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Climate and our youth.

Climate and our youth.15-03-2019 18:26
Clarity john
There are no procedures to have new designs and concepts looked at, when you ask the leaders to look at new ideas. You get a reply from a Member of Admin, who states in his/her opinion whether it would work or not. What would they know of Molecular Movement of Forces in Exertion, thus your idea is dismissed or unanswered. Are we really supposed to wait for World Leader's, to invent New designs or New concepts. If so we will wait a long time, question? Have we got the time.

15-03-2019 20:14
Clarity john
Let the youth of the world know, new ideas and concepts are provided. Which are the sent onward to the world leaders, also climate organisations worldwide including COP24. Which due to their ignorance of understanding, of Molecular Movement of Forces In Exertion. Then the design is dismissed and Ignored. That's our future and those in charge know they have failed.
15-03-2019 21:40
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Governments don't invent anything. They don't engineer anything. They just take stuff and redistribute it (mostly to themselves).

It is individuals that create new stuff and develop new designs. Everyday, private individuals.

There is no 'procedure'. It just happens. That's called 'capitalism'. It is the only economic system that creates wealth.
15-03-2019 22:30
Clarity john

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