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I'm Afraid of Alan

I'm Afraid of Alan06-01-2024 04:11
I'll be asking Thailand for sanctuary. How messed up is America? Christopher Bergen of Norway was killed by his American father-in-law for wishing him Happy Birthday! He said he felt threatened.

Yep, All Alan has to say is I'm causing him problems and he automatically becomes the victim. As he told me, I have to do what he wants because he wants to teach the world what it means to be an American and why America is the greatest country in the world. And when a man wants to force another man into a gay marriage, he has been openly supported for over a decade and in my opinion that is human trafficking for sexual purposes. And IbDaMann supports him. Why I'll need to limit my presence online.
And Alan, when the church suffered me to you, you'll also be making the church look like it's a child molester.
Edited on 06-01-2024 04:13
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