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Global warming is not anthropogenic (Climate debate in general)3523637Today, 02:24
Boeing Moving Out of Seattle? (Climate debate in general)310024-09-2020
volcanic effects on acid rain (Consequences)38624-09-2020
You are (Climate debate in general)1041123-09-2020
Tides is the result of the rotation of the Earth and whirlpools. (Science)45658523-09-2020
The Climate Conference Joke (Climate debate in general)04522-09-2020
California Wildfires, Trumps Fault? (Climate debate in general)8962621-09-2020
CO2Transformers (Events etc.)15321-09-2020
August 2020 second warmest August on Record (Climate debate in general)2423321-09-2020
lord Monckton (Climate debate in general)17120-09-2020
IQ-s of climate debaters (Climate debate in general)08319-09-2020
Climate Change - Who's Got the Score? (Climate debate in general)7447619-09-2020
In the Year 2025 (Climate debate in general)612719-09-2020
The SETI Hoax (Science)19452019-09-2020
evac (Climate debate in general)1825817-09-2020
Bases (Climate debate in general)48017-09-2020
Phosphine (Climate debate in general)39017-09-2020
It is 2351 (11:51 p.m.) on 15 September (Climate debate in general)78216-09-2020
The Perfect Solution To Remove Conflict Problems In The South China East Asia Sea (Climate debate in general)39816-09-2020
Zombie apocolypse (Climate debate in general)168259015-09-2020
Demonstration of radical climate change (Climate debate in general)2329715-09-2020
The NCOVID Lock Down Prove CO2 Emission Do Not Cause Global Warming Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1219515-09-2020
The Next Evolution Of Fuel Energy, Raw Materials Is Natural Fusion (Climate debate in general)69815-09-2020
The Future Of Energy Industry Is Magic Fusion Clean Coal, Not Renewables (Climate debate in general)812914-09-2020
herd immunity (Climate debate in general)1013014-09-2020
Sturgis (Climate debate in general)2827414-09-2020
3 phases to CC (Climate debate in general)8487512-09-2020
An example of "Hot" Attracting "Cold" (Climate debate in general)1422611-09-2020
Technology Stuffs Cause Climate Change Global Warming, Bring Natural Catastrophe Disaster Sooner (Climate debate in general)310910-09-2020
Help Me Out Here (Climate debate in general)714209-09-2020
The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation (Climate debate in general)2435709-09-2020
The Secret Global Currency Reset Battle Between Various Groups & Future Revelations (Climate debate in general)915709-09-2020
Don't forget about Pearl Harbor (Climate debate in general)1422908-09-2020
The Belarus Protest Is A Golden Opportunity To Rebirth The Soviet Union & Make It Better For All (Climate debate in general)112207-09-2020
Atmosphere (Climate debate in general)4743207-09-2020
You are what you eat (Climate debate in general)414705-09-2020
July 2020 - Feeling the Heat? (Climate debate in general)7680404-09-2020
The ACTUAL Percentage of Atmospheric CO2 (Climate debate in general)6478503-09-2020
Climate change for the non-scientists (Climate debate in general)2939903-09-2020
Venus is hotter than Mercury?!? (Climate debate in general)10951835303-09-2020
New High Temperature Records Again Outpace Lows (Climate debate in general)3152402-09-2020
Public Cure For Corona Virus NCOV Is Set Of 5 Hidden Teachings From 5 Different Religions In 10 Days (Climate debate in general)1019902-09-2020
Septic tanks and water pollution (Technology)236207302-09-2020
Understand Humanity Life On Earth Through A Real Life Example (Climate debate in general)214602-09-2020
County Courthouse (Climate debate in general)720831-08-2020
You Should Wonder How The World Savior Will Appear And Help Save This Civilization (Climate debate in general)111831-08-2020
Apocalyptic Hurricane to Make Landfall (Climate debate in general)2732830-08-2020
All Royal Families, Monarchy, National Governments Must Contact Online With Me The World Savior B... (Climate debate in general)619930-08-2020
