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economic (Climate Policy)31511605-08-2020
Citizen's Climate Lobby Australia (CCLA) (Climate debate in general)1953304-08-2020
If Democrats Gain Control of Congress (Climate debate in general)1949004-08-2020
The Definition of an Average Climate (Climate debate in general)64108303-08-2020
People Either Do Not Fully Understand Corona Virus NCOV Or Being Deceived By The Media Governments (Climate debate in general)135603-08-2020
residual impairments (Climate debate in general)1039202-08-2020
Mystery Seeds Sent From China? (Climate debate in general)443701-08-2020
Which side are you on? (Climate debate in general)440831-07-2020
The Corona Virus NCOV Is Harmless If You Body Is Clean Healthy But Dangerous If Your Body Is Dirt... (Climate debate in general)034231-07-2020
The Eternal Truth & Real Mechanism Of The Corona Virus NCOV You Must Know (Climate debate in general)139930-07-2020
Experiment (Climate debate in general)4499229-07-2020
A tale of 2 families (Climate debate in general)1748527-07-2020
5% (Climate debate in general)840927-07-2020
Citizens Climate Lobby Australia (Climate debate in general)48118627-07-2020
2% (Climate debate in general)88140525-07-2020
There is still no Global Warming science. (Explanations)3411986022-07-2020
Less CO2 (Climate debate in general)1053622-07-2020
The World for which tmiddles Advocates (Climate debate in general)340322-07-2020
immunity and organ damage (Climate debate in general)86129318-07-2020
US Climate in June 2020 (Climate debate in general)118154918-07-2020
JUNE 2020 GLOBAL CLIMATE (Climate debate in general)4381816-07-2020
I can't find any info on this online (Climate debate in general)543714-07-2020
The Questions that Need to be Answered (Climate debate in general)47108214-07-2020
CO2 level to cause harm (Climate debate in general)1857013-07-2020
So I did a little experiment....... (Climate debate in general)1759511-07-2020
BLM has Replaced Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1659311-07-2020
One reason for social distancing/isolation (Climate debate in general)7681159810-07-2020
Covid19's future (Climate debate in general)1350810-07-2020
NET THERMAL RADIATION : You in a room as a reference. (Explanations)303958409-07-2020
The Genesis (Climate debate in general)1243408-07-2020
Tangier Island , should it be used as an example? (Consequences)283957007-07-2020
This Is Odd (Climate debate in general)1251305-07-2020
It is not possible to measure the temperature of the Earth (Climate debate in general)132256405-07-2020
new words the Dunkstar has learned (Climate debate in general)1148304-07-2020
Redskins To Change Name (Climate debate in general)037904-07-2020
hudson bay sea ice (Climate debate in general)1660001-07-2020
Measuring the Earth's Surface Temperature (Climate debate in general)546601-07-2020
Not such good news (Climate debate in general)3274401-07-2020
Attachment Test (Climate debate in general)958701-07-2020
Once Again, High Temperature Records Outpace Low by a Wide Margin (Climate debate in general)454429-06-2020
Climate Change (Climate debate in general)3476328-06-2020
Sea Levels to rise by 1m by 2100 if global emissions target missed!! (Climate debate in general)245028-06-2020
Brandolini's Law- Applicable to Climate Change Hoax (Fun)0152428-06-2020
Fox news (Climate debate in general)247128-06-2020
Confirmed: Convection is a Factor in Thermal Energy Flow (Climate debate in general)748028-06-2020
factions (Climate debate in general)441126-06-2020
Which is more important? (Climate debate in general)947325-06-2020
BLM Protests are PEACEFUL !!! Indiscriminantly (Climate debate in general)449324-06-2020
Coronaflu is DEADLY! (Climate debate in general)340824-06-2020
The cause of global warming explained (Climate debate in general)6096924-06-2020
Wisdom (Climate debate in general)034924-06-2020
Symptoms (Climate debate in general)69106223-06-2020
ICE AGE?: Is The End OF The Interglacial Phase Coming Or Have We Accidentally Saved Humanity With... (Climate debate in general)144224023-06-2020
Fighting climate change by restoring nature (Climate Policy)8131623-06-2020
Satellites (Climate debate in general)263450722-06-2020
how many (Climate debate in general)2754522-06-2020
CO2 (Climate debate in general)545221-06-2020
NEW HIGH TEMPERATURE RECORDS CONTINUE TO OUTPACE LOW (Climate debate in general)650919-06-2020
MAY 2020 CLIMATE SUMMARY (Climate debate in general)5290019-06-2020
good news and speculation (Climate debate in general)1250319-06-2020
crazeee (Climate debate in general)138817-06-2020
Loaded question (Climate debate in general)2867017-06-2020
Critical mass (Climate debate in general)3960816-06-2020
1998 (Climate debate in general)2255516-06-2020
