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iceberg (Climate debate in general)24243Today, 02:46
panama canal (Climate debate in general)921147Yesterday, 23:21
The Global Warming Fraud (Climate debate in general)1715069Yesterday, 23:13
I have an idea to correct Global Warming. (Climate debate in general)163526Yesterday, 23:03
weather (Climate debate in general)13267Yesterday, 19:14
Geology (Climate debate in general)488Yesterday, 17:10
Perpetual Motion (Science)848386Yesterday, 05:40
One World Order (Climate debate in general)7165Yesterday, 01:11
Catholic student arrested at school for merely stating "that men and women are different" (Politics and news)9306721-02-2024
How to solve climate change. (Science)34685321-02-2024
This Website Needs an Edit Function (Debate about
Google Scholar so you can do your own homework (Climate debate in general)82263219-02-2024
Puzzle With A Lesson (Fun)21214719-02-2024
Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change? (Explanations)211149319-02-2024
12V DC motor question (Climate debate in general)2433918-02-2024
16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment (Science)111215418-02-2024
$50,000 Reward For Information Leading to Convictions in Arizona Voting Conspiracy (Climate debate in general)287018-02-2024
Lake Mead (Climate debate in general)518716-02-2024
A Gas Can Be ing A Barrier (Climate debate in general)011812-02-2024
Actor Jamie Foxx is now blind and paralyzed due to the covid vaccine that he was forced to take (Climate debate in general)1083611-02-2024
Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Agroecosystems (Climate debate in general)8272410409-02-2024
My Relationship with the Christian Church and Alan Bauldree (aka Swan) (Climate debate in general)82165708-02-2024
Kyle Bass (Climate debate in general)013406-02-2024
KE = 3/2kT and PV = nRT (Climate debate in general)1122605-02-2024
Sen Kennedy D Louisiana (Climate debate in general)111405-02-2024
A Gas Can Be A Barrier (Climate debate in general)114404-02-2024
sos (Climate debate in general)1521704-02-2024
Using fossil fuel is mass murder.!? (Climate Policy)3350504-02-2024
New Posters beware! (Climate debate in general)4033329904-02-2024
Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion (Climate debate in general)8632558104-02-2024
Gravity Has Energy Debate (Climate debate in general)3341403-02-2024
Gizmos (Climate debate in general)5376903-02-2024
climate (Climate debate in general)5770803-02-2024
The USA electricity system - Hourly billing.? (Technology)108135802-02-2024
Using Wind Turbines is Mass Murder (Climate debate in general)317001-02-2024
Do you think the Supreme Court will ban Trump (Climate debate in general)64106131-01-2024
slackers (Climate debate in general)716231-01-2024
Layers of the Atmosphere as Viewed in Blue (Climate debate in general)2255227-01-2024
Basic Mistakes in Math, Just an FYI, 2 x 2 ≠ 4. (Climate debate in general)0127-01-2024
Purpose of the Internet and Smart Devices? (Climate debate in general)013827-01-2024
Thoughts on climate and the government movement. (Climate debate in general)2349227-01-2024
MASA (Climate debate in general)5588327-01-2024
How can climate policy prevent wars.? (Climate Policy)72106622-01-2024
Gravitational Fields (Climate debate in general)938716-01-2024
The best policy.? (Other)226912-01-2024
Troll Songs and Quote identification contest (Climate debate in general)60148811-01-2024
off topic (Climate debate in general)327807-01-2024
Missouri official to remove Biden from 2024 presidential ballot if 'new legal standard' boots Tru (Climate debate in general)021107-01-2024
Biden to be kept off ballot in Florida. Nyuk nyuk nyuk (Climate debate in general)022407-01-2024
The Van Allen radiation belts and the Tropopause (Climate debate in general)533406-01-2024
I'm Afraid of Alan (Climate debate in general)022106-01-2024
Great photo of Nicholas Copernicus (Climate debate in general)1839006-01-2024
The new USA electric tank, the dumbest invention in the history of warfare (Climate debate in general)022305-01-2024
Burn Gasoline and Natural Gas To Fight Against Climate Change (Climate debate in general)2568504-01-2024
Would You Join A New Secret Society Help Humans Live To At Least 200 Years And More ? (Climate debate in general)223603-01-2024
USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier heads home after elevators and catapults fail again (Climate debate in general)022803-01-2024
