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upper atmosphere temp (Climate debate in general)68605Today, 13:24
Well it sure is quiet in here, I guess none of you with the top secret clearances are allowed (Climate debate in general)024Today, 00:16
A personal experience for climate change deniers (Climate debate in general)1944936Yesterday, 23:37
The number one cause of climate change that the idiots in the government can't seem to see (Climate debate in general)033Yesterday, 18:59
100 mill (Climate debate in general)171Yesterday, 13:13
Why was the transponder on the missing F35 not working? LOL because (Climate debate in general)04119-09-2023
Free window estimates? How exactly would anyone give me a window estimate (Climate debate in general)04519-09-2023
A question about choosing quality home textiles (Other)24819-09-2023
Breaking News- Please call 843-963-3600, if you have seen our crashed F35 Lego jet (Climate debate in general)29319-09-2023
The junk F35 has been grounded, and one may be on the way to China or Russia (Climate debate in general)05118-09-2023
LOL did you find the missing 80 million dollar jet yet? Or was it transported to the mother ship (Climate debate in general)04118-09-2023
Official F35 theme song. Another one bites the dust (Climate debate in general)04518-09-2023
Deep state RFKjr assassination plot thwarted, for now. (Climate debate in general)07117-09-2023
Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion (Climate debate in general)8612112916-09-2023
The Lake Mead water level is still rising in August, when it is ALWAYS falling. So snow melt is ... (Climate debate in general)155251316-09-2023
fox news (Climate debate in general)3534416-09-2023
How many of the unreleased FBI-Swan Interview files does Trump have? (Climate debate in general)415216-09-2023
Green Hydrogen (Climate debate in general)6195015-09-2023
How many of the unreleased FBI-JFK assassination files does Trump have? (Climate debate in general)4555513-09-2023
IBM quantum experience (Climate debate in general)7297113-09-2023
stephen hawking (Climate debate in general)6566013-09-2023
Halloween Tomatoes (Climate debate in general)18813-09-2023
The deep state has a choice, destroy Trump, or help him get reelected (Climate debate in general)19713-09-2023
Crypto-Climate Watch List (Climate debate in general)5401544209-09-2023
Tom Brady lost $30 million after FTX crypto collapse. Too bad (Climate debate in general)353707-09-2023
Well it appears that this board is the first casualty of WW3 (Climate debate in general)330007-09-2023
LOL was that a super bimbo demonstrating her only real mental prowess (Climate debate in general)114306-09-2023
If mental illness were defined by a single photo this would be it (Climate debate in general)012006-09-2023
BREAKING NEWS Vaccinated Jill Xiden gets covid for second time (Climate debate in general)014105-09-2023
Climate Change Hurricane Idalia (Climate debate in general)1833103-09-2023
Climate Intelligence Foundation (Clintel) (Climate debate in general)115102-09-2023
Joe the Plumber murdered. (Climate debate in general)831702-09-2023
July 4, 2023 - Hottest day ever recorded (Climate debate in general)81170001-09-2023
Present temperature spike July '23 (Climate Policy)1766230-08-2023
You may not wave the American flag at any school, in the new Communist states of America (Climate debate in general)125028-08-2023
Seems WW3 is a touchy subject. (Climate debate in general)326128-08-2023
WW3 about to begin as American morons in Belarus told to leave ASAP or yesterday whichever comes ... (Climate debate in general)535028-08-2023
v and j (Climate debate in general)123924-08-2023
Fresh Donkey Meat (Climate debate in general)632123-08-2023
This One is for Harvey (Climate debate in general)80166222-08-2023
Rush Limbaugh cited one of my discoveries on his show (Climate debate in general)85315822-08-2023
How can one afford a new Ferrari on a cop's salary? (Climate debate in general)329519-08-2023
So you trust your doctor and nurse do you................ (Climate debate in general)025218-08-2023
New York City suggests housing migrants in jail shuttered after Jeffrey Epstein's suicide (Climate debate in general)126918-08-2023
itn (Climate debate in general)433117-08-2023
Biden is starting WW3 by sending 3000 troops to Poland/Belarus border and no American media cares (Climate debate in general)1138517-08-2023
Climate change - effects, impact and solutions (Consequences)34840117-08-2023
No more jury trials, the communist judge now fully determines your guilt or innocence. (Climate debate in general)026517-08-2023
Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Agroecosystems (Climate debate in general)7651867916-08-2023
Hilary (Climate debate in general)633116-08-2023
EV Muscle Cars? (Climate debate in general)4170816-08-2023
