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The Kent Papers: NEW THERMODYNAMICS: HOW MANKIND'S USE OF ENERGY INFLUENCES CLIMATE CHANGE (Climate debate in general)11132302-02-2023
Anyone explain how does N2 and O2 don't absorb electromagnetic radiation? (Climate debate in general)49292802-02-2023
The Kent Papers: New Thermodynamics: The Second Law Buried by Illusions (Climate debate in general)21144501-02-2023
The Kent Papers: Entropy - An Ill-Conceived Mathematical Contrivance? (Climate debate in general)0118301-02-2023
There is no scientific theory or evidence that suggest CO2 traps heat better than O2 or N2 (Climate debate in general)5332079630-01-2023
NET THERMAL RADIATION : You in a room as a reference. (Explanations)6222642330-01-2023
BREAKING NEWS. New covid variant XBB.1.5, more likely to infect those who are vaccinated (Climate debate in general)80252628-01-2023
Septic tanks and water pollution (Technology)4521932527-01-2023
Preschool teacher posting naked from the preschool bathroom. (Climate debate in general)0118026-01-2023
Any upside to climate change? (Climate debate in general)91273225-01-2023
USA Nuclear codes found in Bidens garage as yet more documents found (Climate debate in general)3132424-01-2023
UN says ozone layer slowly healing, hole to mend by 2066 (Climate debate in general)82273924-01-2023
FBI agent who led the Trump Russia probe arrested for ties to Russian oligarch, and money laundering (Climate debate in general)2123924-01-2023
Pizzly Bears (Climate debate in general)185534823-01-2023
Jurassic Dominion (Climate debate in general)5125723-01-2023
Who is who on (Debate about
Gay couple adopted children in order to rape them and bragged about this (Climate debate in general)0120321-01-2023
Hit and run driver shot to death after running over mother and child (Climate debate in general)5122721-01-2023
The USS Bonhomme Richard was destroyed by a LITHIUM ION BATTERY FIRE (Climate debate in general)1125220-01-2023
how has joe biden affect climate change? (Climate Policy)1289119-01-2023
Funny how I called my wife Gina Lollobrigida just this morning, and now Gina is dead (Climate debate in general)1129117-01-2023
Military abandons vaccine requirement and Army lessens recruit standards (Climate debate in general)2127814-01-2023
Eleven New Jersey police officers treated for fentanyl exposure during search (Climate debate in general)0120614-01-2023
Too much scaling up these days (Climate debate in general)61222814-01-2023
Second case of top-secret Biden documents found stored at Staples near the printer (Climate debate in general)0124112-01-2023
The Weather, Climate Change Are Revealing The Truth Of This Corrupt Society System (Climate debate in general)50279610-01-2023
covid vaccine (Climate debate in general)4241316809-01-2023
Under Dorsey the FBI literally determined everything that Twitter was allowed to put on the net (Climate debate in general)3148303-01-2023
So why is covid better than southwest? (Climate debate in general)14155401-01-2023
Jan 6th committee withdraws subpoena of Trump (Climate debate in general)7145301-01-2023
Patened enclosed vertical axis wind turbine. Seeking business partner. (Climate debate in general)172540829-12-2022
Honest Question for Christians (Climate debate in general)102310329-12-2022
Declassified docs reveal that CIA had Oswald under surveillance and did nothing other than let JF... (Climate debate in general)7141829-12-2022
COVID origins 'may have been tied' to China's bioweapons program: GOP report (Climate debate in general)43226228-12-2022
Put your money where your mouth is! (Other)131265527-12-2022
Merry Christmas, rejoice for a child is born to guide the stringing of Chinese made sweatshop lights (Climate debate in general)0125725-12-2022
This should clear up any confusion about climate (Climate debate in general)115299822-12-2022
How to solve climate change. (Science)31638819-12-2022
Breaking news, updated retard test released, so can you drool with the best of them? (Climate debate in general)25160312-12-2022
There's Still Time (Climate debate in general)17151712-12-2022
