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Spam in forum

Spam in forum03-12-2012 20:39
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Lately there have been some posts with links to commercial websites, which obviously belong to the user who wrote the post.

I have deleted all such references from the posts and will do so continuously from now on. You are of course allowed to use links in posts, but if I find that the links are solely used as advertising or as a sneaky SEO attempt, they will be removed from the post.

I look forward to seeing more quality posts in the coming time.
22-12-2014 22:26
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Lately there has been a new wave of spam attempts in the forum, where the spammer tries to get his commercial links through by posting generic content about climate change taken from Wikipedia etc., often in languages like Dutch, Danish or Swedish. I remove all such spam threads, so please don't answer them, and they will hopefully disappear again as the spammer sees that his efforts are fruitless.

Also a welcome to the new users on the forum who have joined in November and December. I hope we will see some interesting discussions in the coming time. If you know someone who would like to join, give them a hint. And as always: Please refrain from any personal attacks.

Best Christmas wishes,
Your admin
23-12-2014 00:14
Happy holidays.

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