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Global warming is not anthropogenic (Climate debate in general)6548032Today, 14:45
Could space debris be a challenge for collecting data on climate change? (Other)446Today, 11:28
'Mutual suicide': US issues stark warning on climate change (Climate debate in general)576Today, 03:56
New York residents urged to take precautions to stay warm in the extreme cold (Climate debate in general)592Today, 02:32
Percy (Climate debate in general)41311Today, 02:26
Texans are BEGGING for global warming.....wheeeee (Climate debate in general)66599Yesterday, 22:33
sea ice (Climate debate in general)38736Yesterday, 18:53
Powell (Climate debate in general)26225Yesterday, 08:39
Septic tanks and water pollution (Technology)332441324-02-2021
CO2 monitors can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, experts say (Climate debate in general)1513424-02-2021
The Savior Offer A Special Program To Help You Unlock Your God Body & Live Like Gods (Climate debate in general)12824-02-2021
Soon Governments Will Allow The Rich Money People Spend Their Money To Build New City Town State (Climate debate in general)13423-02-2021
O (Climate debate in general)4929922-02-2021
The Correct Call From The Authority Must Let Everyone Self Study & Dealing With Corona Virus ... (Climate debate in general)14122-02-2021
CO2 ocean uptake (Climate debate in general)306211022-02-2021
polar vortex (Climate debate in general)5443121-02-2021
Free photo editing software, Windows or Android (Climate debate in general)2216921-02-2021
I The Savior Messiah Buddha Reveal Two Working Solutions For Land Conflict Between Israel Palestine (Climate debate in general)2013221-02-2021
Top Secret Controllers, Societies Do Not Know Eternal God So Cannot Find The Savior Messiah Buddha (Climate debate in general)03820-02-2021
Why is it so cold? In ten more years Americans will be begging for global warming (Climate debate in general)3218919-02-2021
perseverence (Climate debate in general)1813819-02-2021
could we slow co2 release in enviornment by engineering a virus to kill wood eating bacteria? (Technology)17421919-02-2021
Each Religion Deserve To Have It Own Pure 100% Followers State Nation (Climate debate in general)23619-02-2021
How To Become Millionaire From $1 Via Mining Cryptocurrencies Within 90 Days Guide Tutorial (Climate debate in general)1433419-02-2021
Are We on the Brink of a 'New Little Ice Age? Woods Hole Oceanographic (Climate debate in general)158112819-02-2021
The Secret Of Gods In Religions, Divine Spiritual Energy Revelation (Climate debate in general)34918-02-2021
My Midwest life...for James (Other)423718-02-2021
The USA Is Vanishing Because Top Leaders, Military Go Against Their Own Principle Amendment (Climate debate in general)47417-02-2021
The Atmosphere and Heat (Climate debate in general)13691917-02-2021
weather (Climate debate in general)2418617-02-2021
warmazombies (Climate debate in general)3235917-02-2021
sea levels (Climate debate in general)115173617-02-2021
Can CO2 capture be a starter for geothermal energy? (Technology)20260317-02-2021
How Liberal Barrack Obama Was (Climate debate in general)05017-02-2021
Just sayin... (Climate debate in general)911416-02-2021
God Made Corona Virus COVID So Do Not Try To Counter It, The More Trouble Will Follow (Climate debate in general)39516-02-2021
Taxes (Climate debate in general)3323616-02-2021
Trump is America's Most Exhonerated President (Climate debate in general)1115215-02-2021
Democrats Don't Even Conceal It (Climate debate in general)4976014-02-2021
The USA Patriot Group Must Setup New Party To Educate People & Win The Game (Climate debate in general)06714-02-2021
The Corona Virus COVID Pandemic Event Has Deep Meaning Beyond Understanding Of Mortal Human (Climate debate in general)711813-02-2021
Florida Is Considering a $6 Billion Storm Surge Option (Climate debate in general)2214413-02-2021
Debt (Climate debate in general)2917113-02-2021
Lispy Leftist List of Linguistic Lunacy (Climate debate in general)1214012-02-2021
Celestial Mechanics (Climate debate in general)3932811-02-2021
The Only Working Solution To End World Chaos Conflict Is Having A New Real Democracy Society System (Climate debate in general)06211-02-2021