Doctors to study possible long-term effects on patients that died from COVID-19 (Climate debate in general)416828-08-2020
Candle Hypothesis (Climate debate in general)2034727-08-2020
I feel left out (Climate debate in general)1125227-08-2020
How To Make Religions Better Easier For People To Study To Understand By The Savior (Climate debate in general)114127-08-2020
conflicting rights (Climate debate in general)5762726-08-2020
posting pictures (Climate debate in general)1419726-08-2020
The Ultimate Secret Of Language, Number, Religion, Education, Science, Technology (Climate debate in general)113726-08-2020
Christian People Do Not Understand Correctly About Jesus's Teaching, Here Is The Eternal Truth (Climate debate in general)315925-08-2020
Wonder What GasGuzzler Is Doing Now? (Climate debate in general)018325-08-2020
Covid19 (Climate debate in general)157205625-08-2020
The Next World Revolution Is Allow Qualify People Community To Form Their Own Nation (Climate debate in general)218922-08-2020
The Third Temple Is Already Up In Jerusalem Israel But People Do Not Know That (Climate debate in general)1324922-08-2020
The Perfect Divine Condition For World Peace Is New Smaller Piece Nations (Climate debate in general)117620-08-2020
CDC Director (Climate debate in general)1627819-08-2020
Dr. Birx (Climate debate in general)620519-08-2020
New Temperature High Recorded in Death Valley (Climate debate in general)1928919-08-2020
If You Want To Have A Better Eternal Life, You Must Seek Help & Go Join The Savior's World (Climate debate in general)118018-08-2020
Ammonium Nitrate explosive?? (Science)324818-08-2020
Humanity Must Take Control Of Their Own Destiny, Stop Relying On Others (Climate debate in general)118018-08-2020
Many Illusion Communities Lightworker, Spirituality, Scandal Conspiracy Must Face Life Reality Truth (Climate debate in general)017018-08-2020
sea ice (Climate debate in general)720917-08-2020
Trump Will Win Reeleection (Climate debate in general)1732017-08-2020
The Full Earth Society Structures Beyond Any Education You Have Learned (Climate debate in general)222217-08-2020
Another week, more new high temperature records (Climate debate in general)1120717-08-2020
Like Death and Taxes, Something Else We Can Rely On (Climate debate in general)1224415-08-2020
July 2020: the second warmest July on Record. (Climate debate in general)2631515-08-2020
Black Lives Matter Now Officially Represents Violent Lawlessness (Climate debate in general)1125814-08-2020
The Godlike Lifestyle Formula Will Help You Get Smarter, Richer, More Beauty, Live To 200 Years (Climate debate in general)1025814-08-2020
Many Secret Societies Groups Governments Are Making Many Catastrophe Deadly Mistakes (Climate debate in general)118614-08-2020
CO2 sensor (Climate debate in general)119812-08-2020
People Die Because They Do Not Fully Understand The Bible Devil Fruit Of Knowledge Wisdom (Climate debate in general)522512-08-2020
Historic ocean acidification (Explanations)64418911-08-2020
American Indian Heritage (Climate debate in general)422311-08-2020
US climate for July 2020 (Climate debate in general)3631111-08-2020
Sturgis (Climate debate in general)1730811-08-2020
hurricanes and cyclones (Climate debate in general)3290710-08-2020
residual impairments (Climate debate in general)928009-08-2020
Germanic Republic of Saxony Historical Project (Other)444309-08-2020
Understanding Why The Natural Disasters Come: Floods, Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano Eruption (Climate debate in general)018909-08-2020
You Are Living In A Trap Endless Matrix Worlds: Dejavu, Lucid Dream, Time Travel, Novels, Movies (Climate debate in general)323909-08-2020
The Public Cure Revelation For The Corona Virus NCOV Must Related To Climate Change (Climate debate in general)221709-08-2020
The Savior Legend Want To Have A Direct Conversation With Leaders, Entities Who Behind Many Nations (Climate debate in general)933407-08-2020
Understanding Earth Map: Global Warming Climate Change Caused By Humans Stupid Activities (Climate debate in general)527407-08-2020
