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times (Climate debate in general)972201-04-2020
satellite images (Climate debate in general)44131701-04-2020
TALKING LOUDLY (Trash bin)0116730-03-2020
Interesting news (Climate debate in general)2089430-03-2020
The Prevention of Climate Change Through CO2 Removal (Climate debate in general)2396128-03-2020
China (Climate debate in general)68168528-03-2020
bailout money (Climate debate in general)2688328-03-2020
Chloroquine death (Climate debate in general)2296626-03-2020
Coronavirus & China (Science)0134324-03-2020
Helicopters (Climate debate in general)063723-03-2020
debates (Climate debate in general)773923-03-2020
A Historical Perspective of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)20100821-03-2020
A letter to Dominic Rabb (Climate debate in general)170020-03-2020
news (Climate debate in general)1781520-03-2020
suggestion (Climate debate in general)2283418-03-2020
Setting the record straight on the climate debate (Climate debate in general)40136518-03-2020
Climate jobs related to language? (Climate debate in general)1474917-03-2020
Using THE SPECTRUM (Climate debate in general)064917-03-2020
Is Western Arctic Warming related to Magnetic Pole Movement? (Climate debate in general)881717-03-2020
International Organization Governments Are Using Wrong Strategy & Handling The Corona Virus O... (Climate debate in general)170417-03-2020
Can UV light affect Coronavirus? (Science)2144316-03-2020
100,000 year cycles (Climate debate in general)88179116-03-2020
No Subject (Other)0165216-03-2020
today (Climate debate in general)575214-03-2020
A bit of good news. (Climate debate in general)3391814-03-2020
Priorities (Climate debate in general)1379914-03-2020
uniting nations - IPCC TABLES (Climate debate in general)1386214-03-2020
Climate Change blends with Toroidal Energy Flow (Explanations)3145914-03-2020
Precautions (Climate debate in general)867313-03-2020
Pandemic (Climate debate in general)1374712-03-2020
The "radiative Greenhouse effect" does not exist (Explanations)128342212-03-2020
Climate Change in Canada (Climate debate in general)676211-03-2020
Questions for IBDM: 1) about Karl Marx (Climate debate in general)477511-03-2020
Questions for IBDM: 2) about Kafka (Climate debate in general)676611-03-2020
Questions for IBDM: 3) about Verdi's La Traviata (Climate debate in general)374111-03-2020
Questions for IBDM 4) about Hegel's dialectic (Climate debate in general)168011-03-2020
Corona (Climate debate in general)45129310-03-2020
Poll:Good idea or bad idea? (Climate debate in general)85212510-03-2020
thing 1, thing 2 (Climate debate in general)2891109-03-2020
USA 2020 (Climate debate in general)771809-03-2020
Climate philosophy (Climate debate in general)30125709-03-2020
A Post On Quora Explaining What is Wrong With The 97% Consensus Studies (Climate debate in general)266708-03-2020
Jet streams and climate change (Climate debate in general)364804-03-2020
Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change? (Explanations)16403604-03-2020
The Norwegian Gulf Stream (Climate debate in general)474404-03-2020
Made a graph of low equilibrium climate sensitivity estimates to show that the IPCC's best estima... (Climate debate in general)269303-03-2020
My Idea (Climate debate in general)135244702-03-2020
thermal radiation and EM radiation (Climate debate in general)978601-03-2020
Something Fishy Is Going On (Climate debate in general)1880301-03-2020
Govt action (Climate debate in general)2588029-02-2020
a new model of global warming (before 10000BC) (Explanations)21185528-02-2020
Measurement vs. scientific principles (Climate debate in general)29112628-02-2020
2nd law (Climate debate in general)116265528-02-2020
Freeman Dyson (Climate debate in general)45135027-02-2020
Vasectomies or Spermicide Condoms (Climate debate in general)1169326-02-2020
My Idea (Climate debate in general)367925-02-2020
Is Recycling plastic bottles realistic? (Science)9178124-02-2020