Creating culture where we repair things rather than throw away (Climate debate in general)813211-02-2021
Storm Predictions (Climate debate in general)4157810-02-2021
Covid (Climate debate in general)3223209-02-2021
The Next Evolution Of Government & Society System Will Give People More Choice To Live (Climate debate in general)17609-02-2021
Cold beer (Climate debate in general)2225609-02-2021
THE FUTURE OF HYDROGEN POWER (Climate debate in general)1716409-02-2021
I The Savior Will Help US American Finally Have Their Own Nation If Receive Fair Donation (Climate debate in general)17808-02-2021
The 2020 US Election Was Either An Auction Or Attention Grabbing Event (Climate debate in general)17708-02-2021
Why are earthquakes more likely to occur at night than during the day (Science)15214908-02-2021
Going "Green" (Climate debate in general)166130008-02-2021
The truth about CO2 is that without it you would be dead (Climate debate in general)3228807-02-2021
I The Savior Reveal Best Natural Vaccine, Cure For Corona Virus COVID (Climate debate in general)49907-02-2021
not a climate scientist but just had an idea (Technology)1923607-02-2021
The science is absolutely not settled (Climate debate in general)10879207-02-2021
volcanic effects on acid rain (Consequences)888106-02-2021
Flash (Climate debate in general)49606-02-2021
2021 Has Started With A Roar In The North Pacific (Climate debate in general)174157306-02-2021
10 Reasons To Prove That Climate Change is a Hoax (Climate debate in general)8469005-02-2021
Congressman who had second COVID-19 vaccine dose tests positive for virus. (Climate debate in general)3324105-02-2021
News flash (Climate debate in general)2723205-02-2021
Why A Rotating National Policy Is Bad For Business (Climate debate in general)613505-02-2021
TempleOS, Technology Cannot Help You Understand, Talk With God Because You Are Too Stupid (Climate debate in general)513105-02-2021
climate discussion nexus (Climate debate in general)111604-02-2021
Cell Phones (Explanations)3283004-02-2021
gas cooker (Climate debate in general)1322104-02-2021
Good News! There's No Censorship! (Climate debate in general)214803-02-2021
I The Messiah Will Help The Jewish Zionism Group Have Their Final Settlement If They Show Desire (Climate debate in general)612403-02-2021
The Savior Will Reveal Cure That Easily Destroy Corona Virus COVID If Receive Fair Donation (Climate debate in general)313002-02-2021
Climate Change Agreement - Energy Intensive Industries (Climate debate in general)414002-02-2021
The Compound Effect and the Self-Interest of the Individual (Climate Policy)5231002-02-2021
The Next Evolution Of Smartphone Tablet Will Allow Users To Choose Any Software Operating System ... (Climate debate in general)212301-02-2021
When You Know What You're Doing (Other)012501-02-2021
An interesting covid-19 number. If all Americans caught covid-19, then 85 percent (Climate debate in general)3927701-02-2021
Surplus electricity from wind power (Technology)88210001-02-2021
Efficiency of solar panels and windmills (Technology)28265631-01-2021
The Official Divine Cure For The Corona Virus COVID Is Find The Real Savior Messiah Buddha Online (Climate debate in general)312031-01-2021
Should climate scientist try to regrow the glacial maximum dropping sea levels (Consequences)11066831-01-2021
It Is Time For All Governments Separate Real Financial Investment vs Fake Gambling Investment (Climate debate in general)010231-01-2021
covid response (Climate debate in general)6855731-01-2021
torch light (Climate debate in general)1621230-01-2021
How long will the dollar last? (Climate debate in general)1820630-01-2021
fixing (Climate debate in general)8767230-01-2021
The Atlantic Ocean Is Growing (Climate debate in general)2519830-01-2021
The Fastest Way To Solve Climate Change Problem Is Making Plant Trees Become A Competitive Sport (Climate debate in general)2226329-01-2021
Two New Fair Global Financial System Can Easily Destroy Political Power Within All Nations (Climate debate in general)112229-01-2021
Climate (Climate Philosophy)48360429-01-2021
All Nations Soon Will Must Vote For The New International Financial System (Climate debate in general)514629-01-2021
Double and triple masking?? (Climate debate in general)1219129-01-2021
numbers (Climate debate in general)1419428-01-2021
