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Is CO2 nothing more than a M2C2 companion GHG? (Sharing Ideas)71313229-10-2015
New Member searching for Data (Climate debate in general)5171729-10-2015
Another better way to post on (Debate about
Guilt driven Evil (Climate debate in general)2160324-10-2015
Generating Climate Science (Climate debate in general)83796724-10-2015
Key threats of climate change. (Climate debate in general)72514023-10-2015
The M2C2 smoking gun: holy grail or wholly folly? (Climate Policy)381282723-10-2015
Can petrochemicals exist in a carbon-neutral world? (Technology)331384423-10-2015
Is The Gulf Stream slowing down? (Consequences)241435323-10-2015
Has the IPCC underestimated GW? (Climate debate in general)42440822-10-2015
When it comes to M2C2, is planet Earth really worth saving? (Climate Philosophy)51247722-10-2015
Isostatic Rebound (Consequences)11208722-10-2015
Death by Government (Climate debate in general)25258422-10-2015
The solar radiation (Climate debate in general)18230921-10-2015
Are falsifiable models the only way to validate science? (Climate Philosophy)331487018-10-2015
Do man-made climate change deniers prove man-made climate change exists? (Climate debate in general)101873717-10-2015
Ocean "acidification" once and for all? (Explanations)151251017-10-2015
M2C2 - where all or nothing means nothing (Climate Philosophy)31260217-10-2015
Eisenhower was right - beware us (Climate debate in general)13268216-10-2015
What about the sinking islands? (Consequences)481677016-10-2015
The reality of an open online debate forum (Debate about
The truth about sea level rise (Consequences)341669014-10-2015
Is M2C2 the "New" New Deal? (Climate debate in general)4177514-10-2015
A better way to post on (Debate about
Maybe M2C2 really is all about money (Climate debate in general)8190013-10-2015
Are "popcorn" black holes the answer to linear entropy and, maybe, M2C2? (Climate debate in general)4187912-10-2015
Are you a theologian or scientist? Ask Karl Popper. (Climate Philosophy)542040412-10-2015
Yeah, I guess we are (Climate debate in general)10252711-10-2015
Attention all M2C2 deniers! (Climate debate in general)10209511-10-2015
Can you stil save the future from M2C2 after you've already sold it? (Climate Policy)21187911-10-2015
Is involuntary population control the answer to man-made climate change? (Climate Policy)51190311-10-2015
Small volcanic eruptions partly explain 'warming hiatus' (Explanations)71223011-10-2015
Will M2C2 be solved by educating the children? (Climate debate in general)0135011-10-2015
Where's Rock Hudson when you need him? (Climate debate in general)2134910-10-2015
What's worse: the CO2 lag time, or our mental lag time. (Climate debate in general)0160310-10-2015
One question (Climate debate in general)34464910-10-2015
The 2 minute warning clock on climate change (Climate debate in general)52475610-10-2015
I present to you my Climate&Energy solutions and leads and quests I wrote/made over the past ... (Technology)41286910-10-2015
Man-made climate change and why you're a moron! (Climate debate in general)7164809-10-2015
Well, that's another forum trolled to death. (Debate about
Precipitation (Consequences)71260509-10-2015
Do hydro-electic dam reservoirs really fart? (Technology)61294208-10-2015
Are we really blowing up 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs every day? (Climate debate in general)5207508-10-2015
Here's what happens when a United States employ gives testimony to congress on climate change (Climate debate in general)0143808-10-2015
How to create actual solutions to global warming (Climate debate in general)17347607-10-2015
Climate Change Science 101 (Climate debate in general)26367006-10-2015
Big push! Letter from the building sector to the EU Commission (Climate Policy)191871906-10-2015
The Blob (Explanations)41238806-10-2015
Whatever happened to the Global Warming "Tipping Points?" (Climate debate in general)14446805-10-2015
Polar Bears: sharp decline in numbers and health (Consequences)222002305-10-2015
Can someone answer this for me? (Climate debate in general)32503105-10-2015
We passed the tipping point on climate change in 1901 (Climate debate in general)2197801-10-2015
New ice age (Consequences)256553501-10-2015
Land Artists (Culture)01151430-09-2015
Clothes, Climate, and Culture (Culture)21290930-09-2015
Bursting the Atmosphere: what happens when rain falls up (Climate debate in general)7223229-09-2015
..Dynamic and Static globe models of the Earth (Climate debate in general)1166828-09-2015
Errant Warming Logic (Explanations)41136526-09-2015
reflecting the sun with solar panels makes global warming (Climate debate in general)3219125-09-2015
Looking for reviewers (Climate debate in general)0160104-09-2015
When Science & Ideology Collide (Climate debate in general)9244219-08-2015
We have an opportunity for a Project Leader in New York, US. (Trash bin)01080504-08-2015
What's your view? Evaluating controversial scientific findings (Science)01257717-07-2015
United States climate targets – INDCs -- woefully short on ambition (Climate debate in general)1197202-04-2015
