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What causes climate change? Discuss the scientific theories behind climate change and global warming.

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Cause of global warming: melting glaciers.147626-04-2019
Historic ocean acidification - (Side: 1 2)8486125-04-2019
What exactly is the evidence that AGW is happening or4241014-04-2019
Was sudden rapid temperature increase in 1980s caused by USSR collapsed and shut off their weather statio302213-04-2019
Nws about the Sun by Svensmark - (Side: 1 2)5324803-04-2019
Energy transformation3171523-02-2019
Serious question, is there any data on how many people that believe in AGW226106-01-2019
Too much emphasis on carbon dioxide?2526827-12-2018
Warming acceleration - (Side: 1 2 3 4)338812913-08-2018
Scientific Consensus - (Side: 1 2 3 4)1016314126-05-2018
The purpose of the Church of Global Warming7602825-05-2018
More intense droughts and precipitation393624-05-2018
Arctic Amplification399219-05-2018
The Milankovitch Cycle2108616-05-2018
Climate Socrat13732315-05-2018
Change in sea volume due to sea ice melting - (Side: 1 2)28784320-03-2018
GreenMan's Climate Model - (Side: 1 2)25264001-03-2018
How does atmospheric thermal equilibration happen?33661001-03-2018
Arctic sea ice loss, negative or positive feedback? - (Side: 1 2)31934609-08-2017
Errors in CO2 Emissions?13651312-04-2017
The Limitations of Climate Science14421821-03-2017
An Explaination of Skeptics.79811921-02-2017
Reversing Climate Change with Renewable Energy Sources - (Side: 1 2)33724610-01-2017
Where the 97% consensus among scientists comes from96503531-12-2016
Help with math24962902-12-2016
Many factors for climate variation19833630-11-2016
Nithane? Are you insane?18752020-09-2016
Climate Change Leading to Ice Age1790827-08-2016
NASA says "Global Cooling!" - (Side: 1 2)46674325-08-2016
Global Warming28453821-08-2016
University Physics textbook re the 'greenhouse' effect22101922-07-2016
Longer term with ice caps2182720-05-2016
still confused, please help1203508-02-2016
Michael Oppenheimer, M2C2 Lecture, Pace Univ, 201418872020-11-2015
Amazing new short about cause of M2C21260618-11-2015
Importance of ozone17261712-11-2015
Climate Change - What are the causes? - (Side: 1 2)40445304-11-2015
Differences between the past and the present time162331130-10-2015
Ocean "acidification" once and for all?17761517-10-2015
Small volcanic eruptions partly explain 'warming hiatus'2057711-10-2015
There is still no Global Warming science. - (Side: 1 2 3 4)1079612808-10-2015
The Blob1406406-10-2015
CO2 Behavior in the Atmosphere39452205-10-2015
Errant Warming Logic1291426-09-2015
AGW is a hypothesis that's never been tested2636510-12-2014
Why does it even matter who caused it?1885605-12-2014
Don't feel guilty about driving your car2459123-11-2014
Hot Air Rises1321123-11-2014
global warming survey1302015-11-2014
It ain't volcanoes either4831729-09-2014
IPPC Report1881219-08-2014
The Little Ice Age4060431-05-2014
"It's the sun!" was refuted more than 20 years ago7326405-05-2014
Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation Expalians Climate Change1270019-04-2014
It's mostly due to human-produced CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)5881323-08-2013
Co2A (Co2 Atmosphere) = SUM(SOURCES)-SUM(SINKS)2642014-07-2012
Climate sensitivity to CO2 and other greenhouse gases2794116-02-2011
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