Biden frees America hating dyke b ball player and says f-ck you to the Marine Corps (Climate debate in general)4139010-12-2022
A moment of silence to remember the day that the sleeping giant awakened on Dec-7-1941 (Climate debate in general)41205910-12-2022
BREAKING NEWS Boston is giving away free methamphetamine and crack pipes (Climate debate in general)0130510-12-2022
How do and did glaciers change the landscape (Climate debate in general)93307707-12-2022
Climate Justice Demands an End to Abortion (Climate debate in general)9140507-12-2022
The terrorist FBI outed as participating in direct election fraud............. (Climate debate in general)0132006-12-2022
Prediction For Ukraine (Climate debate in general)109313705-12-2022
Hess to buy $750 million in carbon credits (Climate debate in general)1131304-12-2022
Climate Crisis! (Climate debate in general)8142804-12-2022
Washington Post reports that a majority of covid deaths are happening to vaccinated people (Climate debate in general)53217904-12-2022
Question for Fauci and Rand Paul about covid 19. Sir's are there any classified files on covid 19 (Climate debate in general)18153902-12-2022
CDC Data Reveals. Majority of COVID-19 Deaths in America Occur Among the Vaccinated & Boosted (Climate debate in general)0128730-11-2022
Biden trannie fag is a lowlife luggage thief (Climate debate in general)3132629-11-2022
Dumb Mexican woman (redundant) falls in love online and travels to Peru to have her organs cut ou... (Climate debate in general)0131726-11-2022
Is homework good or bad for students? (Climate debate in general)6154826-11-2022
Drought/flood relief... (Climate debate in general)26151924-11-2022
Remember when the CDC experimented on 400 black men by giving them syphilis (Climate debate in general)55217324-11-2022
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone tirelessly searching for Jimmy Hoffa as tons of Fentanyl pour into... (Climate debate in general)0130524-11-2022
$740M in crypto assets recovered in FTX bankruptcy so far (Climate debate in general)0124524-11-2022
carbon database for household goods and services (Climate debate in general)18141322-11-2022
FDA'S APPROVAL OF CELL CULTURE CHICKEN (Climate debate in general)1117921-11-2022
Google and NASA achieved quantum supremacy in 2019 (Climate debate in general)50200720-11-2022
economic output emissions intensity vs global emissions / global GDP (Climate debate in general)92274320-11-2022
Gaslighting 101 (Climate debate in general)1112518-11-2022
Crypto exchanges disintegrating as you read this, FTX is gone bitcoin is down 65% this year (Climate debate in general)4123017-11-2022
Artemis 1 on the way to the moon, idiots will disagree (Climate debate in general)0114816-11-2022
Glacial terminal moraine map (Climate debate in general)43200716-11-2022
B-17 and Bell King Cobra collided at Dallas air show today. Story at 11 (Climate debate in general)0115313-11-2022
Demokraps flushed over 200 million dollars on Beto O'Rourke (Climate debate in general)0112310-11-2022
I've Updated My Website (Climate debate in general)7136609-11-2022
UN weather report: Climate woes bad and getting worse faster (Climate debate in general)1118008-11-2022
Great news. The border patrol is hiring with a $10,000 signing bonus and you get to keep half th... (Climate debate in general)0113806-11-2022
Book: 100 Sacred Practical Tips Advice To Help You Become Smarter Stronger Person In Life (Trash bin)1324706-11-2022
F U (Climate debate in general)80251306-11-2022
Illegal immigrant bashed Pelosi in the pea brain (Climate debate in general)0109104-11-2022
The Correct Public Strategy Solutions For The Climate Change Problem (Climate debate in general)1112003-11-2022
Relativity theory (Climate debate in general)317867703-11-2022
Climate Change is Apparently Real (Climate debate in general)1110503-11-2022
BREAKING NEWS... The man who attacked Paul Pelosi by smashing his head is a pissed off DEMOCRAT (Climate debate in general)17121002-11-2022
Climate change is turning Icelands deserts into wonderful purple flowered meadows (Climate debate in general)2100701-11-2022
