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Puzzle With A Lesson

Puzzle With A Lesson18-07-2017 05:39
A prison was overcrowded. Rather than simply release a prisoner, or perhaps more than one, the warden created a challenge. He brought three prisoners into a room and gave them the rules of the challenge. Each prisoner would have a hat put onto his head from behind him. The bag contained three black hats and two red hats. If a prisoner could tell the warden the color of the hat on his own head, he would immediately be freed. If he guessed, and guessed wrong, he would be executed immediately. (So nobody guesses, preferring not to be executed.)

1st Prisoner: Looks at #2 and #3 and then declares, "I don't know."
2nd Prisoner: Looks at #1 and #3 and then declares, "I don't know."
3rd Prisoner is blind: He declares "I know!"

Does he?

The deeper lesson will follow the solution, if anyone can solve it.
08-05-2018 04:13
Three hundred eighty-five views and not one person could solve the problem.
Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

The first prisoner does not see two red hats on #2 and #3.

The second prisoner does not see two red hats on #1 and #3, but all he needs to see is a red hat on #3 to know his own hat is black. Since he does not see a red hat on #3, #2 also says "I don't know."

#3 properly deduces his own hat must be black, and he is released.

So very many enlightened and educated people have all the information they need, but they don't know the answer.
19-02-2024 04:18
Deeper Lesson (very belatedly):

Even when you have all of the information, you may draw the wrong conclusion, but think you are right. Such is the Climate Change Cult.

Now another challenging question.

Old English Riddle

As I was walking to St. Ives
I met a man with seven wives.
Each wife had seven sacks.
Each sack had seven cats.
Each cat had seven kits.
Kits, cats, sacks, wives,
How many were going to St. Ives?

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