Happy New Year (Climate debate in general)1241203-01-2024
Every time I say that this board is dead, someone says something to prove me wrong, but (Climate debate in general)934401-01-2024
Perpetual Motion Isn't Possible (Climate debate in general)120208431-12-2023
LOL, looks like the pretend government web page can pretend no more and (Climate debate in general)1941630-12-2023
General motors buys 20 million parts a month from china (Climate debate in general)026828-12-2023
Ho Ho Ho, did everyone send in their Christmas list? A few ground rules though (Climate debate in general)231928-12-2023
Climate Change + Pandemic + Gun Rocket War + Economy Money = Divine World Solution (Climate debate in general)024728-12-2023
Carillon Historical Park - Dayton, Ohio (Climate debate in general)229627-12-2023
July 4, 2023 - Hottest day ever recorded (Climate debate in general)201489925-12-2023
How exactly does an entire message board stop posting? (Climate debate in general)2670923-12-2023
Why exactly is strip mining for coal bad, yet strip mining for Lithium is good (Climate debate in general)941623-12-2023
Physicists 'entangle' individual molecules for the first time, bringing about a new platform for (Climate debate in general)1759121-12-2023
Restoring Alkalinity to the Ocean (Climate debate in general)4051445020-12-2023
The Chapman Cycle (Climate debate in general)111895619-12-2023
And another fake climate board (Climate debate in general)441919-12-2023
Tradeoffs (Climate debate in general)1457718-12-2023
Alabama prison inmate murdered for his heart (Climate debate in general)041011-12-2023
LOL, this video is of a Bessler Wheel demonstrating a complete lack of perpetual motion (Climate debate in general)042011-12-2023
IbdaMann physics mistake (Climate debate in general)55142911-12-2023
@ Harvey55 (Climate debate in general)1262910-12-2023
CH2O (Climate debate in general)352310-12-2023
A Science Test (Climate debate in general)1859309-12-2023
Atmospheric Chemistry and Astrophysics (Climate debate in general)82151509-12-2023
One divided by zero equals one. Not zero or undefined (Climate debate in general)1258308-12-2023
Optical tweezers building qubits out of individual molecules, this is the first step toward (Climate debate in general)044308-12-2023
Understanding the Role of a Psychiatrist in Brooklyn, with a Focus on Williamsburg (Climate debate in general)1459908-12-2023
Math Help (Climate debate in general)53109208-12-2023
Teacher who voted for Biden knocks out student's teeth at basketball game (Climate debate in general)044506-12-2023
Magic or Science (Climate debate in general)749906-12-2023
Geoengineering to Neutralize Ocean Acidification (Climate debate in general)3231057105-12-2023
What a "REAL" American Brings to the Table (Climate debate in general)348005-12-2023
We mourn the passing of climate (Climate debate in general)1562604-12-2023
Tell your old college professors to check out for biogeochemistry (Climate debate in general)307860304-12-2023
None Of You Know The Real Intend, Purpose Of Climate Change Issue On The Media (Climate debate in general)752404-12-2023
86 year old Jane Fonda will only date men in their 20's. Whew I'm safe (Climate debate in general)245004-12-2023
Top Entities Only Want To Steal New Ideas Solutions, Do Not Want To Buy It (Climate debate in general)247203-12-2023
People Do Not Care About Climate Change Environment If They Still Have Money Economy Issue (Climate debate in general)552903-12-2023
Fossil Fuel Substitution for reduced emission of CO2, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium.. (Climate debate in general)3921093001-12-2023
'Greenhouse' Effect? (Climate debate in general)49108930-11-2023
Charlie Munger (Climate debate in general)147730-11-2023
Thankful (Climate debate in general)1159428-11-2023
Definition of a Troll (Climate debate in general)56221927-11-2023
Navy sub hunter with all female crew. P-8 crashes after missing the runway as pilots twirl their ... (Climate debate in general)048426-11-2023
Science and Atmospheric Chemistry (Climate debate in general)657425-11-2023
What if? (Climate debate in general)73136224-11-2023
It is not if, but when will North become South and the Geese will fly the wrong way (Climate debate in general)78158924-11-2023
A Happy Thanksgiving to all, what is on your menu for tomorrow (Climate debate in general)352123-11-2023