A Real American (Climate debate in general)1128607-08-2020
climate models (Climate debate in general)628705-08-2020
economic (Climate Policy)31405205-08-2020
Citizen's Climate Lobby Australia (CCLA) (Climate debate in general)1938304-08-2020
If Democrats Gain Control of Congress (Climate debate in general)1934604-08-2020
The Definition of an Average Climate (Climate debate in general)6478503-08-2020
People Either Do Not Fully Understand Corona Virus NCOV Or Being Deceived By The Media Governments (Climate debate in general)123303-08-2020
residual impairments (Climate debate in general)1028802-08-2020
Church of the Mask -- "Magick Mask Argument" (Climate debate in general)91128102-08-2020
Mystery Seeds Sent From China? (Climate debate in general)429901-08-2020
Which side are you on? (Climate debate in general)429631-07-2020
The Corona Virus NCOV Is Harmless If You Body Is Clean Healthy But Dangerous If Your Body Is Dirt... (Climate debate in general)021831-07-2020
The Eternal Truth & Real Mechanism Of The Corona Virus NCOV You Must Know (Climate debate in general)126130-07-2020
Experiment (Climate debate in general)4476129-07-2020
A tale of 2 families (Climate debate in general)1736927-07-2020
5% (Climate debate in general)831227-07-2020
Citizens Climate Lobby Australia (Climate debate in general)4897627-07-2020
2% (Climate debate in general)88111825-07-2020
Why are earthquakes more likely to occur at night than during the day (Science)10126724-07-2020
There is still no Global Warming science. (Explanations)3411802922-07-2020
Less CO2 (Climate debate in general)1043122-07-2020
The World for which tmiddles Advocates (Climate debate in general)330022-07-2020
immunity and organ damage (Climate debate in general)8693718-07-2020
US Climate in June 2020 (Climate debate in general)118121118-07-2020
JUNE 2020 GLOBAL CLIMATE (Climate debate in general)4360116-07-2020
I can't find any info on this online (Climate debate in general)533614-07-2020
The Questions that Need to be Answered (Climate debate in general)4784414-07-2020
CO2 level to cause harm (Climate debate in general)1841813-07-2020
So I did a little experiment....... (Climate debate in general)1746211-07-2020
BLM has Replaced Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1644911-07-2020
One reason for social distancing/isolation (Climate debate in general)768943610-07-2020
Covid19's future (Climate debate in general)1337510-07-2020
NET THERMAL RADIATION : You in a room as a reference. (Explanations)303771409-07-2020
The Genesis (Climate debate in general)1235108-07-2020
Tangier Island , should it be used as an example? (Consequences)283773107-07-2020
This Is Odd (Climate debate in general)1241605-07-2020
It is not possible to measure the temperature of the Earth (Climate debate in general)132195005-07-2020
new words the Dunkstar has learned (Climate debate in general)1137804-07-2020
Redskins To Change Name (Climate debate in general)029404-07-2020
hudson bay sea ice (Climate debate in general)1643301-07-2020
Measuring the Earth's Surface Temperature (Climate debate in general)534801-07-2020
Not such good news (Climate debate in general)3259701-07-2020
Attachment Test (Climate debate in general)947101-07-2020
Once Again, High Temperature Records Outpace Low by a Wide Margin (Climate debate in general)443029-06-2020
Climate Change (Climate debate in general)3462528-06-2020
Sea Levels to rise by 1m by 2100 if global emissions target missed!! (Climate debate in general)233928-06-2020
Brandolini's Law- Applicable to Climate Change Hoax (Fun)043228-06-2020
Fox news (Climate debate in general)235128-06-2020
Confirmed: Convection is a Factor in Thermal Energy Flow (Climate debate in general)736628-06-2020
factions (Climate debate in general)433326-06-2020
Which is more important? (Climate debate in general)937425-06-2020
BLM Protests are PEACEFUL !!! Indiscriminantly (Climate debate in general)436524-06-2020
Coronaflu is DEADLY! (Climate debate in general)330524-06-2020
