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The Little Ice Age

The Little Ice Age15-02-2011 04:42
DesertphileProfile picture☆☆☆☆☆
The main drivers of the Little Ice Age cooling were decreased solar activity and increased volcanic activity:
15-02-2011 18:25
Yes, natural geophysical processes, including reduced insolation, Milankovic Cycles, variable feedback mechanism.
05-05-2014 11:30
How come you said solar activity does not affect climate in an earlier post
30-05-2014 21:24
Does this mean global warming has occurred from the LACK of unusual natural cooling processes?

I see that the current warming "pause" is blamed on the oceans taking up the heat in natural cycles. But cant we argue that its possible the warming from 1970 to 1998 is from the opposite effect, ocean heat release?
31-05-2014 15:23
It's the sun.
Hi guys, I'm Rod:

We were, most likely, recently in the modern grand solar maximum, and are now, quite likely headed into a grand solar minimum.

Ilia has been attacked for publishing this. You can follow some of the debate at

Grand minima are rare events, and grand maxima are rarer still.
If Ilia is correct, then going from a grand maximum to a grand minimum is rarer still.
I've enjoyed the warmth, my children and grand children may suffer the cold.

However, there is always hope. Some have claimed a 400kyr cycle in climate, and according to the lake el'gygytgyn studies, we were in a "super-interglacial" just about 400kyrs ago.
Considering the progress we, as a species, have made during the recent 10kyrs of this holocene interglacial, what marvels may lie ahead if we have another 10kyrs without the burden of the ice.
Edited on 31-05-2014 15:33

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