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AI Robot Soldier Video (Climate debate in general)1179901-07-2023
The Netherlands is euthanizing autistic people. So why was it different when Hitler did the same (Climate debate in general)072928-06-2023
White House ridiculed for defending Biden's economic record as 'incredibly popular:' 'Wit (Climate debate in general)066828-06-2023
Proof that a gas stove ban is nonsense, and that dempcraps are retards (Climate debate in general)479425-06-2023
Ideas for my seminar paper? (Other)31298423-06-2023
IBM's 127 qubit Eagle chip out benchmarked two supercomputers. Holy Schmoly (Climate debate in general)1577623-06-2023
Titan Submersible (Climate debate in general)773823-06-2023
Quantum Light Experiment Proves Photosynthesis Starts with a Single Photon (Climate debate in general)1581922-06-2023
Which (Climate debate in general)1064022-06-2023
Remembering the day that John McCain set the USS Forrestall on fire killing 134 American sailors (Climate debate in general)479521-06-2023
Generative AI and area 51 (Climate debate in general)42143521-06-2023
Biden wants to force 'carbon capture' (Climate debate in general)877921-06-2023
A conservative website that gets it wrong about Global Warming (Climate debate in general)373920-06-2023
INTEL TO SHIP QUANTUM CHIP (Climate debate in general)1172320-06-2023
More breaking news. I have 4 varieties of cherry tomato plants with fruit (Climate debate in general)12103218-06-2023
Why is so messed up? (Debate about
Puerto Rico (Climate debate in general)262518-06-2023
New Unique Vision For A Better Society Model Book Document For Sale (Climate debate in general)166317-06-2023
Why I am here (Climate debate in general)171492117-06-2023
What happens when you expose a fake/sham climate message board??? (Climate debate in general)1677716-06-2023
I have a theory (Climate debate in general)123899716-06-2023
New Type of Entanglement Lets Scientists 'See' Inside Nuclei (Climate debate in general)78241916-06-2023
Training Course on climate change adaptation in a changing environment (Climate debate in general)35355416-06-2023
Great Barrier Reef (Climate debate in general)29274016-06-2023
Where the 97% consensus among scientists comes from (Explanations)382175916-06-2023
Carbon losses from soil predicted to enhance climate change (Climate debate in general)52447816-06-2023
What's worse than a moderator? (Debate about
sentience (Climate debate in general)150215-06-2023 - Where have all the members gone? (Climate debate in general)57168115-06-2023
Speaking of morgues, Harvard is now majoring in selling human body parts (Climate debate in general)058715-06-2023
A stereotypical morgue has more activity than this-------> (Climate debate in general)054515-06-2023
This thread is only for members with more than 2500 posts (Climate debate in general)262114-06-2023
password (Climate debate in general)3380714-06-2023
This thread is only for members with fewer than 2500 posts (Climate debate in general)058813-06-2023
socialist (Climate debate in general)41123713-06-2023
Mistakes (Climate debate in general)1982812-06-2023
pence (Climate debate in general)256108-06-2023
How covid 19 vaccine caused Jamie Foxx to become blind and paralyzed (Climate debate in general)264908-06-2023
Proof that ai is totally fake, because if it was real, you would not need a mouse, because (Climate debate in general)470707-06-2023
You Guys Are A$$holes (Climate debate in general)259707-06-2023
The Acid Test of Climate Change Mitigation (Climate debate in general)129426606-06-2023
artificial intelligence (Climate debate in general)81204006-06-2023
No Subject (Climate debate in general)165305-06-2023
Quantum teleportation explained for potato peelers (Climate debate in general)362805-06-2023
Nitrate Reduction - Powerful Greenhouse Gas Emission AND Alkalinity (Climate debate in general)102375205-06-2023
The Chung Hoon just missed crashing into an American destroyer in the Taiwan straight (Climate debate in general)059004-06-2023
The latest deep fake news from the Ukraine. (Climate debate in general)060502-06-2023
Faggy/trannie advertising scheme cost Bud Light stock 27 billion so far (Climate debate in general)061701-06-2023
Yawning (Climate debate in general)053501-06-2023
Lake Mead Water Levels Stage A Comeback? (Climate debate in general)474731-05-2023
AN IBM QUANTUM COMPUTER WILL SOON PASS THE 1,000-QUBIT MARK (Climate debate in general)40131631-05-2023
METHANE-TRACKING SATELLITES (Climate debate in general)165130-05-2023
I think, therefore I am. (Climate debate in general)2887730-05-2023
NYC is sinking... (Climate debate in general)161830-05-2023