Quantum computing explained for idiots, you know who u r (Climate debate in general)67200401-11-2022
Climate change is an obvious myth – how much more evidence do you need? (Climate debate in general)1106331-10-2022
Lispy Leftist List of Linguistic Lunacy (Climate debate in general)51318831-10-2022
Quantum internet alliance to build unhackable quantum internet (Climate debate in general)79201730-10-2022
What Is Quantum Entanglement? A Physicist Explains QE for really dumb people (Climate debate in general)24123128-10-2022
Mastercard Develops Quantum-Safe Payment Cards (Climate debate in general)45180927-10-2022
'Science' Proves Bigfoot Is Real (Climate debate in general)9110327-10-2022
Quantum Entanglement Has Now Been Directly Observed at The Macroscopic Scale (Climate debate in general)70201025-10-2022
First Experimental Proof That Quantum Entanglement Is Real (Climate debate in general)7100724-10-2022
The collapse (Climate debate in general)90272624-10-2022
Is the sun toxic? (Climate debate in general)293736523-10-2022
World Reliance on Fuel Derived from the Ground. (Climate debate in general)34142220-10-2022
Alaskan Snow Crab Population Shrinks 90% In 3 Years (Climate debate in general)8104218-10-2022
Intel now making quantum chips with a single electron in each location on a 300mm silicon wafer (Climate debate in general)9111218-10-2022
Book "The Science Of God, Smart Leaders, How To Cultivate Intelligent To Become Boss, God" (Climate debate in general)597617-10-2022
Quantum Supremacy achieved by Sycamore Googles Quantum Computer (Climate debate in general)99236317-10-2022
FBI whistleblower spills the beans on the Clinton FBI's abuses of Trump voters (Climate debate in general)094816-10-2022
At least 269 teachers arrested on child sex crimes in first 9 months of this year. (Climate debate in general)095214-10-2022
Major Disappointment (Climate debate in general)693412-10-2022
Ian (Climate debate in general)56175409-10-2022
Idiot who followed computer GPS instructions dead after driving off collapsed bridge. (Climate debate in general)089309-10-2022
Re: "reject ... debates." -2 Timothy 2:23. (Climate debate in general)1695508-10-2022
Sleuths of 'spooky' quantum entanglement science win Nobel physics prize for 2022 (Climate debate in general)24108507-10-2022
Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases (Climate debate in general)226436405-10-2022
NSA begins it's digital migration to quantum-resistant networks. (Climate debate in general)688404-10-2022
Ding Dong the Witch is dead. That said queen elizabeth lived long enough to kill Princess Diana ... (Climate debate in general)252485504-10-2022
Politiplex (Climate debate in general)15101526-09-2022
Clouds (Climate debate in general)57169621-09-2022
Ohio parents arrested after their children were found locked in bug-filled cage, holding a meth pipe (Climate debate in general)1294721-09-2022
LOL the new king of England never learned how pens work. Most inbred people have this very same ... (Climate debate in general)088314-09-2022
The source of energy is evaporation-condensation (Climate debate in general)96588714-09-2022
Prince Andrew the pedophile will be in full shit brit military uniform at the witches funeral (Climate debate in general)083714-09-2022
The 100 Year Weather Forecast (Weather)111368613-09-2022
How stupid is the new king of england as he is letting a Mercedes drive his mother to the dump (Climate debate in general)085112-09-2022
Ding Dong the skanky old queen is dead, party at every Irish pub on Earth (Climate debate in general)086811-09-2022
Lizard Liz is dead, London bridge has fallen. Diner in Scotland celebrates with Champagne (Climate debate in general)084510-09-2022
The real reason that Meghan Markle is not at the Queens funeral is that there are no (Climate debate in general)081409-09-2022
Polar bears (Climate debate in general)990109-09-2022
The Biden's are literally CCP (Chink Communist Party) members. (Climate debate in general)081308-09-2022
Greenland: Zombie Apocalpse Happening NOW!!! (Climate debate in general)180305-09-2022
