 years ago, a day was about 18 hours. But what are they basing this on?
Data collected since glaciers started melting? It's funny reading the 2nd article because it disagrees with ice ages when the Earth would have a circular orbit around the Sun while having massive glaciers. That disagrees with a slower spin.
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29-10-2023 18:05
And the moon does not rotate or spin on its axis. Just as Tesla explained more than 100 years ago. Tesla was a genius with photographis memory. Swan is down the toilet with his 130 Iq compared to Tesla.
Edited on 29-10-2023 18:14
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