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Time Crystal (Climate debate in general)16107Today, 18:43
Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion (Climate debate in general)4224914Today, 17:10
An Example Of A Real Buddha Power Through A Strategy That Help The USA Clear Debt Within 24 Hours (Climate debate in general)018Yesterday, 20:32
The Divine Interference Way To Help Beings Evolve In Each Nations, Civilizations Are Always Unique (Climate debate in general)032Yesterday, 11:54
Septic tanks and water pollution (Technology)4288353Yesterday, 08:19
The New Special Happiness Money Will Lead The Life Evolution On Earth (Climate debate in general)24714-09-2021
The Virus Pandemic COVID War Is About Society Life System Evolution, Not About Human Health (Climate debate in general)810214-09-2021
You Cannot Evolve If You Gambling Your Life Like The COVID Luck Dice War Between Nations (Climate debate in general)02514-09-2021
Perpetual Motion (Science)1171712-09-2021
The Next Big Society Evolution Will Help People Understand Meaning Purpose Of Life, Happiness (Climate debate in general)04512-09-2021
Is Fusion Really Possible? (Climate debate in general)811612-09-2021
Music For Thought (Science)05010-09-2021
Magma vortex hypothesis about earthquakes (Science)9115210-09-2021
How are governments engaging small businesses on climate change? (Climate debate in general)1214409-09-2021
Big Cities (Climate debate in general)3636109-09-2021
From ice core analysis to temperature curves (Climate debate in general)266312809-09-2021
covid vaccine (Climate debate in general)251291108-09-2021
Climate Reuse (Climate debate in general)82229007-09-2021
If You Want To Fully Understand The Secret Of Life & Increase Your Longevity, You Must Evolve (Climate debate in general)28907-09-2021
Humanity Must Evolve Because The Connection Mechanism Between Human Body & COVID Is Similar T... (Climate debate in general)110705-09-2021
Global warming is not anthropogenic (Climate debate in general)9911616104-09-2021
If Humanity Want To Defeat The COVID & Evolve, They Must Use Proactive Herd Immunity Strategy (Climate debate in general)19203-09-2021
My new girlfriend is a warmazombie (Climate debate in general)2331601-09-2021
Engineers (Climate debate in general)126200026-08-2021
How Did TrueCompanion Create a New Thread/Post in a Closed Forum? (Climate debate in general)3137326-08-2021
You Must Choose Your Ascension Path Either Become A Slave Or Stand Alone Nirvana Beings (Climate debate in general)1835425-08-2021
" ruin those ruining the earth." -Revelation 11:18. (Sharing Ideas)021324-08-2021
IPCC AR 6 (Climate debate in general)1527322-08-2021
Come'on man... (Climate debate in general)323421-08-2021
The True Name Of The New Corona Virus NCOV COVID Is Individual Evolution-Or-Die Virus (Climate debate in general)624521-08-2021
BitCoin the main cause of global warming? (Climate debate in general)017421-08-2021
Christianity and "What We Know" (Climate debate in general)829019-08-2021
NOAA is Global Warming's Official Publicist (Climate debate in general)323718-08-2021
greenhouses (Climate debate in general)2248517-08-2021
Warming to climate change (Climate debate in general)526316-08-2021
Here's a nice little collection of predictions that failed. (Climate debate in general)532816-08-2021
Tropical Depression Floyd... (Climate debate in general)122814-08-2021
Industrial solutions (Climate debate in general)7272714-08-2021
Climate Porn (Climate debate in general)427312-08-2021
You Should Not Follow Those Outdated Unripe Guru, Spiritual Teachers Who Living In Himalaya Mountain (Climate debate in general)123912-08-2021
I Have Easily Defeated Casino Bookies And Become Millionaire In Less Than 100 Days (Climate debate in general)24187011-08-2021
The Fastest Way To End The Virus Pandemic Is Using The North Korea Strategy, Policy & Environ... (Climate debate in general)025010-08-2021
Technology Mobile Network Do Help Spread All Virus Quicker Including The COVID, So Just Turn It Off (Climate debate in general)028709-08-2021
Thwarting the Warmizombies' Rush to Wikipedia (Climate debate in general)6490908-08-2021
What Might Help Coal (Climate debate in general)536907-08-2021
sea levels (Climate debate in general)330806-08-2021
caest iron heat stoerage (Technology)873904-08-2021
I The Savior Will Share A Secret Powerful Technique That Will Help You Never Lose Against Any Beings (Climate debate in general)032103-08-2021
257ppm (Climate debate in general)3362402-08-2021
The Elites, Secret Controllers & Their Boss Are Mad Because They Cannot Predict The Future An... (Climate debate in general)033402-08-2021