Omicron (Climate debate in general)343980204-09-2022
Aesop's Fables - The Troll Who Cried Dead Barrier Reef (Climate debate in general)884904-09-2022
BREAKING NEWS. Adolph Hitler's Son has just come clean and gone public. This is historic (Climate debate in general)080903-09-2022
Russia just hacked the US emergency alert system, and in more important news the FBI is (Climate debate in general)079501-09-2022
Communist democrat FBI agent resigns after admitting to influencing the last Presidential electio... (Climate debate in general)078030-08-2022
All The Secret Controllers, The Elites, Authorities Will Gone For Deceiving Others (Climate debate in general)685329-08-2022
Energy and resource crisis in the future (Technology)3632052328-08-2022
Rip current in the Caspian Sea (Science)0390124-08-2022
Satellite Measurements-- Sea Level Rise (Climate Policy)711220624-08-2022
Meteorologists are getting better at forecasting "extreme weather events" (Weather)421403023-08-2022
A Growing Concern (Climate debate in general)282621-08-2022
Democrat terrorist CIA agent tweets that Trump needs to be murdered just like Lincoln (Climate debate in general)8101119-08-2022
CDC admits that everything they said about covid-19 was f-cked up bull crock (Climate debate in general)283318-08-2022
Climate Change and Ocean Acidification Science - how to find "sealover" posts (Climate debate in general)13168818-08-2022
Breaking news... Uncensored Trump backup secret camera video of the FBI raid on Trumps home (Climate debate in general)290216-08-2022
Whole Foods CEO 'deeply concerned' about socialist (communist) takeover of America (Climate debate in general)886015-08-2022
Christian Gullibility Being EXPLOITED (Climate debate in general)1085815-08-2022
Interesting news about Donald Trump (The Don officially to 80 million of us) anyway Trump is (Climate debate in general)484015-08-2022
The real purpose of the raid on Trump is so that the FBI can arrest every person in a Trump hat o... (Climate debate in general)077014-08-2022
The Inflation Reduction Act (Climate debate in general)1090514-08-2022
My New Digital Currency System Will Destroy The USD, Euro & Make World Peace (Climate debate in general)081314-08-2022
The New Global Digital Currency That Will Shock The Whole World (Climate debate in general)074514-08-2022
Everybody, Any Entity Can Create New Money Currency, It Is About How To Persuade The Users (Climate debate in general)180913-08-2022
The Next Big Money Evolution Will Be Printing International Money Via Human Intelligence (Climate debate in general)076713-08-2022
CO2 Is Helping the Ozone Layer to Recover (Climate debate in general)182313-08-2022
Elmer Fudd aka Richard Hayden is calling for Trumps execution, because Trump knows how JFK was mu... (Climate debate in general)080712-08-2022
The New International Personal Passport Will Be The Key For Society Evolution (Climate debate in general)077212-08-2022
Merrick Garland is honored to work alongside the communist Gestapo FBI (Climate debate in general)078612-08-2022
It Is Perfect Safe To Begin Make Some Big Changes In The World Financial System (Climate debate in general)080811-08-2022
Gravity fed electrical generation system (Technology)6242544111-08-2022
Breaking news... FBI agents were filmed by Trump's hidden cameras sniffing Melania's panties (Climate debate in general)0125410-08-2022
The FBI and the demokraps are all TERRIFIED of Trump, and why not as Trump knows who killed JFK (Climate debate in general)1080810-08-2022
Tip for the FBI, urgent please read carefully. (Climate debate in general)076210-08-2022
New Bank Type In Banking System To Give Power Back To The People (Climate debate in general)073710-08-2022
Many Big Ideas For Global Currencies Using Rules In The Current World Financial System (Climate debate in general)073510-08-2022
The dream came true (Climate debate in general)070310-08-2022
Trump's Mar A Lago being raided by the FBI because Trump said a bad word, about Bill Cliton (Climate debate in general)076409-08-2022
Why is the F35 being built in Nagoya Japan by Nips? who are still attacking the US military (Climate debate in general)39107303-08-2022