PayC – Disruptive Carbon Offset Initiative (Climate debate in general)0182601-04-2015
Global Cooling Anyone? (Climate debate in general)7264831-03-2015
No Subject (Climate Policy)01161427-03-2015
NASA Weather Map Proves Geoengineering (Climate debate in general)0202816-03-2015
Both sides of the argument (Climate debate in general)24545025-02-2015
Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher (Climate debate in general)4198524-02-2015
The Ground Man Documentary to change the current course (Climate debate in general)3206923-02-2015
Tanzanias respond towards Global warming (Climate debate in general)2173620-02-2015
The Missing Science (Climate debate in general)12261717-02-2015
Consensus (Climate debate in general)13322914-02-2015
Area of 66S-66N (Science)11345110-02-2015
New Global Warming Newsletter-Must READ!! (Climate debate in general)95332804-02-2015
Distribution of water (Climate debate in general)10272702-02-2015
Is it Possible to Address the Problem? (Climate Policy)71388402-02-2015
Weather bomb terror! (Climate debate in general)4170530-01-2015
Would the magnesium carbonate buffer in the ocean break as CO2 increases,When? (Climate debate in general)32374729-01-2015
97% signed on to what? (Climate debate in general)29514511-01-2015
Are we done? (Climate debate in general)25377703-01-2015
Goddard Institute Tide model GOT4.8 (Science)01364531-12-2014
Good paper on the ethics of climate change research and policy (Climate Policy)81253027-12-2014
Colerado University trend map (Consequences)11221022-12-2014
whey aren't climate change pushers open to the fact they could be wrong? (Climate debate in general)17283218-12-2014
GE breakthrough in economical fuel cells (Technology)01263513-12-2014
Global warming is caused by ozone depletion, not greenhouse gases (Climate debate in general)1441618211-12-2014
AGW is a hypothesis that's never been tested (Explanations)51329810-12-2014
Why does it even matter who caused it? (Explanations)61191505-12-2014
Positive effects of global warming (Consequences)351563205-12-2014
It is warmer now than the peaks of the Medieval Warm Period (Climate debate in general)5385829-11-2014
Climate change impacts - making it a bit more personal (Climate debate in general)4272827-11-2014
Did climate deniers just admit they don't know what they're talking about? (Climate debate in general)16408827-11-2014
Arctic sea ice maximum 2014 (Consequences)31372626-11-2014
Don't feel guilty about driving your car (Explanations)11363323-11-2014
Need help responding to someone who doesn't believe in man made Global Warming (Climate debate in general)11775523-11-2014
Hot Air Rises (Explanations)11135723-11-2014
A Broader Discussion (Climate debate in general)1183822-11-2014
global warming (Climate debate in general)1179422-11-2014
global warming survey (Explanations)01167315-11-2014
Australia looks set for drought (Climate debate in general)0238813-11-2014
senior thesis (Climate debate in general)0164508-11-2014
survey (Climate debate in general)0173306-11-2014
senior thesis (Climate debate in general)0163406-11-2014
social wall capturing climate trends (Climate debate in general)1182505-11-2014
For my geography assignment, Global Warming (Climate debate in general)2239005-11-2014
It ain't volcanoes either (Explanations)71512629-09-2014
link between global warming and personal health (Climate debate in general)2251329-09-2014
What was accomplished at the UN Climate Summit (Climate Policy)01175124-09-2014
Administrators on this forum trash any post the detracts (Trash bin)11126306-09-2014
What YOU can do to change millions of persons carbon footprints! NOT SPAM (Trash bin)01094906-09-2014
Vanishing Islands (Consequences)41364419-08-2014
Nasa and Ipcc admitted to manipulating global temperature data (Climate debate in general)0317319-08-2014
Why different 'global temp' measurements? (Climate debate in general)3612019-08-2014
New Source of Climate Info (Climate debate in general)1357119-08-2014
IPPC Report (Explanations)21194019-08-2014
I have an idea to correct Global Warming. (Climate debate in general)5331214-08-2014
If you could have a specific result in climate change, what would it be? (Climate debate in general)1191614-08-2014
Combatting a Climate Liar Denier troll (Climate debate in general)4311709-08-2014
China's Air pollution (Climate debate in general)2289108-08-2014
Idea for methane reduction (Fun)01321903-08-2014
Upcoming ONLINE Certificate Program in Climate Change from University of California-Irvine, Unive... (Events etc.)01257626-06-2014
State action plan on Climate Change (Climate debate in general)0255917-06-2014
Summer School : "Renewable Energy & Energy Transition" (Trash bin)01124210-06-2014
Course : "Biogas Plants" (Trash bin)01132310-06-2014
Course : "Solar Power" (Trash bin)01143910-06-2014
Course : "Wind Energy" (Trash bin)01133110-06-2014
Summer School : "Wind Energy, Solar Power & Biogas Plants" (Events etc.)01237310-06-2014
Government action (Climate Policy)31306801-06-2014
The Little Ice Age (Explanations)41423031-05-2014
