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fixing (Climate debate in general)87119330-01-2021
The Atlantic Ocean Is Growing (Climate debate in general)2544330-01-2021
The Fastest Way To Solve Climate Change Problem Is Making Plant Trees Become A Competitive Sport (Climate debate in general)2252129-01-2021
Two New Fair Global Financial System Can Easily Destroy Political Power Within All Nations (Climate debate in general)137929-01-2021
Climate (Climate Philosophy)48567829-01-2021
All Nations Soon Will Must Vote For The New International Financial System (Climate debate in general)536829-01-2021
Double and triple masking?? (Climate debate in general)1239629-01-2021
numbers (Climate debate in general)1440028-01-2021
The Land Conflicted Area Will Be Settled Via Plant Trees Competition (Climate debate in general)233527-01-2021
Keepit response (Climate debate in general)5686325-01-2021
The Savior Reveal The Best Solution For World CO2 Carbon Capture To Combat Global Warming (Climate debate in general)134824-01-2021
Diablo Winds And Record Temperatures in SF Bay Area (Climate debate in general)2454523-01-2021
Truth About Game Of Life, The Difference Between Human Part Ascension vs Full Nirvana Evolution (Climate debate in general)133622-01-2021
water supply (Climate debate in general)1544921-01-2021
Food Supply (Climate debate in general)735821-01-2021
The Global Virus Pandemic Are Showing That Separate International & Domestic Flight Do Work, ... (Climate debate in general)232120-01-2021
List Common Mistakes People Made During Their Spiritual Awakening, Human Ascension Journey (Climate debate in general)434319-01-2021
next 4 years (Climate debate in general)5385719-01-2021
stefan boltzmann (Climate debate in general)229337219-01-2021
The Ministry of Propaganda (Climate debate in general)535619-01-2021
The Best Last Method To Verify The Savior Messiah Buddha Is Using Time Travel Machine (Climate debate in general)131018-01-2021
Cool Experiment Idea (Climate debate in general)1647117-01-2021
The Savior Godlike Solution For The Global Economy Trade War: Domestic & International Money (Climate debate in general)232017-01-2021
River Level Surge (Climate debate in general)2147716-01-2021
All Secret Societies Groups Are Making Deadly Mistakes About The End Time & Do Not Understand... (Climate debate in general)136115-01-2021
Physically Speaking (Climate debate in general)635914-01-2021
Electric cars... (Climate debate in general)1746614-01-2021
Pocahontas (Climate debate in general)029113-01-2021
fossil fuel (Climate debate in general)1346313-01-2021
The Savior Is Offering A Godlike Nirvana Full Ascension Guide For Donation (Climate debate in general)435311-01-2021
The Next Social Media Evolution Will Give The Authority Governments & Users More Power More C... (Climate debate in general)134111-01-2021
41 it happened (Climate debate in general)1849310-01-2021
How A New Business Model Can Easily Destroy Big Tech Companies Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Am... (Climate debate in general)946910-01-2021
Ascension Evolution, Human Super Abilities Power Are All Real, Only The Closed Mindset Is Fake (Climate debate in general)344806-01-2021
The Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) (Climate debate in general)642706-01-2021
Want To Have A Working Solution For Global Financial System, Make Donation Of 4 Millions USD &nda... (Climate debate in general)140305-01-2021
The Flaws Of The Current Global Financial & Government System (Climate debate in general)039105-01-2021
The Savior Will Post 2 Godlike Articles About How Become Millionaire And Ascension Topic Very Soon (Climate debate in general)342304-01-2021
GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!! (Climate debate in general)247371804-01-2021
My New Favorite Organization (Climate debate in general)1344903-01-2021
Arizona will Flip Due to Audit (Climate debate in general)40118703-01-2021
Georgia Will Be Flipped First (Climate debate in general)88163202-01-2021
The False Assumption of the Election (Climate debate in general)77122902-01-2021