I call this a really really sexy video (Climate debate in general)072002-08-2022
LOL the FBI is still looking for Hoffa as they let tons of Fentanyl into the USA every single day (Climate debate in general)075430-07-2022
Make Natural Resource Currency Great Again (Climate debate in general)176630-07-2022
Funny how none of the geniuses here care about climate change anymore (Climate debate in general)32101130-07-2022
How The New Global World Economic Financial System Will Be (Climate debate in general)172530-07-2022
New International Asset Currency vs Domestic Local Currency Will End Global Conflict (Climate debate in general)071830-07-2022
$50,000 Reward For Information Leading to Convictions in Arizona Voting Conspiracy (Climate debate in general)176227-07-2022
Retarded mom wakes up and stops posting vids of her little girl online (Climate debate in general)179227-07-2022
LOL the US Army just bought a new GM all electric Hummer for military use (Climate debate in general)32110725-07-2022
Intelligence Committee members warn US of bioweapons targeting DNA of individual Americans (Climate debate in general)072524-07-2022
Now Fauci says that covid was created in the lab at Wuhan (Climate debate in general)076624-07-2022
Elon Musk going full retard (Climate debate in general)078324-07-2022
Deborah Birx, White House covid coordinator finally ADMITS THAT THERE ARE NO COVID VACCINES THAT ... (Climate debate in general)685223-07-2022
Biden white house selling oil to chinka while Americans suffer the highest gas prices ever (Climate debate in general)075423-07-2022
Where have I been....from GretaGroupie (Climate debate in general)886223-07-2022
How many FBI agents does it take to stand around the gym, pretending to work out or text their Mom (Climate debate in general)179121-07-2022
"... take care of it." -Genesis 2:15. (Climate debate in general)285590721-07-2022
Reps. Omar, Adams arrested during abortion protest near Supreme Court (Climate debate in general)173620-07-2022
Retired Supreme court justice Stephen Breyer going back to work at Harvard (Climate debate in general)578219-07-2022
Fake web page where fake hacker pretends to hack hackers (Climate debate in general)071914-07-2022
Breaking news. Jill Xiden just said that Hispanics are as unique as tacos (Climate debate in general)073612-07-2022
16 Things Colleges Are Doing to HARM the Environment (Science)81171912-07-2022
Fully FBI and NSA approved commentary (Climate debate in general)179111-07-2022
Buzzwords and fake numbers (Climate debate in general)62182010-07-2022
Wild video shows NYC bodega worker stabbing looser to death (Climate debate in general)378109-07-2022
Dumbass dyke pleads guilty to drug smuggling in Moscow (Climate debate in general)167708-07-2022
Greta Thunburg 2.0 speaks about climate genderology (Climate debate in general)275107-07-2022
Dr. Fauci tests positive for COVID-19, despite having 4 vaccines for covid (Climate debate in general)63181307-07-2022
Strange thing happened on my way to work... (Climate debate in general)379003-07-2022
Supreme Court once again supports the Constitution (Climate debate in general)681203-07-2022
The Great Flood: The Sequel (Climate debate in general)27100330-06-2022
But Global Warming is Good for Us, isn't it? (Climate debate in general)59410422-06-2022
Joe Biden falls off his bike because standing was too hard for his brain (Climate debate in general)1684720-06-2022
Geneticaly modifying plants and trees for carbon capture? (Climate debate in general)482611-06-2022
Introducing The New Currency Type "Security Protection" (Climate debate in general)073008-06-2022
Pizza Hut facing boycott calls after promoting 'drag kids' book for kindergartners (Climate debate in general)1588808-06-2022
Canadian Freedom Convoy (Climate debate in general)47199607-06-2022
Priorities (Climate debate in general)43233307-06-2022
Co2 ice samples (Climate debate in general)1194702-06-2022
Principal and teacher drag autistic student thru hall (Climate debate in general)3297702-06-2022
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