The cause of global warming explained (Climate debate in general)6077824-06-2020
Wisdom (Climate debate in general)026224-06-2020
Symptoms (Climate debate in general)6985723-06-2020
ICE AGE?: Is The End OF The Interglacial Phase Coming Or Have We Accidentally Saved Humanity With... (Climate debate in general)144178723-06-2020
Fighting climate change by restoring nature (Climate Policy)839523-06-2020
Satellites (Climate debate in general)263346722-06-2020
how many (Climate debate in general)2745822-06-2020
CO2 (Climate debate in general)534221-06-2020
NEW HIGH TEMPERATURE RECORDS CONTINUE TO OUTPACE LOW (Climate debate in general)637419-06-2020
MAY 2020 CLIMATE SUMMARY (Climate debate in general)5269419-06-2020
good news and speculation (Climate debate in general)1239619-06-2020
crazeee (Climate debate in general)129417-06-2020
Loaded question (Climate debate in general)2851917-06-2020
Critical mass (Climate debate in general)3947316-06-2020
1998 (Climate debate in general)2243216-06-2020
patient 1, patient 2 (Climate debate in general)1536615-06-2020
No more economic lockdowns?? (Climate debate in general)3348215-06-2020
school curriculum (Climate debate in general)131412-06-2020
Capture and Sequester (Climate debate in general)1037211-06-2020
1st law, 2nd law, stefan boltzman, plank (Climate debate in general)1744011-06-2020
I like this (Climate debate in general)1545208-06-2020
Can We Close This Out? (Climate debate in general)339208-06-2020
Quickest way to cool down the planet (Climate debate in general)2059907-06-2020
Percentages (Climate debate in general)144211805-06-2020
The Heat Goes On (Climate debate in general)1447705-06-2020
BREAKING NEWS! April 2020 - 2nd Warmest April on record. (Climate debate in general)97144305-06-2020
The Global Warming Fraud (Climate debate in general)1861005-06-2020
sea levels (Climate debate in general)45139105-06-2020
apod (Climate debate in general)1741504-06-2020
Empirical Evidence for Man-made Global Warming (Climate debate in general)161203703-06-2020
Climate change - effects, impact and solutions (Consequences)661501-06-2020
Nils-Axel Mörner (Climate debate in general)380495129-05-2020
How a cooler body heats a warmer body. (Climate debate in general)86135127-05-2020
How to Control Climate and Clean it (Climate debate in general)3156426-05-2020
2020.05.17 COVID 19 UPDATE (Climate debate in general)2655721-05-2020
where all the co2 at (Climate debate in general)139720-05-2020
The Real God (Climate debate in general)037719-05-2020
Electric cars vs ICE cars (Technology)22204715-05-2020
Does the absence of empirical evidence for CAGW give you pause for thought? (Climate debate in general)48100413-05-2020
the coming little ice age will wreck havoc on global economy (Climate debate in general)660313-05-2020
80 year moving average data (Climate debate in general)88686413-05-2020
Is Covid-19 killing climate activists? (Climate debate in general)142209-05-2020
Has Anybody Seen The New Netflix Show, Into The Night? (Climate debate in general)045206-05-2020
How society will positively advance (Climate debate in general)89175306-05-2020
Insect Apocalpse (Climate debate in general)650903-05-2020
Why Shutting Down The Economy Was Necessary (Climate debate in general)1262802-05-2020
Climate change kilied Norwegian vikings. (Climate debate in general)960901-05-2020
Nature stops humans burning fossil fuel (Climate debate in general)145401-05-2020
Meat Packing Plants (Climate debate in general)143101-05-2020
Global Warming (not necessarily caused by people) will release nasty extinct viruses from tens of... (Climate debate in general)149101-05-2020
Climate Change And Covid19 (Climate debate in general)83140201-05-2020
New Zealand (Climate debate in general)851201-05-2020
Republican (Climate debate in general)89155330-04-2020
microcosm (Climate debate in general)3563930-04-2020
Did A Socialist Country Take The Right Approach? (Climate debate in general)246929-04-2020
Organ damage (Climate debate in general)2866629-04-2020
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