Magma vortex hypothesis about earthquakes (Science)371403416-08-2023
Notifications/Unsubscribe? (Climate debate in general)1340615-08-2023
Did you know that in 1970/80 microwave ovens cooked food from the inside out? (Climate debate in general)2151913-08-2023
Who do the denialist trolls really hurt? (Climate Philosophy)121165512-08-2023
glad (Climate debate in general)1965412-08-2023
Red Sun Images in England (Climate debate in general)8172511-08-2023
THE FUTURE OF HYDROGEN POWER (Climate debate in general)31131209-08-2023
Electricity (Climate debate in general)1955707-08-2023
Back-testing the climate model(s) (Explanations)1154507-08-2023
The EPA's ambitious plan to cut auto emissions to slow climate change runs into skepticism (Climate debate in general)135106-08-2023
The retards at FOX news claim 74 year old rapist teacher faces 600 years behind bars (Climate debate in general)034804-08-2023
Navy sailors Jinchao Wei and Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao have been arrested for spying for China (Climate debate in general)034904-08-2023
methane leak (Climate debate in general)336303-08-2023
Seattle woman kidnapped and held in cinderblock cage by BLM member (Climate debate in general)034703-08-2023
Chatbots sometimes make things up. Is AI's hallucination problem fixable? (Climate debate in general)541403-08-2023
My real name is Oleg Aleksandr Boris Vasiliev (Climate debate in general)342603-08-2023
Climate Reuse (Climate debate in general)111649303-08-2023
Homemade Ketchup Thread (Climate debate in general)746502-08-2023
The Technology Team & Some Entities Was, Are Preventing The Messiah To Save The World (Climate debate in general)1764502-08-2023
Illegal Chinese-linked biolab filled with mice, medical waste discovered in California (Climate debate in general)038402-08-2023
What is the best linux app ever created? (Climate debate in general)4284301-08-2023
New Jersey Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver dies unexpectedly after undisclosed medical issue (Climate debate in general)136901-08-2023
17 year old cyclist murdered, do not expect the law to investigate, as the cyclist is always at f... (Climate debate in general)036331-07-2023
LOL, the FBI is still looking for Jimmy Hoffa, as 100,000 Americans die of Fentanyl every year (Climate debate in general)035631-07-2023
SELF-HOSTED CHATBOT FOCUSES ON PRIVACY (Climate debate in general)441931-07-2023
Linux is dead on the desktop, so do not even waste your time considering it (Climate debate in general)2670830-07-2023
Scientists say Florida Keys coral reefs are already bleaching as water temperatures hit record highs (Climate debate in general)1462329-07-2023
THIS MONTH'S WORLD'S LARGEST WIND TURBINE GOES OPERATIONAL (Climate debate in general)543729-07-2023
Restoring Alkalinity to the Ocean (Climate debate in general)3771139228-07-2023
I was assaulted yesterday while bike riding (Climate debate in general)63123827-07-2023
If you use any of the following words in a communication, the NSA will know that you are a terrorist (Climate debate in general)946327-07-2023
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Shithead Oconnor dead, please Lord help me grieve (Climate debate in general)039426-07-2023
WHEN IS OPEN SOURCE AI NOT OPEN SOURCE AI? (Climate debate in general)4280426-07-2023
Only New Central Bank Type Appear Can End Global Currency War (Climate debate in general)344925-07-2023
Climate and our youth. (Climate Policy)131063525-07-2023
Ron Desantis involved in crash, it is not known at this point if an RFKjr lookalike was involved (Climate debate in general)139325-07-2023
Woman crashes car into Popeye's because she didn't get her biscuits. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Politics and news)28225725-07-2023
Better than Quantum Computing (Climate debate in general)543925-07-2023
New thread added, no content other than (Climate Policy)560824-07-2023
Just spoke with Dmitri Vasilyev a Russian solar power salesman at my front door (Climate debate in general)245723-07-2023
Proof that the vengeance of God is real. Pfizer building destroyed (Climate debate in general)649421-07-2023
Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and other tech firms agree to AI safeguards set by the White House (Climate debate in general)043521-07-2023
QAnon Group Was Are Deceiving The Rest Of The World For Individual Gain (Climate debate in general)043121-07-2023
USD US Dollar, USA United States Are Deserved To Be Gone Forever ! (Climate debate in general)245220-07-2023
real (Climate debate in general)2064620-07-2023
learning (Climate debate in general)2559619-07-2023
Solar power is a scam. My next door neighbor has solar panels and he pays more for power (Climate debate in general)446119-07-2023
