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Purpose of the Internet and Smart Devices?

Purpose of the Internet and Smart Devices?27-01-2024 18:44
They are tools. Of course as has often been said, math and science is an underlying theme of the internet. It is a byproduct of research and development.
And there is what the internet is, 30 years in the future from 1985 (Back to the Future);

One issue will be owner liability for what happens in their forums. I have posts saved where an owner (one of 4 or 5?) supporting being groomed by what I consider a predator. Is that an example of human trafficking?
When someone is nice to me on the internet, why do I have to like them?
And for the research and math, why do I get banned from forums because I want to discuss science and math?
At what point does the internet become so toxic it's only real purpose is online shopping and entertainment. People who wish to cyber bully, cyber stalk, etc. are not the problem. If I know science then it will be known that my stalker, forum moderators and owners supported abusive behavior which parallels favorably with fascism.
Ever try to work at Johann Bessler's Orffyreus only to be told I want some guys green dot of approval first and it's not Bessler's green dot? And that is in a forum that states its intended purpose is to realize Bessler's invention yet no one builds.
Seriously? No building to realize the stated goal of that forum. Typical internet forum with the exception of rlortie and ab hammer and their Arrache Build Group.
And just an FYI, 2 x 2 ≠ 4.
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