Go woke, go broke. Anheuser Busch down 15.7 BILLION DOLLARS for going trannie (Climate debate in general)062727-05-2023
Target chose to sell faggy wear and just lost 9 billion dollars. Life is great (Climate debate in general)372327-05-2023
Opinions (Climate debate in general)060427-05-2023
Basketball player at white house laughs so hard at biden speech that she collapses and ROOTFLLHMFAO (Climate debate in general)064727-05-2023
IBM wants to build a 100,000-qubit quantum computer (Climate debate in general)374126-05-2023
Traffic light joke of the day (Climate debate in general)271725-05-2023
Brazil builds 'rings of carbon dioxide' to simulate climate change in the Amazon (Climate debate in general)272825-05-2023
Shellyne Rodriguez NY professor fired for pulling a machete on a reporter. I do that all the time (Climate debate in general)270224-05-2023
Trillion dollar platinum coin (Climate debate in general)113223124-05-2023
You Knew It Would Come to This (Climate debate in general)369023-05-2023
The eagle has landed... (Climate debate in general)269023-05-2023
CHATGPT RULES THE WORLD... OR, AT LEAST, THE HOME (Climate debate in general)169922-05-2023
Maryland teen rape suspect is (democrat) illegal immigrant from El Salvador, Biden approved (Climate debate in general)166221-05-2023
Global warming is not anthropogenic (Climate debate in general)10113337719-05-2023
8 Best Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy in 2023 (Climate debate in general)772819-05-2023
turnoff (Climate debate in general)773818-05-2023
TRANSISTORS THAT GROW ON TREES (Climate debate in general)119251718-05-2023
BCA Research (Climate debate in general)59158117-05-2023
Miller Lite has now gone full Burka, praise Allah (Climate debate in general)070417-05-2023
Quantum entanglement of photons doubles microscope resolution (Climate debate in general)1176217-05-2023
Faber/Musk interview (Climate debate in general)173017-05-2023
As I said, Quantum Experiment Shows How Einstein Was Wrong (Climate debate in general)477316-05-2023
prevention (Climate debate in general)1180016-05-2023
Is our world condemned? (Climate Philosophy)211702115-05-2023
The 'crisis' that will 'steal' the 2024 election. (Climate debate in general)271615-05-2023
The [Diversity Equity Inclusion] Apostle's Creed (Climate debate in general)474514-05-2023
3D DESIGN WITH TEXT-BASED AI (Climate debate in general)367314-05-2023
Thou shalt not murder a tomato, this law has me in trouble (Climate debate in general)269713-05-2023
Superconducting qubits cover new distances, Bell's theorem is confirmed (Climate debate in general)877513-05-2023
BREAKING NEWS. Transhauser Busch stock dropping off the charts, SELL NOW (Climate debate in general)066912-05-2023
Let's Talk ChatGPT (Did You See What I Did There?) (Climate debate in general)31111512-05-2023
Climate-Change at the US-Mexico border? (Climate debate in general)158112-05-2023
Faggot trannie Starbucks worker fired for being mentally ill (Climate debate in general)059112-05-2023
Quantum Entanglement Takes Navigation Sensors to New Heights (Climate debate in general)2482211-05-2023
inflation (Climate debate in general)3080111-05-2023
WHY DO SELF DRIVING CARS KEEP CAUSING TRAFFIC JAMS? (Climate debate in general)1571711-05-2023
Surface temperature of earth according to Boltzmann law (Climate debate in general)56173210-05-2023
Greenhouse gases cool better and cause lower surface temperature of earth than non greenhouse gases (Climate debate in general)377010-05-2023
POWER TO THE PEOPLE (Climate debate in general)472908-05-2023
ceo's (Climate debate in general)2685705-05-2023
I got warned... (Climate debate in general)1171403-05-2023
The term ai was invented at Dartmouth in 1956, it was bogus then and is still bogus (Climate debate in general)083203-05-2023
LOL, California has way way way too much water at this point (Climate debate in general)1789102-05-2023
AI banned from nuclear launch decisions, after Google creates self-aware computer program (Climate debate in general)175729-04-2023
Illegal Mexican national murders 5 Texans. Xiden does nothing (Climate debate in general)068029-04-2023
Suddenly, California Has Too Much Water, with more on the way. (Climate debate in general)072929-04-2023
So how did the AI flight controller in the 737 Max work out (Climate debate in general)28109728-04-2023
joe biden (Climate debate in general)676728-04-2023
This Bud Light is for you...................! (Climate debate in general)070027-04-2023
ai (Climate debate in general)2597225-04-2023
The Best Public Way To End The COVID Pandemic Is Using Climate Change Reason (Climate debate in general)681425-04-2023