Do I have the CO2 calamity math right? (help from an expert please) (Explanations)230857424-02-2020
Open vs closed/ 2nd law (Climate debate in general)54150324-02-2020
Wind power is the earliest way to generate power, but there's a reason it stopped being used. (Climate debate in general)13118221-02-2020
Trump and Climate Change (Climate debate in general)174120-02-2020
Community is the first fully solar powered city in the nation. (Climate debate in general)374520-02-2020
Is Alternative energy ready to take over? (Climate debate in general)574420-02-2020
Carnot (Climate debate in general)2897320-02-2020
Ocean currents are speeding up faster than scientists predicted (Consequences)4199617-02-2020
earths axis (Climate debate in general)177717-02-2020
There are some paid climate deniers in this forum to spread false information, ignore them (Climate debate in general)133410817-02-2020
Australian bushfires (Climate debate in general)278116-02-2020
the truth (Climate debate in general)104223316-02-2020
Global warming will increases grain production (Climate debate in general)49213815-02-2020
Here Is Precisely How To Measure Global Average Temperature (Climate debate in general)790614-02-2020
Co2A (Co2 Atmosphere) = SUM(SOURCES)-SUM(SINKS) (Explanations)9676713-02-2020
Amateur Needs Tony Hiller Help (Climate debate in general)51279113-02-2020
How to create a hypothesis for Global Climate Change? (Climate debate in general)56157913-02-2020
CO2 Behavior in the Atmosphere (Explanations)24841912-02-2020
Headed For A New Ice Age? Latest Data Says Yes! (Climate debate in general)18204011-02-2020
Greenhouse Gas and Warming (Climate debate in general)110239411-02-2020
SCIENTISTS: 30 Years Of Data Show The 'Godfather' Global Warming Was Wrong (Climate debate in general)17100811-02-2020
Please update me (Explanations)75436010-02-2020
Will Warm Winters Balance Out The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases? (Climate debate in general)14220710-02-2020
The Church of Global Warming is Doomed (Climate debate in general)5101610-02-2020
Scientific published papers (Climate debate in general)85251010-02-2020
could we slow co2 release in enviornment by engineering a virus to kill wood eating bacteria? (Technology)8401510-02-2020
Physics of climate change question (Climate debate in general)6180409-02-2020
No Subject (Explanations)2169109-02-2020
Etymology of Science (Climate debate in general)59177508-02-2020
Finally.....the truth....Tell me I'm wrong and if so, why? (Climate debate in general)18167308-02-2020
Can CO2 capture be a starter for geothermal energy? (Technology)8240906-02-2020
All Governments & Organizations Are Making A Critical Basic Mistake About Climate Change Glob... (Climate debate in general)118276606-02-2020
reminder of the rules (Climate debate in general)45154305-02-2020
wikipedia accuracy (Climate debate in general)96225805-02-2020
What if everything alarmist say is true. (Climate debate in general)67189904-02-2020
Temp in Miami (Climate debate in general)23108904-02-2020
Arctic waters not freezing (Climate debate in general)7644421904-02-2020
polite (Climate debate in general)16108403-02-2020
Ocean acidification (Climate debate in general)91208003-02-2020
East EU temperatures skyrocketed since last year (Climate debate in general)281403-02-2020
Bernie To Use Executive Fiat To Declare Climate Emergency, Ban Fracking, More (Climate debate in general)595901-02-2020
water water water (Climate debate in general)1298931-01-2020
e (Climate debate in general)47153630-01-2020
The echo chamber (Climate debate in general)46157529-01-2020
22 Reasons to be Skeptical of Man-Made Global Warming (Climate debate in general)216504529-01-2020
Carbon-tax comes to the Northeast, some states reluctant... (Climate debate in general)394928-01-2020
man made or natural (Climate debate in general)315619527-01-2020
Global CO2 Emergency Plan (GCEP) needed asap (Climate Policy)7216026-01-2020