Corona Virus NCOV COVID Is Each Individual Problem, You Cannot Kill It With Collective Method (Climate debate in general)032102-08-2021
Divine Warnings For All Nations, Entities Who Are Lying, Cheating Virus Pandemic COVID Event (Climate debate in general)439001-08-2021
The World In Chaos Because The Top Decision Makers With Animal Mindset Blind Follow Prophecies (Climate debate in general)334731-07-2021
The New Japan Reiwa Era Is So Secret Special Powerful, Beyond Mortal People Can Comprehend (Climate debate in general)1143331-07-2021
If You Want To Defeat The Evil, You Must Stop Hope Others & Must Believe In Unseen Divine Force (Climate debate in general)033231-07-2021
ASK COVIDEXPERTGFM (Climate debate in general)48182230-07-2021
If You Want To Save Your Family, Your Town, City Please Make Donation & Talk (Climate debate in general)1050329-07-2021
The Little Ice Age (Climate debate in general)839628-07-2021
The USA Must Change The President Election Rules To Make Life More Fair & Interesting (Climate debate in general)136428-07-2021
Black Lives Matter Now Officially Represents Violent Lawlessness (Climate debate in general)1397927-07-2021
Whales? (Other)8157527-07-2021
What The US Military, Leaders Need To Do Now Is Fix Their Mistakes & Save Their Nation (Climate debate in general)034126-07-2021
The Truth Fact About Virus Pandemic NCOV COVID After 20 Months With The Best Solutions For Everyone (Climate debate in general)035026-07-2021
Reasons Why Promoting Using NCOV COVID Vaccine Is Going Against The Unseen Divine Law This Timeline (Climate debate in general)035625-07-2021
Use NCOV COVID To Defeat All Corrupt Governments & Bad Entities, Save The People (Climate debate in general)034125-07-2021
Farming in Iowa, US (Climate debate in general)3367723-07-2021
Final Method To Verify Me The Savior Is Seeking Help From True Buddhist Principal Disciples In Asia (Climate debate in general)036522-07-2021
The Case Of Jesus vs Gautama Buddha Is Giving Some Hint About The Correct Evolution Way (Climate debate in general)036322-07-2021
The Failure Of Globalism Group & Many Secret Intelligence Agencies Are Killing The People (Climate debate in general)138722-07-2021
The Origin Of NCOV COVID Is Come From Some Deities To Slow Down The Collapse Of This Civilization (Climate debate in general)040419-07-2021
If You Treat All Virus Are Equal Then Everybody Has Virus NCOV COVID Since They Were Born ! (Climate debate in general)037919-07-2021
I The Savior Is Helping Worthy Beings To Obtain The Ultimate Life Level Nirvana State (Climate debate in general)547719-07-2021
The Recent Floods In Europe & Fire In Frozen America Show How Stupid Their Government Are (Climate debate in general)140118-07-2021
Want To Know A Real Leader To Trust Listen, To Follow, You Must Read The Bible Revelation End Time (Climate debate in general)340418-07-2021
Hot Water Unit (Climate debate in general)131165817-07-2021
Energy Prices Rising In Texas....Again (Climate debate in general)862416-07-2021
The Virus Pandemic NCOV COVID Only Hasten The Natural Catastrophe Mega Disasters (Climate debate in general)243916-07-2021
We Are Fücked Üp (Climate debate in general)245614-07-2021
The Savior Reveal The New Financial Fair Society Contribution Point System (Climate debate in general)040914-07-2021
The Winning Goal Condition Against The Royal Group Is Defeat The Current Money System (Climate debate in general)141813-07-2021
The Only Solution To Save This Civilization From Collapse Is My New Additional Financial System (Climate debate in general)344413-07-2021
The Real Reason Of Climate Change Is People Too Stupid, Live Without True Purpose Of Existence (Climate debate in general)144613-07-2021
The Eternal Law Rule Of The Universe Is Desire & Existence (Climate debate in general)042012-07-2021
For IBDM's Sake (Climate debate in general)1251412-07-2021
The Natural Mega Disasters And The End Of Few Nations Will Come Within The Next 12 Months (Climate debate in general)244410-07-2021
You Must Understand The Root Problems Of World Wide Society Chaos (Climate debate in general)142610-07-2021
The Global Currency Reset GCR Will Only Occur After A Major Society System Change (Climate debate in general)648910-07-2021
The Only Correct Way To Defeat The Corrupt Babylon Socialism System Is Treat It Like A Video Game (Climate debate in general)042709-07-2021
Human Ascension Evolution Is Real, Open Up Your Mindset To Enter The Gods Level (Climate debate in general)146909-07-2021
To Ensure Stolen Elections (Climate debate in general)1161407-07-2021
Cryto Mining (Climate debate in general)145007-07-2021
The True Meaning Of The Babylon System In The Bible Revelation (Climate debate in general)145807-07-2021