Similar to 9/11? (Climate debate in general)035701-01-2021
climate nexus (Climate debate in general)66120601-01-2021
snark (Climate debate in general)2757931-12-2020
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Is Back On WordPress (Climate debate in general)047731-12-2020
Indoor air humidity (Climate debate in general)1147230-12-2020
fossil fuel (Climate debate in general)44161230-12-2020
A True Fair Evolution Cryptocurrency That Can Easily Destroy Bitcoin, Ethereum (Climate debate in general)040530-12-2020
Is Mitch McConnell Being Played? (Climate debate in general)97170129-12-2020
new strain (Climate debate in general)2569829-12-2020
The SETI Hoax (Science)20709828-12-2020
climate (Climate debate in general)115167328-12-2020
A well regulated citizen (Climate debate in general)336927-12-2020
I Totally Missed This - Time Person of the Year (Climate debate in general)654425-12-2020
Climate Change (Climate debate in general)63119824-12-2020
martial law (Climate debate in general)3061723-12-2020
fake news (Climate debate in general)347923-12-2020
Coronavirus testing (Climate debate in general)86141323-12-2020
fake news (Climate debate in general)341722-12-2020
Covid Cats... (Climate debate in general)249622-12-2020
bushfires (Climate debate in general)140521-12-2020
David and the ABC (Climate debate in general)743321-12-2020
microwave (Climate debate in general)2349820-12-2020
Polar bears and Hudson bay (Climate debate in general)342019-12-2020
How are the Borg not Democrats (Climate debate in general)1347118-12-2020
Did Trump just win Nevada? What Happened? (Climate debate in general)55101518-12-2020
Will Michigan Abstain? Arizona? (Climate debate in general)1144617-12-2020
This Should Be Interesting (Climate debate in general)51101817-12-2020
Consider (Climate debate in general)144244416-12-2020
confirmation bias (Climate debate in general)2155116-12-2020
why (Climate debate in general)49117015-12-2020
Trade War Is Not About Economy Money, It About Human Intelligence Development Environment Opportu... (Climate debate in general)041715-12-2020
Limbaugh Is Suggesting Secession (Climate debate in general)1154013-12-2020
Geopolitical Keywords: Messiah, Corona Virus, Trade War, Stocks Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Global ... (Climate debate in general)141313-12-2020
You Need The Savior Messiah But The Messiah Do Not Need You ! (Climate debate in general)143213-12-2020
Tucker Carlson Teaches What Into the Night has been Saying (Climate debate in general)039612-12-2020
Bill Nye, the science guy (Climate debate in general)3579212-12-2020
Ultra Vires - Latin for "Wisconsin will Flip for Trump" (Climate debate in general)56126411-12-2020
King (Climate debate in general)310465111-12-2020
When is the "Warming" suppose to start? (Climate debate in general)3674611-12-2020
Remember Sturgis ? (Climate debate in general)3759211-12-2020
Major Climate catastrophe, Happening Now! (Climate debate in general)440810-12-2020
Net Metering (Climate debate in general)748210-12-2020
Post-COVID syndrome (Climate debate in general)041110-12-2020
Interested in carbon sinking (Climate debate in general)1049809-12-2020
Another Trump Election Fraud Case Thrown Out (Climate debate in general)6196009-12-2020
Norwegian Renewables Nazis (Climate debate in general)945808-12-2020
Election Bombshell (Climate debate in general)40101508-12-2020
Place your bets (Climate debate in general)2651107-12-2020
Simplified Economics (Climate debate in general)164234207-12-2020
Nevada Flipping for Trump (Climate debate in general)344606-12-2020
Medicare (Climate debate in general)141506-12-2020
THE DARK SIDE OF SOLAR POWER (Climate debate in general)1760605-12-2020
Pennsylvania Election Bombshell (Climate debate in general)046904-12-2020
Green Hydrogen Survey for scientific research (Climate debate in general)652302-12-2020
The Savior Messiah Buddha Reveal Public Cryptocurrency Wallets To Receive & Send Donation (Climate debate in general)5152201-12-2020
Climate change for the non-scientists (Climate debate in general)30122901-12-2020
