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Another genius police story......................And he never even breakdanced155016-03-2023
LOL, I used to be a conspiracy theorist for saying that covid was leaked from a chinka lab, but now7152614-03-2023
Catholic student arrested at school for merely stating "that men and women are different"208213-03-2023
State police apple dumpling gang being investigated by dept of homeland security180012-03-2023
Joe Biden speaking his two most famous words ever205111-03-2023
Isoroku Yamamoto, was educated at Harvard U, by dumb fuc-n liberals232007-03-2023
The Book That Will Stop All War Instantly: New Creation New Society New World By Bodhi Udumbara4561006-03-2023
Joe Xiden had cancerous lesion removed during routine physical, WHY?231005-03-2023
Demokrap senator John Fetterman confined to mental hospital243003-03-2023
BREAKING NEWS- Woody Harrelson voted in as new Worlds smartest man266003-03-2023
Fag, democrat mayor arrested on 56 counts of child pornography. Funny no one arrested Barney Frank270103-03-2023
Woman crashes car into Popeye's because she didn't get her biscuits. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa5332703-03-2023
Paul Pelosi has brain injuries and is still hospitalized; this is terrible as there is one less volunteer - (Side: 1 2)16084327-02-2023
Trump Friend Jeffrey Epstein8182316-07-2019
A cloud of hot air has been hovering over Europe...96301411-04-2018
Indonesia Field Report On Wildlife Trafficking And Illegal Fishing As The Last Twitch? Discussed By Crown15291311-04-2018
As the fog clears, temperatures begin to rise...8685509-04-2018
It's a gas - Russian scientist who killed with Novichok named...8446008-04-2018
Chris Hedges "Fascism in the Age of Trump"9441202-04-2018
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