The Land Conflicted Area Will Be Settled Via Plant Trees Competition (Climate debate in general)213527-01-2021
Keepit response (Climate debate in general)5655525-01-2021
The Savior Reveal The Best Solution For World CO2 Carbon Capture To Combat Global Warming (Climate debate in general)114724-01-2021
Diablo Winds And Record Temperatures in SF Bay Area (Climate debate in general)2437923-01-2021
Truth About Game Of Life, The Difference Between Human Part Ascension vs Full Nirvana Evolution (Climate debate in general)115522-01-2021
water supply (Climate debate in general)1526021-01-2021
Food Supply (Climate debate in general)720121-01-2021
The Global Virus Pandemic Are Showing That Separate International & Domestic Flight Do Work, ... (Climate debate in general)216920-01-2021
List Common Mistakes People Made During Their Spiritual Awakening, Human Ascension Journey (Climate debate in general)418519-01-2021
next 4 years (Climate debate in general)5358219-01-2021
stefan boltzmann (Climate debate in general)229255619-01-2021
The Ministry of Propaganda (Climate debate in general)520719-01-2021
The Best Last Method To Verify The Savior Messiah Buddha Is Using Time Travel Machine (Climate debate in general)116918-01-2021
Cool Experiment Idea (Climate debate in general)1633217-01-2021
The Savior Godlike Solution For The Global Economy Trade War: Domestic & International Money (Climate debate in general)219017-01-2021
River Level Surge (Climate debate in general)2133616-01-2021
All Secret Societies Groups Are Making Deadly Mistakes About The End Time & Do Not Understand... (Climate debate in general)120915-01-2021
Physically Speaking (Climate debate in general)623414-01-2021
Electric cars... (Climate debate in general)1732214-01-2021
Pocahontas (Climate debate in general)018813-01-2021
The Big Tech Companies Make The China Great Internet Firewall Look Like A Good Angel (Climate debate in general)120313-01-2021
fossil fuel (Climate debate in general)1331213-01-2021
The Savior Is Offering A Godlike Nirvana Full Ascension Guide For Donation (Climate debate in general)424011-01-2021
The Next Social Media Evolution Will Give The Authority Governments & Users More Power More C... (Climate debate in general)120911-01-2021
41 it happened (Climate debate in general)1834110-01-2021
How A New Business Model Can Easily Destroy Big Tech Companies Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Am... (Climate debate in general)926510-01-2021
Ascension Evolution, Human Super Abilities Power Are All Real, Only The Closed Mindset Is Fake (Climate debate in general)329006-01-2021
The Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) (Climate debate in general)631906-01-2021
Want To Have A Working Solution For Global Financial System, Make Donation Of 4 Millions USD &nda... (Climate debate in general)124605-01-2021
The Flaws Of The Current Global Financial & Government System (Climate debate in general)024505-01-2021
The Savior Will Post 2 Godlike Articles About How Become Millionaire And Ascension Topic Very Soon (Climate debate in general)328804-01-2021
GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!! (Climate debate in general)247280704-01-2021
My New Favorite Organization (Climate debate in general)1333603-01-2021
Arizona will Flip Due to Audit (Climate debate in general)4086603-01-2021
Georgia Will Be Flipped First (Climate debate in general)88128302-01-2021
The False Assumption of the Election (Climate debate in general)7796802-01-2021
Similar to 9/11? (Climate debate in general)024101-01-2021
climate nexus (Climate debate in general)6686001-01-2021
snark (Climate debate in general)2746531-12-2020
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Is Back On WordPress (Climate debate in general)025931-12-2020
Indoor air humidity (Climate debate in general)1132530-12-2020
fossil fuel (Climate debate in general)44130930-12-2020
A True Fair Evolution Cryptocurrency That Can Easily Destroy Bitcoin, Ethereum (Climate debate in general)025230-12-2020
Is Mitch McConnell Being Played? (Climate debate in general)97129529-12-2020
new strain (Climate debate in general)2556329-12-2020
The SETI Hoax (Science)20532728-12-2020
climate (Climate debate in general)115130928-12-2020
A well regulated citizen (Climate debate in general)327427-12-2020