Worsening warming is hurting people in all regions, US climate assessment shows (Climate debate in general)2984123-11-2023
Spam in forum (Debate about
The government now wants everyone to ALWAYYS use their real name when using the net (Climate debate in general)2070318-11-2023
Well space x blew up another starship, currently batting 0.0/nada/nothing/zero/zilch (Climate debate in general)050018-11-2023
The new President elect of Haagen Dazs, demonstrating an ice cream filled donut (Climate debate in general)051317-11-2023
U.N. Resolution 181 (Climate debate in general)33103917-11-2023
People who prefer to write anonymously (Climate debate in general)053116-11-2023
Pro-Palestinian protester arrested in death of Jewish man Paul Kessler. Told you so. (Climate debate in general)052016-11-2023
Deadline Pass Without Money, The United States USD Is Officially Gone Now ! (Climate debate in general)255014-11-2023
Who can tell me what the FBI does? (Climate debate in general)053414-11-2023
economics (Climate debate in general)58123414-11-2023
FYI, Mental Health (Climate debate in general)052014-11-2023
The Complexity of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1321022314-11-2023
I The Savior Do Have A Perfect Strategy To Help All National Government Solve Their Financial Issue (Climate debate in general)256113-11-2023
Differences between the past and the present time (Explanations)202847212-11-2023
Palestinians are now murdering Jews in the USA. FBI does nothing as usual, lock and load (Climate debate in general)461312-11-2023
Spread the word (Debate about
Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) (Technology)13785311-11-2023
Pre-COP15 negotiations (Climate Policy)71659211-11-2023
Why are earthquakes more likely to occur at night than during the day (Science)171219609-11-2023
Proof That Too Much CO2 Is An Existential Threat (Climate debate in general)326784907-11-2023
Time to Ban Swan? (Climate debate in general)45117807-11-2023
threats (Climate debate in general)1272906-11-2023
The SCIENCE of the "Greenhouse Effect" (Climate debate in general)2912079705-11-2023
TED (Climate debate in general)58128105-11-2023
Offshore wind projects face economic storm. Cancellations jeopardize Biden clean energy goals (Climate debate in general)761605-11-2023
What If? (Climate debate in general)25145605-11-2023
LSD and magic mushrooms now recommended to cure climate change (Climate debate in general)054105-11-2023
Judge denied immunity, going to prison, which will mean death by beating or stabbing (Climate debate in general)054803-11-2023
Election fraud proven and the election was overturned, the FBI will not investigate (Climate debate in general)055003-11-2023
PARTICLE ACCELERATOR... ON A CHIP (Climate debate in general)42100403-11-2023
Only The Old Religions Can Save This Civilization From Total Collapse Destruction (Climate debate in general)055903-11-2023
Gravitational Attraction (Climate debate in general)559303-11-2023 awaits 100th new member since my first post (Climate debate in general)9110201-11-2023
war (Climate debate in general)861801-11-2023
Atmospheric Chemistry (Climate debate in general)763501-11-2023
Jimmy Hoffa's body may be located which will mean the end of World Hunger and climate change both (Climate debate in general)053401-11-2023
Gov Phil Murphy spent 12,000 taxpayer dollars to see a Taylor Swift concert (Climate debate in general)052631-10-2023
fusion (Climate debate in general)82207130-10-2023
Conservation of Angular Momentum (Climate debate in general)155329-10-2023
There is still no Global Warming science. (Explanations)3833221525-10-2023
Just one simple question (Climate debate in general)39329225-10-2023
Wrote this ethics essay on factory farming, looking for feedback. (Climate debate in general)3487424-10-2023
If Only Perpetual Motion Was Possible (Climate debate in general)461724-10-2023
Science! (Climate debate in general)1069224-10-2023
James Webb (Climate debate in general)1881720-10-2023
My Experiment - A Refresher (Climate debate in general)42119018-10-2023
Book your bargain rate Israeli Tel Aviv or Jerusalem vacation now, free 4th of July style firewor... (Climate debate in general)162518-10-2023
Hossenfelder (Climate debate in general)1490317-10-2023
COULD MOON DUST HELP REDUCE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES? (Climate debate in general)3295016-10-2023