patient 1, patient 2 (Climate debate in general)1544815-06-2020
No more economic lockdowns?? (Climate debate in general)3358915-06-2020
school curriculum (Climate debate in general)141912-06-2020
Capture and Sequester (Climate debate in general)1047611-06-2020
1st law, 2nd law, stefan boltzman, plank (Climate debate in general)1759011-06-2020
I like this (Climate debate in general)1556308-06-2020
Can We Close This Out? (Climate debate in general)348908-06-2020
Quickest way to cool down the planet (Climate debate in general)2074507-06-2020
Percentages (Climate debate in general)144263105-06-2020
The Heat Goes On (Climate debate in general)1460305-06-2020
BREAKING NEWS! April 2020 - 2nd Warmest April on record. (Climate debate in general)97174905-06-2020
The Global Warming Fraud (Climate debate in general)1875105-06-2020
sea levels (Climate debate in general)45160505-06-2020
apod (Climate debate in general)1749704-06-2020
Empirical Evidence for Man-made Global Warming (Climate debate in general)161254003-06-2020
Climate change - effects, impact and solutions (Consequences)6168201-06-2020
Nils-Axel Mörner (Climate debate in general)380609729-05-2020
How a cooler body heats a warmer body. (Climate debate in general)86167027-05-2020
How to Control Climate and Clean it (Climate debate in general)3166226-05-2020
2020.05.17 COVID 19 UPDATE (Climate debate in general)2668321-05-2020
where all the co2 at (Climate debate in general)147120-05-2020
The Real God (Climate debate in general)049019-05-2020
Electric cars vs ICE cars (Technology)22321015-05-2020
Does the absence of empirical evidence for CAGW give you pause for thought? (Climate debate in general)48123613-05-2020
the coming little ice age will wreck havoc on global economy (Climate debate in general)672513-05-2020
80 year moving average data (Climate debate in general)88744613-05-2020
Is Covid-19 killing climate activists? (Climate debate in general)151709-05-2020
Has Anybody Seen The New Netflix Show, Into The Night? (Climate debate in general)057506-05-2020
How society will positively advance (Climate debate in general)89205306-05-2020
Insect Apocalpse (Climate debate in general)661903-05-2020
Why Shutting Down The Economy Was Necessary (Climate debate in general)1273002-05-2020
Climate change kilied Norwegian vikings. (Climate debate in general)971001-05-2020
Nature stops humans burning fossil fuel (Climate debate in general)157601-05-2020
Meat Packing Plants (Climate debate in general)152701-05-2020
Global Warming (not necessarily caused by people) will release nasty extinct viruses from tens of... (Climate debate in general)159501-05-2020
Climate Change And Covid19 (Climate debate in general)83175301-05-2020
New Zealand (Climate debate in general)859701-05-2020
Republican (Climate debate in general)89185830-04-2020
microcosm (Climate debate in general)3571830-04-2020
Did A Socialist Country Take The Right Approach? (Climate debate in general)256829-04-2020
Organ damage (Climate debate in general)2877829-04-2020
Hail Mary (Climate debate in general)1058128-04-2020
Many problems (Climate debate in general)46110828-04-2020
Climate Change caused Covid-19? (Climate debate in general)125262928-04-2020
Wikipedia is Locked Down by Marxists (Climate debate in general)3283528-04-2020
wishful thinking (Climate debate in general)1559727-04-2020
Irrational exuberance (Climate debate in general)2971225-04-2020
Economics 101 (Climate debate in general)1568224-04-2020
Cases (Climate debate in general)3578224-04-2020
Hurricane season coming. Lockdown end? (Climate debate in general)567623-04-2020
Bad news... (Climate debate in general)052621-04-2020
Covid-19 loss (Climate debate in general)258621-04-2020
Affiliation (Climate debate in general)1559920-04-2020
Case fatality rate (Climate debate in general)3686020-04-2020
Virus Can Easily Be Killed (Climate debate in general)456418-04-2020
Contagion (Climate debate in general)135336117-04-2020
sea ice (Climate debate in general)762517-04-2020
OOYA (Climate debate in general)1363515-04-2020
Mayo (Climate debate in general)76165713-04-2020
Clouds are warming Earth, not (so much) GHGs (Climate debate in general)251833810-04-2020
Tough on Cornavirus (Climate debate in general)059310-04-2020
Corpreal Reality (Climate debate in general)062409-04-2020
Outdoor Education (Climate debate in general)2485909-04-2020
covid battle (Climate debate in general)458809-04-2020
paramedics (Climate debate in general)2387708-04-2020
Vents in the Seafloor (Climate debate in general)663306-04-2020
NASA/GRACE lies about Greenland's ice mass loss (Climate debate in general)1079704-04-2020
Safe Distancing Video (Climate debate in general)063504-04-2020
Climate change in green land (Climate debate in general)42140304-04-2020