Wanting info about a chart (Climate debate in general)17105326-01-2020
Climate Change, Sign from the Book of Revelations! (Climate debate in general)093125-01-2020
The Fastest & Only Way To Find Out The Real Life Truth About Global Warming & CO2 Emission (Climate debate in general)21132024-01-2020
There is no scientific theory or evidence that suggest CO2 traps heat better than O2 or N2 (Climate debate in general)5261137024-01-2020
Boeing 737 Max/Cargo (Climate debate in general)998723-01-2020
The Compound Effect and the Self-Interest of the Individual (Climate Policy)1212723-01-2020
The Easiest Way To Remove Bad Politicians Is By Gambling Knowledge About Global Warming & CO2... (Climate debate in general)6105623-01-2020
I've Found The Solution SRS (Climate debate in general)695922-01-2020
Trump VS Greta, Davos, Switzerland (Climate debate in general)3108022-01-2020
You Should Understand, View Your Real Earth Life Like A Video Game (Other)1242621-01-2020
Definition of heat and heat pump (Explanations)40263721-01-2020
Is it really is doing it (Climate debate in general)110255721-01-2020
The Great President Trump (Climate debate in general)141506920-01-2020
Global Warming, Planet Temperature Rising Is Like Road Traffic Congestion (Climate debate in general)1104520-01-2020
The Only Way To End The Economic Trade War Is Avoid The "Currency Middle Man" (Climate debate in general)1103820-01-2020
Do CO2 Emissions Create More Clouds? (Climate debate in general)124362419-01-2020
Climate Change Will Lead To A Super Volcano Will Erupt Very Soon (Climate debate in general)9100219-01-2020
So what? There's nothing you can do to stop CO2 (Climate debate in general)196319-01-2020
What exactly is the evidence that AGW is happening or (Explanations)73478618-01-2020
Greta Thunberg's Facebook glitch reveals... (Climate debate in general)15128017-01-2020
CO2 finally gets credit for unleashing hell on Earth (Climate debate in general)10112115-01-2020
Forget New Green Deal, Let's make BIS(Basic Infrastructure And Service) Free. (Climate Policy)12259215-01-2020
Purple Haze (Climate debate in general)099315-01-2020
CC and S (Climate debate in general)12114115-01-2020
Burning Trees (carbon neutral) and the IPCC (Climate debate in general)3108214-01-2020
Energy and resource crisis in the future (Technology)355848213-01-2020
Australian fires (Climate debate in general)88281812-01-2020
BMW (Technology)3270509-01-2020
Mobile carbonalyser: an app to estimate your mobile environmental impact (Climate debate in general)11159209-01-2020
Salt Tolerant Vegetation (Climate debate in general)24132408-01-2020
One in eight billion (Climate debate in general)19168208-01-2020
A More Dangerous World (Climate debate in general)20143008-01-2020
Trump, Climate Change investigation? (Climate debate in general)51226707-01-2020
Tmiddles, They're Henpecking Us (Climate debate in general)1122606-01-2020
Cloud Seeding with sodium chloride (Climate debate in general)2132304-01-2020
Demonstrating IR CO2 reaction (Climate debate in general)84260504-01-2020
Hybrid aircraft (Climate debate in general)36149704-01-2020
Default value (Climate debate in general)21159804-01-2020
Theory About Impeachment Proceedings (Climate debate in general)84254704-01-2020
What are the key challenges in lowering CO2 emissions? (Climate debate in general)16140903-01-2020
Trump Fires More Undocumented Workers (Climate debate in general)2125303-01-2020
Improving Ecosystems Helps (Climate debate in general)1121302-01-2020
AI (Climate debate in general)47173502-01-2020
Dangerous neighborhood (Climate debate in general)2118401-01-2020
Best place to live in Europe( could also recommend some other place) for health reasons? (Climate debate in general)19168301-01-2020
It´s all about paradigms (Climate debate in general)15146430-12-2019
Climate (Climate Philosophy)39339330-12-2019
The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is killer waves (Science)5353129-12-2019