Biden caught leaking secret info to Russia thru its ally Mali (Climate debate in general)551319-07-2023
The Final Departure Of Living Buddha The Savior Messiah – Lời Tạm Biệt Của Phật (Climate debate in general)0218-07-2023
Bodybuilder Gustavo Badel dead of covid vaccine stroke. Ans the real carnage begins (Climate debate in general)3080517-07-2023
Put This Dangerous Stupid Person Beings Entity Into International Blacklist Please (Climate debate in general)045217-07-2023
FBI captures escaped inmate, while letting 1000 illegal aliens carry in 3 tons of fentanyl (Climate debate in general)449716-07-2023
Should judges be allowed to steal from Walmart? This one did on multiple occasions (Climate debate in general)044616-07-2023
"Atoms have consciousness" with images (Trash bin)291095616-07-2023
So is judge Sonia Sotomayor a wise Latina woman, or a racist piece of shit on the bench (Climate debate in general)046816-07-2023
61 (Climate debate in general)045315-07-2023
Welcome to new member tom123 (Climate debate in general)1355215-07-2023
Jamie Foxx seen sitting on a boat, because he cannot stand since his covid 19 vaccination (Climate debate in general)2874715-07-2023
Is Edward Snowden a hero? Should all of your personal phone calls be recorded? (Climate debate in general)4199515-07-2023
"Unprecedented" Wildfires TODAY. Thanks to Global Warming. (Climate debate in general)148492215-07-2023
Send Me Any Amount Of Donation So I Can Try Lottery Luck Method On My Own (Climate debate in general)043815-07-2023
The Ukraine War Will End Immediately If The USA Receive The Benefits They Looking For (Climate debate in general)044115-07-2023
All Sides, Beings, Entities No Matter "Evil" Or "Good" Are Receiving Their Final Chan (Climate debate in general)043714-07-2023
Make A Donation If You Want To Have A Hint Of How The Current World Conflicts End (Climate debate in general)145613-07-2023
All Video Games Should Add This New "Happy Ending" Feature Mode For Better Society (Climate debate in general)447413-07-2023
Florida in hot water as ocean temperatures rise along with the humidity (Climate debate in general)252113-07-2023
How To Become God, Active Super Ability Power, Become Immortal Guide Could Appear Soon (Climate debate in general)146713-07-2023
If Do Not Receive Support Next 120 Hours , My Conditions To Save This World Will Raise (Climate debate in general)450313-07-2023
What strategies work in sports betting? (Other)359413-07-2023
soldiers (Climate debate in general)2061012-07-2023
There is still no Global Warming science. (Explanations)3803034212-07-2023
Ai was used to MURDER a child..............! (Climate debate in general)043312-07-2023
Jamie Foxx blind and paralyzed due to covid vaccine for Netflix (Climate debate in general)39122912-07-2023
Fossil Fuel Substitution for reduced emission of CO2, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium.. (Climate debate in general)386890612-07-2023
I The Messiah Will Release Divine Documents For New Era On Earth In This Conditions (Climate debate in general)043710-07-2023
DOJ, FBI targeting Catholics as 'violent extremists' FBI agents are ordered to shoot to kill (Climate debate in general)044009-07-2023
tech (Climate debate in general)650108-07-2023
CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Global Climate Innovator Challenge (Climate debate in general)665107-07-2023
Happy fourth of July. I wonder how many liberals are eating carbon cooked burgers (Climate debate in general)146506-07-2023
Uses for solid carbon (Technology)301249706-07-2023
Trump appointed federal Judge Limits Federal Government's Contact with Social Media Companies (Climate debate in general)346906-07-2023
Was the cocaine found in the White House actually anthrax spores? Because if so, this was a (Climate debate in general)244706-07-2023
QUANTUM COMPUTING ON A COMMODORE 64 IN 200 LINES OF BASIC (Climate debate in general)347005-07-2023
Catholic student arrested at school for merely stating "that men and women are different" (Politics and news)8197905-07-2023
LOL the unsecret service claims that they found cocaine in the White House and called the fire dept (Climate debate in general)042804-07-2023
Climate change keeps making wildfires and smoke worse (Climate debate in general)554303-07-2023
LOL, Anheuser Busch is shutting down plants and laying off employees due to the woke fag bud ligh... (Climate debate in general)046203-07-2023
AI Robot Soldier Video (Climate debate in general)1159201-07-2023
What kind of service center for smartphone repair? (Other)269630-06-2023
The Netherlands is euthanizing autistic people. So why was it different when Hitler did the same (Climate debate in general)045528-06-2023
White House ridiculed for defending Biden's economic record as 'incredibly popular:' 'Wit (Climate debate in general)043728-06-2023