I Totally Missed This - Time Person of the Year (Climate debate in general)635725-12-2020
Climate Change (Climate debate in general)6396524-12-2020
martial law (Climate debate in general)3046223-12-2020
fake news (Climate debate in general)332023-12-2020
Coronavirus testing (Climate debate in general)86107123-12-2020
fake news (Climate debate in general)327222-12-2020
Covid Cats... (Climate debate in general)229122-12-2020
bushfires (Climate debate in general)129221-12-2020
David and the ABC (Climate debate in general)732421-12-2020
microwave (Climate debate in general)2339820-12-2020
Polar bears and Hudson bay (Climate debate in general)330319-12-2020
How are the Borg not Democrats (Climate debate in general)1335818-12-2020
Did Trump just win Nevada? What Happened? (Climate debate in general)5571618-12-2020
Will Michigan Abstain? Arizona? (Climate debate in general)1132717-12-2020
This Should Be Interesting (Climate debate in general)5177417-12-2020
Consider (Climate debate in general)144187916-12-2020
confirmation bias (Climate debate in general)2143916-12-2020
why (Climate debate in general)4990215-12-2020
Trade War Is Not About Economy Money, It About Human Intelligence Development Environment Opportu... (Climate debate in general)028915-12-2020
Limbaugh Is Suggesting Secession (Climate debate in general)1139713-12-2020
Geopolitical Keywords: Messiah, Corona Virus, Trade War, Stocks Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Global ... (Climate debate in general)129313-12-2020
You Need The Savior Messiah But The Messiah Do Not Need You ! (Climate debate in general)129613-12-2020
Tucker Carlson Teaches What Into the Night has been Saying (Climate debate in general)027912-12-2020
Bill Nye, the science guy (Climate debate in general)3555812-12-2020
Ultra Vires - Latin for "Wisconsin will Flip for Trump" (Climate debate in general)5687511-12-2020
King (Climate debate in general)310366511-12-2020
When is the "Warming" suppose to start? (Climate debate in general)3655311-12-2020
Remember Sturgis ? (Climate debate in general)3746911-12-2020
Major Climate catastrophe, Happening Now! (Climate debate in general)429710-12-2020
Net Metering (Climate debate in general)731410-12-2020
Post-COVID syndrome (Climate debate in general)028010-12-2020
Interested in carbon sinking (Climate debate in general)1034009-12-2020
Another Trump Election Fraud Case Thrown Out (Climate debate in general)6170809-12-2020
Norwegian Renewables Nazis (Climate debate in general)934508-12-2020
Election Bombshell (Climate debate in general)4074208-12-2020
Place your bets (Climate debate in general)2641907-12-2020
Simplified Economics (Climate debate in general)164174807-12-2020
Nevada Flipping for Trump (Climate debate in general)332806-12-2020
Medicare (Climate debate in general)129706-12-2020
THE DARK SIDE OF SOLAR POWER (Climate debate in general)1746005-12-2020
Dentists and covid (Climate debate in general)7392805-12-2020
Pennsylvania Election Bombshell (Climate debate in general)032804-12-2020
Green Hydrogen Survey for scientific research (Climate debate in general)636702-12-2020
The Savior Messiah Buddha Reveal Public Cryptocurrency Wallets To Receive & Send Donation (Climate debate in general)551201-12-2020
Climate change for the non-scientists (Climate debate in general)30105301-12-2020
Is climate change threatening the existence of polar bears? (Climate debate in general)1648201-12-2020
Message from above. (Climate debate in general)233430-11-2020
This is a much bigger issue than a case of mere fraud (Climate debate in general)3664827-11-2020
covid19 prevalence (Climate debate in general)3449627-11-2020 (Climate debate in general)6114027-11-2020
2 forces (Climate debate in general)3652123-11-2020
Convinced (Climate debate in general)2859623-11-2020
Why I'm voting for Trump 2020! (Climate debate in general)107158023-11-2020
I Have Easily Defeated Casino Bookies And Become Millionaire In Less Than 100 Days (Climate debate in general)134922-11-2020
How the Jet Stream Influences the Weather (Climate debate in general)4381922-11-2020
coral bleaching (Climate debate in general)161204021-11-2020
Desalination and evaporation of sea water at both poles (Climate debate in general)1044519-11-2020
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