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One World Order

One World Order18-02-2024 18:40
Anyone like the EU, England, U.S. and the Christian church who supports Zion supports the 1 World Order.
Branner does not believe in censorship while Germany does. Germany fights fascism within its borders. Swan has let me know what Germans occupying Norway were like and the forum moderators (any forum he is in) approves of this.
With the 1 World Order, I think if Israel would've been more tactful then it would've won its religious war (You don't want to be antisemitic do you?) but they quit playing the victim and became aggressive.
Edited on 18-02-2024 18:52
20-02-2024 14:11
And as IBDaMann said, he does not believe in censorship. He supports Swan. As Swan told me, he'll never let me have a life. And if I mention him then people will hate me but not him. He has shown me that I can live without having other people in my life.
Any science I would do would be Alan Bauldree's and his teaching. It's not what I wanted to learn.
There's simply nothing in life it can do for me. It's only value might be going after the people who have supported and encouraging Swan to own me as a slave or a boy toy, maybe both.
A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" (Galatians 6:7–9).

Since I can't have a life in the U.S. or even online, the Bible and its Jesus isn't for everyone. After all, Jesus died on the cross for Swan.
20-02-2024 15:36
I get it. Swan is a predator and I am sheep. When I flee I am evolving in his image.
Then if I feed europeonds and americant's then they'll say some people are just better. I think
when I flee the West then there's nothing I should do that benefits it.
Just an FYI, I don't forgive. I see where that got Jesus.
20-02-2024 17:20
If I do anything I will need to say that I learned what I know from Alan Baudlree's "Tough Love"
and he deserves the credit for motivating me to learn.

As my "teacher" told me, "Tough Love". That was in 2011 and today here he is saying I can only have the life he'll let me have. And since he's never been banned and has never been moderated, that is because he is my teacher.
You can't lose Alan. I do nothing and you're right, I'm stupid. And if I do anything, it's because you've taught me.
And Alan, people will see this and know this. And they'll know that IBDaMann who claims to be a Dane supports you. Why he's threatened to ban me but would never dream of moderating you.

While going after people who either encouraged or have supported Swan, aka Alan Bauldree. Since I am 1/2 Norweigain I'll be asking if I am in German occupied Norway which means that people who allow for Swan's pursuit of me are fascists.

Who I can emulate. I'll patent an invention. For legal purposes I will say it's mine.
Then I'll have money to retire on
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Edited on 20-02-2024 18:18
20-02-2024 18:35
Yep, as Swan, aka ab hammer said, no using disability as a shield. And here I've been working as soon as I got home from surgery while being prescribed no pain medication. I tried praying but Jesus said I need to be dead before he'll do anything.
20-02-2024 21:09
hayden jordan
bro shut the **** up and be a scitzo somewhere else
21-02-2024 10:43
hayden jordan wrote:
bro shut the **** up and be a scitzo somewhere else

Alan, what you're basically showing with IBDaMann's and Branner's support is that you guys are pro-Israel. After all, Israel's fight for Zion is your fight. And Alan,
I have a nephew who behaves like you and he is NORMAL.
You're different because you're a white supremacist and you know I am 1/2 Norwegian. And as you said Alan, I have to prove to you that I deserve a life in your country. And you just cyber bullying me and stalking me some more in here,
I have to wonder why you're so well liked by everybody online. Not once have you ever been banned from a forum. And when I move to another country, what is it Americans say? We're not in the way, you just need to go around me. And when I leave the U.S. that is basically what I'll be doing.
22-02-2024 01:11
A video I made showing I can work and post (I have my "critics"). It is interesting though, a 2 State solution like what the Jewish anti-defamation league supports probably would've prevented 4 wars while improving the economies of quite a few countries.

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