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concept24-03-2024 17:10
It's hard to conceptualize the larger dimensions. Much easier to conceptualize the smaller dimensions. At least that's my experience.
24-03-2024 18:56
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
It's quite easy to conceptualize your batting average.
24-03-2024 19:29
That's not really helpful, not that it's ever going to matter if i understand the larger dimensions. I'm not talking about the 3 dimensions we're all familiar with.
Edited on 24-03-2024 19:37
24-03-2024 19:55
keepit wrote:
It's hard to conceptualize the larger dimensions. Much easier to conceptualize the smaller dimensions. At least that's my experience.

At the end of the day I'll be giving swan the credit for teaching me. This video
is a stupid attempt on my part to prove to Alan Bauldree (aka swan, etc.) of Homer, Louisiana, USA that he should let me leave his country and have surgery. He represents Jesus, the church and Christianity in my life.

With you keepit, did you ever have a need to work with large dimensions? I served
on 2 aircraft carriers and like planes they occupy a lot of space. And the machine shop I worked in at Boeing, the inside was measured in square acres.
As the video shows, famous scientists will make mistakes. Einstein's is a bit more technical yet showing how it was factored wrong should suffice but it won't. That's not in the video but his v = 4Gm/c^2r is wrong. The r should be r^2 to show a relationship with the Sun's gravitational field. Scientists do not like saying they failed to notice mistakes they should've caught so they'll be resistant to correcting mistakes made by Newton and Einstein.

And swan, aka Alan Bauldree, please explain how r^2 describes a curved surface.
You won't but will say "prove it", why I work for you. You're here, right? All anyone needs to know. Maybe IbDaMann will say you represent the West like the Jude does.
Go Israel!!! Oct. 7th will never be forgotten, never again!! Go MAGA!! Go Denmark and the USA!!!
Edited on 24-03-2024 20:05
25-03-2024 19:39
You guys don't get it, do you? Think The Roman Empire and Gaza is the Coliseum with Judes as gladiators and Palestinians as early Christians. After that during The Crusades fought Saladin. The Knight's Templar was basically the Popes military.
Like scientists who say CO2 is causing global warming the U.N. has failed to enforce U.N. Resolution 181 and its Article 39. That detracts from working on the infrastructure to support a growing world population while allowing for sustainability (Norske socialism?).
And with science that needs to be discussed, it's not because it might require people to think about what policies they support (Norske socialism?).

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