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My Relationship with the Christian Church and Alan Bauldree (aka Swan)

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02-02-2024 19:30
Spongy IrisProfile picture★★★★☆
Climate Debate, specifically this thread, is linked to my report given to the FBI.

Edited on 02-02-2024 19:32
06-02-2024 18:56
Spongy IrisProfile picture★★★★☆
Swan wrote:
Spongy Iris wrote:
Spongy Iris wrote:
James_ wrote:
Spongy Iris wrote:
Hello is this the FBI?

Yes what can we help you with?

An evil parasite is eating me alive. What should I do?

Call a doctor.

Hello doctor, can you help me with my parasite?

You're so full of shit. Let's consider removing your large intestine.

Spongy, your friend said because I am 1/2 Norwegian he will not let me make him look bad. The image (his picture of himself or avatar) before this one was my picture. I have to prove to him that I deserve to have a life. This is Swan/Alan Bauldree/Jubat/Lady SilverRose, etc. He knows using multiple accounts allows him to get people to trust him because it's not him supporting him but other forum members.
And when he's saying he can see why I've chosen a lifetime of scars vs death (not being pushed off of a windmill) what's he advocating for? Any idea? And he's welcomed here but not me. It'll look good that Branner/IBDaMann doesn't believe in censoring someone like him but will censor me to protect him and to give him sanctuary.

In a basement with a church priest?

Is that Swan, a priest of the church from the basement?

A Bauld Face Liar?

Another thing is, I don't think Swan is married to James?

Who is Swan married to?

What is your need to know who Swan is married too?

I didn't notice this question from Swan, until I later reviewed this thread.

True statement, nobody can see the face of God and live.

Why? Because it would make that poor bastard an accessory to the murder of billions of man. Greatest case of medical negligence in the history of the world!

I don't know if I need to know God. But I sure as hell don't want to know God.

08-02-2024 06:32
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Spongy Iris wrote: But I sure as hell don't want to know God.

How do you know until you get to know Him?
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