AI-POWERED SPEAKER IS A CHATBOT YOU CAN ACTUALLY CHAT WITH (Climate debate in general)173924-04-2023
LOL, I used to be a conspiracy theorist for saying that covid was leaked from a chinka lab, but now (Politics and news)28416324-04-2023
How Big Oil Companies Tried To Hide Climate Change From the Public For Decades - THE BIG COVER-UP (Climate debate in general)178523-04-2023
whos the most corrupt republican on climate change? (Climate debate in general)176922-04-2023
climate change is real (Climate debate in general)276122-04-2023
Californicators attempt ocean climate solution (Climate debate in general)180421-04-2023
the borg (Climate debate in general)106252621-04-2023
computers (Climate debate in general)65160121-04-2023
UK Council for Poor Nations (Climate debate in general)29110820-04-2023
Deepfake porn could be a growing problem amid AI race (Climate debate in general)272917-04-2023
Paul Pelosi's butt buddy to be deported back to Canada when released from custody. (Climate debate in general)8189517-04-2023
Getting Back to Climate (Climate debate in general)40150112-04-2023
Area 52: The Other Secret Site (Climate debate in general)486709-04-2023
Methane big part of 'alarming' rise in planet-warming gases (Climate debate in general)191106-04-2023
Coal use climbs worldwide despite promises to slash it (Climate debate in general)184406-04-2023
Challenge to Biden 'Cost of Carbon' policy dismissed (Climate debate in general)189406-04-2023
Murphy's Law (Climate debate in general)183805-04-2023
Limited Time Special Book: How To Increase Longevity, Live To 600+ Year More (Climate debate in general)995304-04-2023
musk calls for a pause (Climate debate in general)45154703-04-2023
I The Savior Looking For Some Serious Business With Top Secret Groups Royal Families (Climate debate in general)292602-04-2023
Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to teleport Energy out of Nothing (Climate debate in general)281501-04-2023
How Sensors Using Quantum Entanglement Could Improve Earthquake Detection (Climate debate in general)80222201-04-2023
Quantum computer startup SEEQC unveils digital chip that operates at super cold temp (Climate debate in general)39134731-03-2023
Afghanistan & Climate Change (Climate debate in general)4100630-03-2023
Online voting (Climate debate in general)18128330-03-2023
Another dead retard with a gun. I worked on highways for 37 years and never did this (Climate debate in general)085129-03-2023
More evidence that climate change is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Climate debate in general)117423128-03-2023
Transgender dickhead as-hole jerkoff shoots up Christian school. CNN praises the loser and blame... (Climate debate in general)092128-03-2023
Deal Dash (Climate debate in general)793927-03-2023
Perpetual Motion (Climate debate in general)088825-03-2023
Someone Stole the Earth's Climate (Climate debate in general)168564824-03-2023
Confirmed: Global floods, droughts worsening with warming (Climate debate in general)99286023-03-2023
Another genius police story......................And he never even breakdanced (Politics and news)0334016-03-2023
aliens and balloons (Climate debate in general)100296814-03-2023
The Daily Sermon (Climate debate in general)107414413-03-2023
State police apple dumpling gang being investigated by dept of homeland security (Politics and news)0334512-03-2023
Racist Sexist Xenophobic AND Erroneous "don'T rump" Pratfalls (Climate debate in general)54693212-03-2023
QUANTUM INTERCONNECTS GET FASTER (Climate debate in general)124380508-03-2023
Isoroku Yamamoto, was educated at Harvard U, by dumb fuc-n liberals (Politics and news)0340307-03-2023
The Book That Will Stop All War Instantly: New Creation New Society New World By Bodhi Udumbara (Politics and news)10368606-03-2023
Global Warming? (Climate debate in general)22132905-03-2023
Joe Xiden had cancerous lesion removed during routine physical, WHY? (Politics and news)0349305-03-2023
Demokrap senator John Fetterman confined to mental hospital (Politics and news)0353603-03-2023
BREAKING NEWS- Woody Harrelson voted in as new Worlds smartest man (Politics and news)0342103-03-2023
Fag, democrat mayor arrested on 56 counts of child pornography. Funny no one arrested Barney Frank (Politics and news)1351803-03-2023
Climate Change is Officially Science (Climate debate in general)9133127-02-2023
Paul Pelosi has brain injuries and is still hospitalized; this is terrible as there is one less v... (Politics and news)43499027-02-2023
Climate Change: The Science of Global Warming and Our Energy Future, just $133.79 (Climate debate in general)4133819-02-2023
Do not engage the target, as he might actually shut up and stop divulging info (Climate debate in general)10134217-02-2023