Refrigeration chemicals are a nightmare for the climate (Climate debate in general)365414-10-2023
Jesus (Climate debate in general)2583014-10-2023
Some can take the heat, and (Climate debate in general)272314-10-2023
Greenwashing laws (Climate debate in general)1075012-10-2023
Greenwashing laws (Climate debate in general)167510-10-2023
hysteria (Climate debate in general)673208-10-2023
Quantum entanglement visualized for the first time ever (Climate debate in general)1489707-10-2023
upper atmosphere temp (Climate debate in general)212402407-10-2023
Breaking News. Liberal turd Dianne Feinstein croaked and as such I will mourn in my (Climate debate in general)069430-09-2023
A personal experience for climate change deniers (Climate debate in general)230678729-09-2023
Present temperature spike July '23 (Climate Policy)31183627-09-2023
The food network is now featuring Chinese whole shrimp recipes complete with shrimp shit (Climate debate in general)071025-09-2023
Global warming and the answer . (Climate debate in general)1344922-09-2023
Well it sure is quiet in here, I guess none of you with the top secret clearances are allowed (Climate debate in general)780222-09-2023
The number one cause of climate change that the idiots in the government can't seem to see (Climate debate in general)071720-09-2023
100 mill (Climate debate in general)174120-09-2023
Why was the transponder on the missing F35 not working? LOL because (Climate debate in general)068019-09-2023
Free window estimates? How exactly would anyone give me a window estimate (Climate debate in general)067219-09-2023
Breaking News- Please call 843-963-3600, if you have seen our crashed F35 Lego jet (Climate debate in general)270819-09-2023
The junk F35 has been grounded, and one may be on the way to China or Russia (Climate debate in general)064018-09-2023
LOL did you find the missing 80 million dollar jet yet? Or was it transported to the mother ship (Climate debate in general)065018-09-2023
Official F35 theme song. Another one bites the dust (Climate debate in general)060218-09-2023
Deep state RFKjr assassination plot thwarted, for now. (Climate debate in general)066017-09-2023
The Lake Mead water level is still rising in August, when it is ALWAYS falling. So snow melt is ... (Climate debate in general)155361316-09-2023
fox news (Climate debate in general)3591716-09-2023
How many of the unreleased FBI-Swan Interview files does Trump have? (Climate debate in general)472016-09-2023
Green Hydrogen (Climate debate in general)61172415-09-2023
How many of the unreleased FBI-JFK assassination files does Trump have? (Climate debate in general)45125813-09-2023
IBM quantum experience (Climate debate in general)72171413-09-2023
stephen hawking (Climate debate in general)65135513-09-2023
Halloween Tomatoes (Climate debate in general)162213-09-2023
The deep state has a choice, destroy Trump, or help him get reelected (Climate debate in general)163313-09-2023
Crypto-Climate Watch List (Climate debate in general)5401788209-09-2023
Tom Brady lost $30 million after FTX crypto collapse. Too bad (Climate debate in general)3107407-09-2023
Well it appears that this board is the first casualty of WW3 (Climate debate in general)384707-09-2023
LOL was that a super bimbo demonstrating her only real mental prowess (Climate debate in general)169306-09-2023
If mental illness were defined by a single photo this would be it (Climate debate in general)065506-09-2023
BREAKING NEWS Vaccinated Jill Xiden gets covid for second time (Climate debate in general)069505-09-2023
Climate Change Hurricane Idalia (Climate debate in general)1890703-09-2023
Climate Intelligence Foundation (Clintel) (Climate debate in general)169302-09-2023
Joe the Plumber murdered. (Climate debate in general)884602-09-2023
You may not wave the American flag at any school, in the new Communist states of America (Climate debate in general)178828-08-2023
Seems WW3 is a touchy subject. (Climate debate in general)378028-08-2023
WW3 about to begin as American morons in Belarus told to leave ASAP or yesterday whichever comes ... (Climate debate in general)586128-08-2023
v and j (Climate debate in general)173824-08-2023
Fresh Donkey Meat (Climate debate in general)682523-08-2023
This One is for Harvey (Climate debate in general)80241722-08-2023
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