Is climate change threatening the existence of polar bears? (Climate debate in general)1659901-12-2020
Message from above. (Climate debate in general)249330-11-2020
This is a much bigger issue than a case of mere fraud (Climate debate in general)3679927-11-2020
covid19 prevalence (Climate debate in general)3462227-11-2020 (Climate debate in general)6127927-11-2020
2 forces (Climate debate in general)3663123-11-2020
Convinced (Climate debate in general)2870823-11-2020
Why I'm voting for Trump 2020! (Climate debate in general)107193423-11-2020
How the Jet Stream Influences the Weather (Climate debate in general)43108222-11-2020
coral bleaching (Climate debate in general)161263121-11-2020
Desalination and evaporation of sea water at both poles (Climate debate in general)1061019-11-2020
A personal experience for climate change deniers (Climate debate in general)157315418-11-2020
Asymptomatic, The Phantom Spreaders (Climate debate in general)78125718-11-2020
Covid19 (Climate debate in general)228500518-11-2020
Germanic Republic of Saxony Historical Project (Other)7316117-11-2020
the logarithmic effect of CO2 (Climate debate in general)667315-11-2020
Back to the Basics (Climate Policy)6221615-11-2020
global temperature (Climate debate in general)464015-11-2020
Zombie apocolypse (Climate debate in general)224537014-11-2020
Polar Ice Melt Now 6 Times Greater Than 1990s (Climate debate in general)103223313-11-2020
Raccoon, and Global Warming? (Climate debate in general)1780211-11-2020
Lost Ballots (Climate debate in general)1567211-11-2020
Fox News is Gone (Climate debate in general)1883710-11-2020
Dr. Hazeltine (Climate debate in general)44110710-11-2020
Cross Country (Climate debate in general)045310-11-2020
CNN vs. Fox News (Climate debate in general)865410-11-2020
The US Election System Is Outdated, The Top USA Administration Is Clueless & Too Stupid (Climate debate in general)359907-11-2020
Blade Runner II (Climate debate in general)355907-11-2020
Where's the Snow? (Climate debate in general)61360806-11-2020
warmazombies (Climate debate in general)1058605-11-2020
Biden's Final Stance (Climate debate in general)554103-11-2020
It's HOT (Climate debate in general)156701-11-2020
Darwin Airport homogenizing of temperature data (Climate debate in general)36129720-10-2020
Independent and open technology gives us a real chance to reach global climate targets (Climate debate in general)762019-10-2020
Rising sea levels attacking Florida coast, happening now! (Climate debate in general)2580719-10-2020
Climate and our youth. (Climate Policy)6586219-10-2020
Can CO2 be temporarily stored if necessary? (Technology)20277616-10-2020
Tides is the result of the rotation of the Earth and whirlpools. (Science)54969013-10-2020
Shipping Fuel Tax Levies - is $250-$300 per ton enough? (Climate Policy)4232713-10-2020
Action that we all should take urgently! (Climate debate in general)2288013-10-2020
Just For Fun (Climate debate in general)1476711-10-2020
Add One to the List (Climate debate in general)159810-10-2020
The World Need A New International Income Wage Index Based On Price Of Silver, Gold (Climate debate in general)117213508-10-2020
one sick person (covid) (Climate debate in general)82173508-10-2020
Orcas Are Damaging Boats (Climate debate in general)160808-10-2020
The Only Working Solution For World Economy Conflict Is Upgrading The Global Financial System (Climate debate in general)161306-10-2020
I found this information last night (Climate debate in general)772305-10-2020
Michigan Supreme Court says NO (Climate debate in general)260005-10-2020
Key Solution For The Global Currency Reset Must Be 2 New Separate Money Note Types: Domestic In-N... (Climate debate in general)159305-10-2020
debate (Climate debate in general)2188803-10-2020
September in Perth (Climate debate in general)563903-10-2020
Spongy Iris (Climate debate in general)973503-10-2020
Dragon Fruit (Climate debate in general)461502-10-2020
2nd Amendment (Climate debate in general)175702-10-2020
If I Was The President Of The USA, I Would Bring Back All Factories Easily Without Using Anything (Climate debate in general)1577330-09-2020