You Must Know All Society Level Structure If Want To Have The Correct Policy (Climate debate in general)044507-07-2021
The Hidden Meaning Purpose Lesson Of The Virus Pandemic NCOV COVID From Super Gods Deities Beings (Climate debate in general)044707-07-2021
The Savior Strategy Can Help The USA Remove Trade Deficit & The Real Life Money Exchange Rate... (Climate debate in general)043807-07-2021
Crypto investments (Climate debate in general)387676107-07-2021
Climate Change really (Climate debate in general)4198707-07-2021
22 Reasons to be Skeptical of Man-Made Global Warming (Climate debate in general)4291706-07-2021
The Ultimate Savior Is Online, Going To Reveal The Truth Of Life Society Civilization (Climate debate in general)146606-07-2021
Congressional UFO Report (Climate debate in general)72164204-07-2021
It's My Gun (Climate debate in general)047204-07-2021
My Health Issue, It Is Graphic (Climate debate in general)1565303-07-2021
And In Today's News (Climate debate in general)1975629-06-2021
The Savior Ultimate Solution For The Global Economic System Is Using 2 Type Of Energy Exchange Paper (Climate debate in general)150927-06-2021
The Savior Messiah Buddha Final Words About The Virus Pandemic (Climate debate in general)153326-06-2021
Many National Governments Going To Collapse For Deceiving People About The COVID Despite Of Recei... (Climate debate in general)667125-06-2021
USA - Attack on Capitalism - Attack on Corporations (Climate debate in general)255625-06-2021
The Epic Way To End The NCOV Pandemic is Educate Reveal Full Virus Working Mechanism To The People (Climate debate in general)257724-06-2021
The Real Proof Why Corona Virus COVID Is A Scam Event To Enslave People (Climate debate in general)153624-06-2021
winter solstice (Climate debate in general)1565423-06-2021
The Great Economy Money Reset Will Kick Off With Various Numeral Systems Return Back To The Land (Climate debate in general)1564722-06-2021
Mandatory vaccination (Climate debate in general)84249022-06-2021
Many Sports Becoming Commercial Business Money Industry Instead Of Real Spirit Fighting Battle (Climate debate in general)255620-06-2021
Virus Is Good For Life But Stupid Uneducated People Make It Look Bad (Climate debate in general)156119-06-2021
CO2 sensor (Climate debate in general)1265619-06-2021
The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings (Climate debate in general)559019-06-2021
IT'S A TRAP!! (Climate debate in general)452019-06-2021
The Corona Virus NCOV COVID Made By Super Deities, Religion Gods Like For Few Reasons (Climate debate in general)556418-06-2021
All Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies Groups Will Never Able To Find The Savior Messiah Bud... (Climate debate in general)048718-06-2021
Words, Languages Is The Highest Level Connection Between People & The Only Tool Help You To U... (Climate debate in general)246818-06-2021
firemen (Climate debate in general)245818-06-2021
Physical Meeting Directly With Me The Savior Messiah Buddha Final Offer (Climate debate in general)141218-06-2021
If CO2 Is The True Cause Of Climate Change So Why Ancient Lost Civilizations With Zero CO2 Collap... (Climate debate in general)142617-06-2021
Drought problem (Climate debate in general)2162517-06-2021
All Intelligence Services, Secret Societies Groups Better Disband Because They Are Too Stupid (Climate debate in general)039417-06-2021
Why are we fighting clomate change, rather than preparing for changes? (Climate debate in general)244517-06-2021
And We Might Be Seeing More (Climate debate in general)146214-06-2021
EU expansion and other things (Climate debate in general)5102614-06-2021
Driver's Education (Climate debate in general)042614-06-2021
The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation (Climate debate in general)755613-06-2021
Peru (Climate debate in general)648612-06-2021
Thwaites glacier (Climate debate in general)2160812-06-2021 Will Be Closed On July 1st 2021 & I Messiah Buddha Will Disconnect With You... (Climate debate in general)745612-06-2021
The Day After Tomorrow (Climate debate in general)2060410-06-2021
Peru (Climate debate in general)145109-06-2021
The Corona Virus NCOV Event Only End After The Public Receive 2 Satisfy Answer Of The Origin &... (Climate debate in general)452009-06-2021
Want To Eliminate Corona Virus COVID, You Just Need Turn Off All Technology Devices ! (Climate debate in general)343408-06-2021
I am back (Climate debate in general)245307-06-2021
The Reasons You Must Stay Away From All The Corrupt Governments Groups & Use Your Own Mindset (Climate debate in general)040307-06-2021