Count Dracula, Christmas, Batman and global warming (Climate debate in general)19164129-12-2019
Challenges with making carbon emitting sustainable? (Climate debate in general)9190027-12-2019
Boeing (Climate debate in general)28175224-12-2019
Holidays (Climate debate in general)20205824-12-2019
Western Science - is it declining? (Climate debate in general)11172624-12-2019
Warm Waters (Climate debate in general)20187623-12-2019
Can climate change be stopped and should it be stopped (Climate debate in general)85360021-12-2019
Do we handle electricity correct? (Science)16359521-12-2019
Why can't you say Venus is hotter than Mercury because Venus got CO2? (Climate debate in general)129382719-12-2019
Why the silence on zero point energy? (Science)4500319-12-2019
Let us hang the bar high: We need to achieve a carbon neutral way of life (Climate debate in general)23204418-12-2019
About the damage that Obama did to science. (Climate debate in general)184502317-12-2019
Population Change and Demography - the malthusian rate. (Climate debate in general)97422116-12-2019
Oceans are dying (Climate debate in general)13202415-12-2019
Climate is a question of price offering (Climate Policy)1294913-12-2019
One step at a time... (Explanations)14322112-12-2019
The counterproductive and neurotic omnipresence of IBDaMann in this forum (Climate debate in general)45263411-12-2019
Definition of Climate Change (Climate debate in general)99355510-12-2019
High-Efficiency Washing Machines! (Climate debate in general)8207908-12-2019
Working definition of climate change (Climate debate in general)60329507-12-2019
Reason why companies are not converting to 100% electric, focusing on Porsche (Climate debate in general)18251906-12-2019
Greta and Kiwa (Climate debate in general)1216506-12-2019
Angstrom is right. Arrhenius is wrong. (Climate debate in general)6232206-12-2019
Meteorologists are getting better at forecasting "extreme weather events" (Weather)13584406-12-2019
Climate change questionnaire (Climate debate in general)91379003-12-2019
fabrication (Climate debate in general)4224503-12-2019
EU Parliament Climate Emergency vote (Climate debate in general)28236302-12-2019
Nature of Denmark (Climate debate in general)0198601-12-2019
Climategate (Climate debate in general)12176701-12-2019
Not An American (Climate debate in general)5186101-12-2019
The signs of Global Warming (Climate debate in general)53319830-11-2019
The murder of objectivity (Climate debate in general)9176229-11-2019
A Part of Natural Climate Variation? (Climate debate in general)8171227-11-2019
Nancy, an oil tycoon's daughter is kidnapped by a cultish environmental group who's ready to wage (Climate debate in general)2231926-11-2019
Technology will solve problem with carbon capture (Climate debate in general)8181226-11-2019
Climate crisis requires wartime-style mobilisation, says Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (Climate debate in general)1167426-11-2019
High temp (Climate debate in general)28272023-11-2019
Relatable Warming Impact Articles & Studies (Climate debate in general)20237422-11-2019
Greenhouse Gases Do NOT Violate The Stefan-Boltzmann Law (Climate debate in general)7432226322-11-2019
Climate change destructionism (Climate debate in general)12254820-11-2019
You're Ired!!! (Climate debate in general)0161418-11-2019
Climate change and global warming (Climate debate in general)43227318-11-2019
Towards more predictive and interdisciplinary climate change ecosystem experiments (Consequences)1400918-11-2019
It's Coming - Be Prepared (Climate debate in general)7192417-11-2019
Causes of climate changes (Climate debate in general)8181816-11-2019
driving with headlights on (Private Climate Policy)20410315-11-2019
So what if the Chinese fossil fuel industry pays me to spread lies about greenhouse gas? (Climate debate in general)75288815-11-2019
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