The Savior Introduce The New Final Ultimate Fair International Financial System 2020 (Climate debate in general)163830-09-2020
California Wildfires, Trumps Fault? (Climate debate in general)99189629-09-2020
The Final Ultimate Global Currency Reset Evolution Details Be Shared Publicly At Only Forum Freej... (Climate debate in general)1185929-09-2020
Ammonia As A Source Of Energy (Climate debate in general)464229-09-2020
Trump (Climate debate in general)763728-09-2020
Why is CO2 the key to our survival? (Climate debate in general)1371827-09-2020
The Corona Virus NCOVID Pandemic Is Bringing A Great Opportunity For A Fairer International Tradi... (Climate debate in general)159827-09-2020
Want To Solve The Climate Change Problem, You Must Know What Is & Why Climate Change Occur (Climate debate in general)168527-09-2020
You Must Seek Solutions From Outsiders To Solve The Geopolitical Problems In Your Conflict Game (Climate debate in general)164727-09-2020
lord Monckton (Climate debate in general)268627-09-2020
Boeing Moving Out of Seattle? (Climate debate in general)372724-09-2020
You are (Climate debate in general)10100823-09-2020
The Climate Conference Joke (Climate debate in general)059322-09-2020
CO2Transformers (Events etc.)1255321-09-2020
August 2020 second warmest August on Record (Climate debate in general)2485821-09-2020
IQ-s of climate debaters (Climate debate in general)063819-09-2020
Climate Change - Who's Got the Score? (Climate debate in general)7506119-09-2020
In the Year 2025 (Climate debate in general)669419-09-2020
evac (Climate debate in general)1879217-09-2020
Bases (Climate debate in general)469617-09-2020
Phosphine (Climate debate in general)360617-09-2020
It is 2351 (11:51 p.m.) on 15 September (Climate debate in general)759816-09-2020
The Perfect Solution To Remove Conflict Problems In The South China East Asia Sea (Climate debate in general)366916-09-2020
Demonstration of radical climate change (Climate debate in general)2386615-09-2020
The NCOVID Lock Down Prove CO2 Emission Do Not Cause Global Warming Climate Change (Climate debate in general)1276815-09-2020
The Next Evolution Of Fuel Energy, Raw Materials Is Natural Fusion (Climate debate in general)664915-09-2020
The Future Of Energy Industry Is Magic Fusion Clean Coal, Not Renewables (Climate debate in general)868914-09-2020
herd immunity (Climate debate in general)1064014-09-2020
Sturgis (Climate debate in general)2879414-09-2020
3 phases to CC (Climate debate in general)84187112-09-2020
An example of "Hot" Attracting "Cold" (Climate debate in general)1478111-09-2020
Technology Stuffs Cause Climate Change Global Warming, Bring Natural Catastrophe Disaster Sooner (Climate debate in general)370810-09-2020
Help Me Out Here (Climate debate in general)762909-09-2020
The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation (Climate debate in general)2489809-09-2020
The Secret Global Currency Reset Battle Between Various Groups & Future Revelations (Climate debate in general)980709-09-2020
Don't forget about Pearl Harbor (Climate debate in general)1473708-09-2020
The Belarus Protest Is A Golden Opportunity To Rebirth The Soviet Union & Make It Better For All (Climate debate in general)166607-09-2020
Atmosphere (Climate debate in general)47119907-09-2020
You are what you eat (Climate debate in general)459205-09-2020
July 2020 - Feeling the Heat? (Climate debate in general)76164704-09-2020
The ACTUAL Percentage of Atmospheric CO2 (Climate debate in general)64159003-09-2020
Venus is hotter than Mercury?!? (Climate debate in general)10952585203-09-2020
New High Temperature Records Again Outpace Lows (Climate debate in general)31108702-09-2020
Public Cure For Corona Virus NCOV Is Set Of 5 Hidden Teachings From 5 Different Religions In 10 Days (Climate debate in general)1072802-09-2020
Understand Humanity Life On Earth Through A Real Life Example (Climate debate in general)262002-09-2020
County Courthouse (Climate debate in general)765131-08-2020
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