The Difference Between Me The Savior Messiah Buddha vs Those Religions Gods Beings (Climate debate in general)139906-06-2021
All Beings Entities Who Are Behind The Pandemic COVID Has Moral Below Animals & Deserved To B... (Climate debate in general)1654804-06-2021
Little Rico? (Climate debate in general)1558704-06-2021
Droughts Continue in the West (Climate debate in general)36108601-06-2021
Polar vortex regains it's shape and position over the Arctic Video!!! (Climate debate in general)544001-06-2021
Education system future. (Climate debate in general)50142829-05-2021
We Need to Panic (Climate debate in general)447028-05-2021
The Final Best Answer Solution For Both Climate Change & Corona Virus COVID Is Moringa Tree (Climate debate in general)1464026-05-2021
Polar vortex pattern suggest we could have a repeat of the 2010 wildfires and drought in Russia! ... (Climate debate in general)1464014-05-2021
Climate change by how we use the sun? (Climate debate in general)874709-05-2021
Basic Physics (Climate debate in general)569609-05-2021
farewell (Climate debate in general)782206-05-2021
FATAL FLAWS (Climate debate in general)1680802-05-2021
solar power (Climate debate in general)41124702-05-2021
God Exists! Security video proves it... (Climate debate in general)1881101-05-2021
alpine skiing (Climate debate in general)770130-04-2021
Is warming caused by increased spectrum usage. (Climate debate in general)1891229-04-2021
US Water Shortaages (Climate debate in general)2691828-04-2021
Blocking out the Sun, to reduce global warming... (Climate debate in general)464027-04-2021
John Kerry is a GENIUS!!!!!!! (Climate debate in general)667124-04-2021
Racist Sexist Xenophobic AND Erroneous "don'T rump" Pratfalls (Climate debate in general)49435423-04-2021
A better alternative (Private Climate Policy)7793323-04-2021
Does anyone know what powers a Chinese electric car? (Climate debate in general)169022-04-2021
Ideation on Entropy, Life, Civilization, and Fractals (Climate debate in general)678122-04-2021
Climate overview: erratic polar vortex - cold anomalies over the US and Europe video!!! (Climate debate in general)159722-04-2021
Fossil fuels (Climate debate in general)149249219-04-2021
Math (Climate debate in general)2491318-04-2021
golly wolly polywoggles (Climate debate in general)59113017-04-2021
SkS booted me Again (Climate debate in general)2887215-04-2021
Cindy McCain - Republican or Democrat (Climate debate in general)363414-04-2021
Mystery flower (Climate debate in general)772311-04-2021
I need help! (No, I'm not crazy, much...) (Climate debate in general)267010-04-2021
SKS (Climate debate in general)1283010-04-2021
Dr. Tobin, (Climate debate in general)2787609-04-2021
Liberal "Logic" re: Solar Energy (Climate debate in general)569909-04-2021
I should have listened to lefties about covid.......... (Climate debate in general)970409-04-2021
Tree rings (Climate debate in general)463909-04-2021
attitude (Climate debate in general)3699908-04-2021
UAH - The University of Alabama in Huntsville (Climate debate in general)462408-04-2021
For Harvey55 (Climate debate in general)31106407-04-2021
suez canal (Climate debate in general)473305-04-2021
percentages (Climate debate in general)667905-04-2021
The new USA (Climate debate in general)1783104-04-2021
proximate cause (Climate debate in general)65118204-04-2021
Possible fake news (Climate debate in general)1072004-04-2021
Dentists and covid (Climate debate in general)97278703-04-2021
Church of the Mask -- "Magick Mask Argument" (Climate debate in general)94271402-04-2021
The Root Problem Of Life Chaos, Suffering Is Because People Do Not Fully Understand, Control Envi... (Climate debate in general)276401-04-2021
Why you'll never meet a white supremacist who cares about climate change (Climate debate in general)15181031-03-2021
Deadly Glaciers (Climate debate in general)1474231-03-2021
Florida Climate Change, video evidence. (Climate debate in general)1279929-03-2021
The truth about how climate change is changing golf (Climate debate in general)067028-03-2021
An Example of Negative Work (Climate debate in general)873828-03-2021
universe (Climate debate in general)148221428-03-2021
The Global Chaos Cannot Bring Any Divine Beings To Help You Guys (Climate debate in general)067228-03-2021
Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) (Technology)12144527-03-2021
protestors (Climate debate in general)464927-03-2021
Emission free natural gas (Technology)2133625-03-2021
Black Holes Might Not Be Black Holes (Climate debate in general)39114524-03-2021
Oilfield Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Technology)34156824-03-2021
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