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The Big Tech Companies Make The China Great Internet Firewall Look Like A Good Angel

The Big Tech Companies Make The China Great Internet Firewall Look Like A Good Angel13-01-2021 04:31
The Big Tech Companies Make The China Great Internet Firewall Look Like A Good Angel

You can call all those big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, etc as a scam entities/companies if you want for they are very deserve it.
They are making the China Government's policy (The great internet firewall) is like a very good angel/policy. At least you are not allowed to "join, use" the social media platform, so you can either focus on real life activities or choose other better fairer platform.

But now, when you are allowed to "play" the game, you play too good, then all of sudden, the developer/middle man block/ban/stop you to play for stupid non-sense reason.
It is not only cause frustrated for users, but the bigger problem is that those companies make profit out of user then kick them off, you can call them as as cam service !

You need to remember that without protest/violence, the USA would not even exist by now !

Oh guess what, the US military let that happen,they let those scam tech companies continue to run normally without actions !

You cannot let a secret society/group control the whole big system with more than 1 billion users.

The China Great Internet Firewall has both positive and negative effect.
I am not going into that topic, but if for big tech companies, all the national governments worldwide must apply that law, which is "seize, take control", you cannot let big tech companies collecting data/spying people without doing nothing. They are not better than any criminal gangsters !

All those middle man tech companies should never worth more than $1 billion USD dollar, let's alone many times more like now, their product can easily replicate and every decent tech companies can do it, it is just about databases and few coding.

Those stupid secret societies just made up bunch of idiots beings, who have no clue howto escape the matrix desert !

It is time for all national governments make a move to total defeat those stupid middle man tech companies.

The people vote for the authority government,they do not vote for the big tech to decide what is right and what is wrong. Only the authority have the rights to tell which content is allowed and which one is not.

The end of the monopoly middle man tech companies is here ! I don't see they can exist more than 12 months from now !

Best Regard,
The Savior

13-01-2021 11:12
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I don't do social media, mostly because it seems like a pointless waste of time. I can see it useful for some, who share the same photos, video, and messages with a large family, friends, or group. But, most seem to be open to anyone who cares to look, and may, or may not be factual, or true. It's not really a scam, if they clearly state in their Terms of Service, what they plan to do with the content you provide. Of course, most people never bother to read, when they join.
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