Geoengineering to Neutralize Ocean Acidification (Climate debate in general)319900426-06-2023
Proof that a gas stove ban is nonsense, and that dempcraps are retards (Climate debate in general)451025-06-2023
Ideas for my seminar paper? (Other)41128123-06-2023
IBM's 127 qubit Eagle chip out benchmarked two supercomputers. Holy Schmoly (Climate debate in general)1558123-06-2023
Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Wetlands (Climate debate in general)96318123-06-2023
Titan Submersible (Climate debate in general)755823-06-2023
Quantum Light Experiment Proves Photosynthesis Starts with a Single Photon (Climate debate in general)1558122-06-2023
Which (Climate debate in general)1050322-06-2023
Где покупаете защитные стекла для телефона? (Other)0122-06-2023
Kur iegādāties aizsargstiklu tālrunim? (Other)0122-06-2023
Raise petition against climate change issues (Other)31116022-06-2023
Question about choosing a mattress (Other)279622-06-2023
Environmental issues, climate change and more (Other)111305522-06-2023
The Rare Group Current Programs (Other)11336022-06-2023
Energy Tips: Maintaining Furnaces and Boilers (Other)21298722-06-2023
Users' Profiles (Other)31154722-06-2023
SCHOOL PROJECT (Other)31123622-06-2023
What Are Trump's Opinions On Climate Change? (Other)251265622-06-2023
Biogeochemistry Debunked (Climate debate in general)21158421-06-2023
Remembering the day that John McCain set the USS Forrestall on fire killing 134 American sailors (Climate debate in general)451021-06-2023
Kent Papers: Book on Amazon ($4.95) (Climate debate in general)136445921-06-2023
Generative AI and area 51 (Climate debate in general)42106421-06-2023
Biden wants to force 'carbon capture' (Climate debate in general)851721-06-2023
A conservative website that gets it wrong about Global Warming (Climate debate in general)351520-06-2023
INTEL TO SHIP QUANTUM CHIP (Climate debate in general)1154720-06-2023
Tell your old college professors to check out for biogeochemistry (Climate debate in general)245587018-06-2023
More breaking news. I have 4 varieties of cherry tomato plants with fruit (Climate debate in general)1288018-06-2023
Why is so messed up? (Debate about
General Question in General Forum. (Climate debate in general)158528918-06-2023
Puerto Rico (Climate debate in general)243318-06-2023
New Unique Vision For A Better Society Model Book Document For Sale (Climate debate in general)140417-06-2023
Why I am here (Climate debate in general)171392317-06-2023
What happens when you expose a fake/sham climate message board??? (Climate debate in general)1653416-06-2023
I have a theory (Climate debate in general)123821816-06-2023
New Type of Entanglement Lets Scientists 'See' Inside Nuclei (Climate debate in general)78204316-06-2023
Training Course on climate change adaptation in a changing environment (Climate debate in general)35332416-06-2023
The SCIENCE of the "Greenhouse Effect" (Climate debate in general)2221848116-06-2023
New Posters beware! (Climate debate in general)3812965416-06-2023
Great Barrier Reef (Climate debate in general)29249216-06-2023
Where the 97% consensus among scientists comes from (Explanations)382017116-06-2023
Carbon losses from soil predicted to enhance climate change (Climate debate in general)52402016-06-2023
What's worse than a moderator? (Debate about
sentience (Climate debate in general)137215-06-2023 - Where have all the members gone? (Climate debate in general)57135515-06-2023
Speaking of morgues, Harvard is now majoring in selling human body parts (Climate debate in general)039315-06-2023
A stereotypical morgue has more activity than this-------> (Climate debate in general)038715-06-2023
This thread is only for members with more than 2500 posts (Climate debate in general)241414-06-2023
password (Climate debate in general)3366914-06-2023
This thread is only for members with fewer than 2500 posts (Climate debate in general)038613-06-2023
socialist (Climate debate in general)4186913-06-2023
Mistakes (Climate debate in general)1963512-06-2023
Actor Jamie Foxx is now blind and paralyzed due to the covid vaccine that he was forced to take (Climate debate in general)760109-06-2023
pence (Climate debate in general)243308-06-2023
Google Scholar so you can do your own homework (Climate debate in general)72227608-06-2023
How covid 19 vaccine caused Jamie Foxx to become blind and paralyzed (Climate debate in general)246908-06-2023
Evolutionary Biology and the Endosymbiotic Theory of Consciousness. (Climate debate in general)111319608-06-2023
Proof that ai is totally fake, because if it was real, you would not need a mouse, because (Climate debate in general)446507-06-2023
You Guys Are A$$holes (Climate debate in general)243107-06-2023
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