You are (Climate debate in general)13138717-02-2023
Man freed from jail for committing a crime that never even happened. LOL they tried that with me... (Climate debate in general)3128016-02-2023
LOL this board is quieter than the FBI discussing their concentration camps for Trump voters (Climate debate in general)3150315-02-2023
White House says objects spotted over the US are not aliens. So, it is 100% aliens (Climate debate in general)3125915-02-2023
Man's energy use actually does explain climate change (Explanations)18429709-02-2023
The Kent Papers: Author (Climate debate in general)14246607-02-2023
What is the cause of climate change based on the greenhouse gas theory? (Climate debate in general)82306604-02-2023
The Kent Papers: NEW THERMODYNAMICS: HOW MANKIND'S USE OF ENERGY INFLUENCES CLIMATE CHANGE (Climate debate in general)11144602-02-2023
Anyone explain how does N2 and O2 don't absorb electromagnetic radiation? (Climate debate in general)49318802-02-2023
The Kent Papers: New Thermodynamics: The Second Law Buried by Illusions (Climate debate in general)21158701-02-2023
The Kent Papers: Entropy - An Ill-Conceived Mathematical Contrivance? (Climate debate in general)0132501-02-2023
There is no scientific theory or evidence that suggest CO2 traps heat better than O2 or N2 (Climate debate in general)5332283430-01-2023
NET THERMAL RADIATION : You in a room as a reference. (Explanations)6222953030-01-2023
BREAKING NEWS. New covid variant XBB.1.5, more likely to infect those who are vaccinated (Climate debate in general)80279828-01-2023
Septic tanks and water pollution (Technology)4522161027-01-2023
Preschool teacher posting naked from the preschool bathroom. (Climate debate in general)0131626-01-2023
Any upside to climate change? (Climate debate in general)91307625-01-2023
USA Nuclear codes found in Bidens garage as yet more documents found (Climate debate in general)3143824-01-2023
UN says ozone layer slowly healing, hole to mend by 2066 (Climate debate in general)82304724-01-2023
FBI agent who led the Trump Russia probe arrested for ties to Russian oligarch, and money laundering (Climate debate in general)2136624-01-2023
Pizzly Bears (Climate debate in general)185600623-01-2023
Jurassic Dominion (Climate debate in general)5133423-01-2023
Who is who on (Debate about
Gay couple adopted children in order to rape them and bragged about this (Climate debate in general)0138421-01-2023
Hit and run driver shot to death after running over mother and child (Climate debate in general)5133021-01-2023
The USS Bonhomme Richard was destroyed by a LITHIUM ION BATTERY FIRE (Climate debate in general)1139220-01-2023
how has joe biden affect climate change? (Climate Policy)1379919-01-2023
Funny how I called my wife Gina Lollobrigida just this morning, and now Gina is dead (Climate debate in general)1140917-01-2023
Military abandons vaccine requirement and Army lessens recruit standards (Climate debate in general)2137614-01-2023
Eleven New Jersey police officers treated for fentanyl exposure during search (Climate debate in general)0130214-01-2023
Too much scaling up these days (Climate debate in general)61244514-01-2023
Second case of top-secret Biden documents found stored at Staples near the printer (Climate debate in general)0135312-01-2023
The Weather, Climate Change Are Revealing The Truth Of This Corrupt Society System (Climate debate in general)50305110-01-2023
covid vaccine (Climate debate in general)4241427609-01-2023
Under Dorsey the FBI literally determined everything that Twitter was allowed to put on the net (Climate debate in general)3162103-01-2023
So why is covid better than southwest? (Climate debate in general)14164301-01-2023
Jan 6th committee withdraws subpoena of Trump (Climate debate in general)7152601-01-2023
Patened enclosed vertical axis wind turbine. Seeking business partner. (Climate debate in general)172606229-12-2022
Honest Question for Christians (Climate debate in general)102350229-12-2022
Declassified docs reveal that CIA had Oswald under surveillance and did nothing other than let JF... (Climate debate in general)7154029-12-2022
COVID origins 'may have been tied' to China's bioweapons program: GOP report (Climate debate in general)43246728-12-2022
Merry Christmas, rejoice for a child is born to guide the stringing of Chinese made sweatshop lights (Climate debate in general)0138125-12-2022
This should clear up any confusion about climate (Climate debate in general)115335722-12-2022
Breaking news, updated retard test released, so can you drool with the best of them? (Climate debate in general)25177112-12-2022
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