Covid19 "modeling" (Climate debate in general)3099804-04-2020
a cooler world is a deadly world (Climate debate in general)570802-04-2020
Bailouts (Climate debate in general)31106901-04-2020
times (Climate debate in general)976701-04-2020
satellite images (Climate debate in general)44137901-04-2020
TALKING LOUDLY (Trash bin)0150330-03-2020
Interesting news (Climate debate in general)2092730-03-2020
The Prevention of Climate Change Through CO2 Removal (Climate debate in general)2399028-03-2020
China (Climate debate in general)68176628-03-2020
bailout money (Climate debate in general)2692028-03-2020
Chloroquine death (Climate debate in general)22100526-03-2020
Coronavirus & China (Science)0174224-03-2020
Helicopters (Climate debate in general)065823-03-2020
debates (Climate debate in general)777523-03-2020
A Historical Perspective of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)20105721-03-2020
A letter to Dominic Rabb (Climate debate in general)175520-03-2020
news (Climate debate in general)1784620-03-2020
suggestion (Climate debate in general)2286118-03-2020
Setting the record straight on the climate debate (Climate debate in general)40145218-03-2020
Climate jobs related to language? (Climate debate in general)1478417-03-2020
Using THE SPECTRUM (Climate debate in general)068017-03-2020
Is Western Arctic Warming related to Magnetic Pole Movement? (Climate debate in general)885417-03-2020
International Organization Governments Are Using Wrong Strategy & Handling The Corona Virus O... (Climate debate in general)174117-03-2020
Can UV light affect Coronavirus? (Science)2184816-03-2020
100,000 year cycles (Climate debate in general)88190316-03-2020
No Subject (Other)0208616-03-2020
today (Climate debate in general)580614-03-2020
A bit of good news. (Climate debate in general)3396014-03-2020
Priorities (Climate debate in general)1382014-03-2020
uniting nations - IPCC TABLES (Climate debate in general)1390214-03-2020
Climate Change blends with Toroidal Energy Flow (Explanations)3182914-03-2020
Precautions (Climate debate in general)870013-03-2020
Pandemic (Climate debate in general)1377212-03-2020
The "radiative Greenhouse effect" does not exist (Explanations)128395412-03-2020
Climate Change in Canada (Climate debate in general)681211-03-2020
Questions for IBDM: 1) about Karl Marx (Climate debate in general)483211-03-2020
Questions for IBDM: 2) about Kafka (Climate debate in general)680811-03-2020
Questions for IBDM: 3) about Verdi's La Traviata (Climate debate in general)380311-03-2020
Questions for IBDM 4) about Hegel's dialectic (Climate debate in general)172511-03-2020
Corona (Climate debate in general)45135810-03-2020
Poll:Good idea or bad idea? (Climate debate in general)85225610-03-2020
thing 1, thing 2 (Climate debate in general)2894609-03-2020
USA 2020 (Climate debate in general)775409-03-2020
Climate philosophy (Climate debate in general)30130609-03-2020
A Post On Quora Explaining What is Wrong With The 97% Consensus Studies (Climate debate in general)270908-03-2020
Jet streams and climate change (Climate debate in general)367904-03-2020
Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change? (Explanations)16442604-03-2020
The Norwegian Gulf Stream (Climate debate in general)479004-03-2020
Made a graph of low equilibrium climate sensitivity estimates to show that the IPCC's best estima... (Climate debate in general)273003-03-2020
My Idea (Climate debate in general)135260702-03-2020
thermal radiation and EM radiation (Climate debate in general)983501-03-2020
Something Fishy Is Going On (Climate debate in general)1882501-03-2020
Govt action (Climate debate in general)2592329-02-2020
a new model of global warming (before 10000BC) (Explanations)21229528-02-2020
Measurement vs. scientific principles (Climate debate in general)29116028-02-2020
2nd law (Climate debate in general)116278228-02-2020
Freeman Dyson (Climate debate in general)45142327-02-2020
Vasectomies or Spermicide Condoms (Climate debate in general)1172826-02-2020
My Idea (Climate debate in general)371025-02-2020
Is Recycling plastic bottles realistic? (Science)9217924-02-2020
Do I have the CO2 calamity math right? (help from an expert please) (Explanations)230922824-02-2020
Open vs closed/ 2nd law (Climate debate in general)54157724-02-2020
Wind power is the earliest way to generate power, but there's a reason it stopped being used. (Climate debate in general)13122621-02-2020
Trump and Climate Change (Climate debate in general)176320-02-2020
Community is the first fully solar powered city in the nation. (Climate debate in general)378620-02-2020
Is Alternative energy ready to take over? (Climate debate in general)577920-02-2020
Carnot (Climate debate in general)28100520-02-2020
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