Genuine, serious, new solution (Climate debate in general)2313527-05-2014
Maybe its something else? (Climate debate in general)1313515-05-2014
Why can't they decide (Climate debate in general)2301209-05-2014
"It's the sun!" was refuted more than 20 years ago (Explanations)41760705-05-2014
The impact of raising climate awareness? (Climate debate in general)1217605-05-2014
Ocean Acidification Links (Consequences)11585405-05-2014
Antarctic also losing ice mass (Consequences)21648905-05-2014
Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation Expalians Climate Change (Explanations)01156919-04-2014
Why are we doing this? (Climate debate in general)1202608-04-2014
Open Climability Suite (Technology)01298025-03-2014
Antarctic 2014 minimum (Consequences)31327827-02-2014
Berkley Earth Temperature Analysis - possible flaws ? (Climate debate in general)9532407-02-2014
Survey (Climate debate in general)1252201-02-2014
Short film on geoengineering (Technology)01279930-01-2014
Pachamama kickstarter (Climate debate in general)0225626-01-2014
Report : Climate Change and Global serious errors of designing technology . (Climate debate in general)5592024-01-2014
Load response systems (Technology)01283823-01-2014
The Earths Magnetic North (Climate debate in general)0252613-01-2014
"Cost effective" MUST be the message (Climate Policy)11173304-01-2014
The Rare Group Current Programs (Other)01397602-01-2014
The most cost effective method to mitigate global warming (by far) (Climate debate in general)1287101-01-2014
US International Treaty to make protesting Climate Change ILLEGAL (Climate debate in general)0287223-12-2013
Views from the World (Climate debate in general)0206020-12-2013
John Christy on US-tornadoes (Consequences)21515314-12-2013
Why isn't public being told? (Climate debate in general)2243411-12-2013
Alternative energy policy (Climate Policy)01339523-11-2013
Scientists underpredict (Consequences)01255323-11-2013
International negotiations problem (Climate Policy)01167322-11-2013
Winter School: "Wind Energy, Solar Power & Biogas Plants" 3– 22 February 2014 Kassel (Events etc.)01280022-11-2013
John Christy on Climate Change Roundtable (Consequences)11521820-11-2013
John Christy on Tropical Cyclones (Consequences)11445620-11-2013
John Christy on High Temperature Records in the US (Consequences)01527313-11-2013
John Christy on Precipitation (Consequences)01434213-11-2013
John Christy on Snow Cover (Consequences)01370213-11-2013
Eighteen Types of Trees to Save the World (Climate debate in general)0226912-10-2013
Shale gas alone is not the answer – but neither is renewable energy (Climate Policy)01239426-09-2013
Static and Dynamic Globe model of the Earth (Climate debate in general)0276522-09-2013
It's mostly due to human-produced CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) (Explanations)31676923-08-2013
Climate change: Search of right ideas (Climate debate in general)1267723-08-2013
Is change at fault for the outbreak of cholera in Haiti? (Climate debate in general)0295908-08-2013
Which is better? (Climate debate in general)7367302-08-2013
Geoengineering Is a Dangerous Solution to Climate Change (Technology)31448209-07-2013
Jakarta: Documentary on Environmental Awareness (Climate debate in general)0258209-07-2013
A way to influence consumers and producers (Private Climate Policy)01816123-06-2013
terminology (Climate debate in general)1350620-06-2013
India's drought: A natural calamity or a man-made one? (Climate debate in general)0351609-05-2013
How the EPA Could Help Cut Carbon Emissions 17% By 2020? Crown Eco Capital Blog Management (Climate Policy)01337409-04-2013
International Climate Grand Prix (Climate Policy)31494114-03-2013
Climate change (Climate debate in general)1255828-02-2013
graysonline solar (Technology)21295228-02-2013
What the USA Government has been working on to mitigate the problem (Technology)81657021-02-2013
Hurricanes Worldwide 1970-2012 (Climate debate in general)101321301-02-2013
China's climate change policy (Climate Policy)01307524-01-2013
REDD status? (Climate Policy)21380617-01-2013
Accumulated Cyclone Energy worldwide (Climate debate in general)0795823-12-2012
Corporate Spies (Climate debate in general)1503320-12-2012
A recent development in energy security (Climate debate in general)5816603-12-2012
What are the suggestions (Climate Policy)21379901-12-2012
A climatic geo portal for every point in the world (Climate debate in general)0305828-11-2012
Pacing the Planet (Events etc.)01316521-08-2012
updated climatic data (Climate debate in general)0306515-08-2012
UAH reveals UrbAn Heat (Climate debate in general)6904429-05-2012
Where should we expect UHI in temperature data 1979-2009? (Climate debate in general)6582812-05-2011
Accuracy of climate model predictions: links (Climate debate in general)2412211-05-2011
Climate configurations (Climate debate in general)5405811-05-2011
Time for Edit and self censorship (Debate about
Censorship (Debate about
chemtrails or fixing the sky with flawed technologies (Climate debate in general)2591516-02-2011
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